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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:51 AM

Chapter 4

"Miss Yan, you're awake . "

The maid put down the tray on her bedside table while retrieving a water bowl and a cloth that she didn't notice was there .

"Please eat your porridge slowly, Miss . There is also warm water here, you can drink your medicine with it after your meal . "

Qing Shan was still in her stunned state but when she saw the maid turning to leave, she abruptly stopped her .

"Wait . Wh-What happened to me?"

She asked reluctantly, her voice hoarse with sleep . The maid faced her with an uneasy expression .

"Replying to miss, you contracted a fever last night after master brought you back from uhm, from your--" The maid fidgeted uncomfortably, unsure as to how she should finish her explanation .

"That's enough . What is the date today?" She replied to the flustered maid .

"It's July 18, 20XX miss . "

It's true! She was alive again .

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What's even better was she returned to five years ago, just after her first and last attempt to escape from Zi Jue's hands .

'Huh . Can this get anymore fantastical? To think that my favourite genre of novel would actually happen to me in real life? Well, it would've been better if I got back before that damned party though . So I could hide from the devil . But whatever, this is good enough . As long as I am alive . '

"Oh right . Where is Zi Jue?" Qing Shan asked the maid after rousing herself from her musings . Though she already had an inkling as to where he is, it didn't hurt to confirm .

"Master left early this morning, miss . He has a business meeting at Country M . But he will be back five days later . " the maid answered with a start . Yan Qing Shan was indifferent to Zi Jue . She never asked about his whereabouts or anything about him even if a desperate need arises .

'Maybe the sun has risen in the west today . ' The innocent, little maid thought .

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"If there is nothing else, I'll be leaving now miss . Please have a good rest . If you need anything just call us . "

Qing Shan nodded silently . The maid then promptly left the room leaving her still slightly out of it . She sighed loudly while standing up and proceeded to the bathroom to wash up and refresh herself .

"Ugh! Do I really look like this back then? Oh my goodness, that is no human! I look like a freaking ghost!"

Qing Shan muttered as she looked at the familiar yet unfamiliar countenance in the bathroom mirror . The girl had milky fair skin, unblemished like white jade . This would have been a good thing if not for the limp, and dull black hair framing her small face . Not just that her sallow and pale cheeks resembled her to a pitiful ghost lady . The only redeeming factor was her amber eyes which gleamed bright like fire-lit sun stones . Even her lips which used to be reddish like watered-down vermillion lost its colour . Qing Shan groaned loudly .

Was she this uncaring of her looks back then? This ghost needed a makeover . If this continues she might end up scaring off people in the mansion .

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Feeling cooled down after her bath, Qing Shan then sat herself down on the sofa and ate the porridge prepared for her . A hungry stomach would not help her in planning her next course of action .

Although everything still felt surreal, she did not have the time to waste on rebuilding her shattered three views with her rebirth . Every second was precious if she wanted to change the course of her life this time .

The first thing she needed to take care of, is her powerful warden . It was a good thing that Qing Shan went back to a point where everything is still salvageable and not where she had completely become a puppet, and had frustrated the smiling devil to oblivion, which ended up with him forcing her to a literal shotgun wedding, as well as other considerable tortures .

It's apparent that she cannot escape Zi Jue in this lifetime as well . So she will just have to live with it and make the most of their situation . After all, she knew that Zi Jue had done what he did in the past because he wanted to elicit some sort of reaction from her . He did not want a lifeless doll .

Qing Shan knew that she was supposed to hate Zi Jue for all that he did to her in her past life . It was something that people deemed as abuse . However, there was one fact that was only known to her . Zi Jue, in the beginning did every single caring thing, every type of doting one could give to another person . He did it for her . However, Qing Shan paid no heed .

It takes two people to tango . It was Qing Shan, herself, who drove Zi Jue to that whirlpool of madness . And it sent both of them to hell .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!