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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:14 AM

Chapter 36

Xu Lei had black lines all over his face . Every single time Yan Qing Shan was able to retort in whatever language he used . She seemed to be as well-versed as he is in languages . At this rate, he could only count that this loss was already inevitable .

He sighed as he spoke resignedly in the last language he knew .

"It looks like you'll be winning again, Miss Yan . My confidence has all but crumbled . "

Xu Lei said in English with his tone dreadfully sullen . Yan Qing Shan gave him a small smile in return and replied in a crisp British accented English .

"Being fluent in 15 major languages is already a feat on its own, Mr . Xu . No need to be so glum about it . It's my mistake for not informing you that I am well-versed in 22 . "

She said indifferently . Xu Lei went slackjawed . If he was a master linguist, Yan Qing Shan was a damn polyglot . He practically dug his own grave challenging her in languages .

He gave out a helpless laugh while he gazed admiringly at the woman who was full of surprises .

"Oh, you guys are done? Who won?"

Jia Wei Ren the oblivious asked when he noticed that the two have already stopped talking . They couldn't handle the jibberish so they all gladly ignored both Xu Lei and Yan Qing Shan a while ago . Xu Lei gave him an exasperated look and then replied defeatedly .

"Yeah . We're done . Yan Qing Shan won . "

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After replying to Jia Wei Ren, Xu Lei weakly slumped to a nearby settee . Despite being gracious about it, he couldn't help the feeling of defeat wash over him . He resolved to learn even more harder from then on .

The other aces, after Xu Lei's statement, has become numbed at this point . Somehow, they decided that they were all merely going through the motions and determining Yan Qing Shan's abilities . They have long acknowledged her .

So far, Yan Qing Shan has defeated three of the Aces . There were five of them more in line . She sighed impatiently . Her eyes questioned the remaining ones .

Qin Jiran grinned . He had been waiting for his turn . He was really curious about Yan Qing Shan . Not many people knew about his identity as Zeus . Even the other Aces were unaware until he told them himself . He was sure that if she wasn't from the underworld then it was possible that she was a fellow hacker .

"Do you have a laptop? We'll compete in hacking . You'll need one . "

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He said excitedly . Yan Qing Shan looked at him pointedly .

"What will we be hacking?"

She somehow expected that Qin Jiran would be challenging her to a hacking face-off . But she doesn't really care that much . Though, Yan Qing Shan wasn't as good as Yui, she was still pretty efficient and could possibly fight on par with him .

"Just the Central Investigation Bureau . Pretty easy, don't you think?"

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Yan Qing Shan scoffed . Pretty easy, her foot . If the Central Investigation Bureau's mainframe was that easy to hack then many would have done so . Its anti-hacking system was equal with the Pentagon and the FBI . Though, it may still be a walk in the park for her, Qin Jiran, and Yui . Still, there weren't many people who were as deviant as them .

"Fine . I'll use my pc tablet . I don't have a laptop . "

Qin Jiran looked at her weirdly . She blinked at him innocently . Yan Qing Shan and Yui never really used laptops even in hacking . The both of them prefer the handy pc tablet . Aside from the modified ones that Yui makes for her, she wasn't fond of laptops . She found them bulky . And thus purposely left hers at Ying Yue Garden .

"Are you sure, you'll use a tablet? Are you insane?"

The man's tone increased a pitch . Unknown to Yan Qing Shan, Qin Jiran has every right to be surprised . Compared to a laptop, a tablet's specs, half the time, were lower . Thus, using one in hacking would double the difficulty in cracking security mainframes .

Qin Jiran was incredulous . If Yan Qing Shan really succeeded in hacking the Central Investigation Bureau through a tablet, then what would that make him, the proclaimed number one hacker? A freaking gamer?Please download our sponsor's game to support us!