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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:15 AM

Chapter 35

Xu Lei didn't feel optimistic . Who would? Hong Zhen Yue lost . Even Qi Xia lost . Obviously, the possibility of him losing was high up in the hundreds . Not that losing is a big deal though . It was just a matter of self-gratification . They became Aces earlier than she did, after all . In a way, they were her seniors . Or maybe it's just his ego talking .

"That would be me . "

He answered Yan Qing Shan's question sullenly . His gloomy look caught the eye of Ning Xie Zhi the glutton who had the audacity to laugh at him .

"What's up with the look, Xu Lei? Afraid that my Qing Shan jie jie will trash you?"

The Aces looked at him weirdly . Since when did Yan Qing Shan became his Qing Shan jie jie? It seems like the guy was having one of his delusions again .

Yan Qing Shan smiled discreetly at how Ning Xie Zhi called her . She actually didn't have a problem with it . After all, she was already planning on taking these Aces as her people . These brilliant stars will be worthwhile companions down her road to greatness . Although, their loyalty was still something to ensure .

Ning Xie Zhi calling her sister wasn't also that big of a deal . One way or another she was unknowingly fond of this cherubic little bishounen with a foul mouth . The contrast of his face and personality was something Yan Qing Shan find interesting .

Also, the Ning family was the ultimate construction mogul . Being the sister of its future head isn't a bad prospect . That and Qing Shan just have this secret wish of having a little brother . Ning Xie Zhi fit the bill either way .

"Shut up, Xie Zhi . No one's asking for your opinion . "

Xu Lei retorted fiercely at the glutton . Yan Qing Shan cleared her throat . Better stop them from arguing further .

"Shall we start? What's your challenge?"

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Xu Lei breathed in deeply before turning to her . The truth was as the Ace of Communication and Public Relations, aside from having a really thick face Xu Lei also had one thing he was proud of . He was a master of languages . At his age, he was already proficient in 15 languages both in spoken and written forms . This was the reason he became the spokesperson of this year's Ace Class .

Being from an average family, he used to disdain the rich and famous who only knew how to use their money to obtain everything . But that notion was broken when he qualified as an Ace . He realized that beyond their despicable riches, these young misses and masters were humans too . Being rich didn't absolve them from working as hard as he does . The pressure was even more daunting for them compared to him .

This was why he agreed to Qi Xia's plan . They treated each other as family . Accepting a new one isn't that easy .

"Languages . We'll compete in languages . I'll say something using a foreign language and you'll reply using the same one . Then you do same . Whoever is unable to continue the conversation and runs out of languages to speak, loses . "

Xu Lei explained . This was the best he could come up with . Somehow, with this he could hold a glimmer of hope for a win .

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Yan Qing Shan nodded, a sign that she understood . She gestured for Xu Lei to start .

"Comment ça va, Mademoiselle Yan? (How are you, Miss Yan?)"

Xu Lei started with French .

"Ça va bien, Monsieur Xu . (I'm doing well, Mr . Xu . ) Pensaste en un desafío único . (You thought of a unique challenge . )"

Yan Qing Shan replied back with fluency and accurate pronunciation . Which she followed up with a perfect Spanish next .

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"Gracias . Lo tomaré como un cumplido . (Thank you . I'll take that as a compliment . ) Glaubst du, du kannst mithalten? (Do you think you can keep up?)"

Yan Qing Shan smiled complacently . She must say, Xu Lei knew his languages . But still .

"Ich sollte derjenige sein, der dich darum bittet . (I should be the one asking you that . ) Devo ammettere, però, sei un formidabile linguista . (I must admit though, you are a formidable linguist . )"

She replied nonchalantly . Her tone as if used to the drastic shift in languages .

. . . .

Their conversation went on for a full half an hour . The aces stopped listening to them halfway and busied themselves as they waited . Ning Xie Zhi tinkered with whatever he was tinkering with . Qin Jiran browsed the Black Web to pass the time . Jia Wei Ren pestered his twin Jia Yi Lan while Hong Zhen Yue, Qi Xia, and Chen Luo played cards .

No one cared about the internal struggle happening within Xu Lei and his darkening mood as he 'leisurely conversed' with the nonchalant Yan Qing Shan .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!