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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:10 AM

Chapter 40

"So can anyone brief me about being the Ace Sovereign? If I'm going to take the job, I can't be clueless . "

Yan Qing Shan asked skeptically at the children . . . erm . . . Aces . She was surprised at their transformation . This bunch of elite prodigies really acted this way when it comes to food? Her world view was distorted . Not that she could blame them, being a revived foodie herself she knew how joyous eating was .

Except, these bunch took it up another level . Her question was like a rock thrown into the ocean . It didn't even manage to break through the rhythmic tapping of chopticks .

Yan Qing Shan sighed resignedly . At this point, it was obvious she wouldn't be getting any answers . Helpless, she went back to eating .

Order and sanity was restored when all of the food she cooked was devoured . She figured she could finally ask her questions .

"So, as I was saying, can anyone tell me more about this Sovereign business?"

She asked as she looked at them one by one . Their satisfied faces were comical and the ocassional smacking of lips made her cringe a bit .

"You actually don't know about it?"

Hong Zhen Yue said, doubt in his face . Yan Qing Shan shook her head . Of course she was clueless about it . She didn't care about such things in the past . It was only until now that she even concerned herself with studying . Much less about the Aces . The information on the school website was not that elaborate and barely substantial so she had to ask them about it .

"Being the Ace Sovereign is kind of like being the Class President . Except it's on the level fitting for the cream of crop . We aren't an ordinary class after all . In order for us to graduate, we still need to create a big project . So troublesome, if you asked me . The Ace Sovereign is the one who oversees every aspect of this . Aside from ensuring the discipline and well-being of the other aces . "

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Yan Qing Shan nodded in understanding . But she suddenly stilled when she realized something . Based from what Zhen Yue said, not only will she become their boss she was also going to play the role of a mother to these grown up children . Going from the way they were acting right now, she had her work cut out for her . These kids needed a reeducation . Tsk .

"Oh right . Jie jie, after your status as Sovereign is filed at the administration . There is still another ceremony needed . Traditions, basically . Not ceremony per se . It's more like a party in honor of you . "

Ning Xie Zhi added smilingly . His face had a fawning look and seemed as if asking for a praise .

"Is that really necessary? Can't we just have like a barbecue or something? That's a party too, right? I'm not really comfortable with crowds . "

Yan Qing Shan said matter-of-factly . The aces looked at each other and nodded .

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"Well, the rules didn't really elaborate about the ceremony . It's only that the previous aces all held a grand party or a ball, so the tradition stuck . But since you said you don't like balls, a barbecue would do I guess . You are the Sovereign after all . It's a ceremony on your honor . You make the call . "

Qi Xia reasoned out . She sighed in relief and confirmed that they'll just have a barbecue . With her still the one cooking, of course . She also allowed them to invite a few of their close friends .

Just as they finished talking, Yan Qing Shan's phone rang . She furrowed her brows when she saw that familiar private number .


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Z City Airport .

From amongst the crowd, four silhouettes slowly emerged . A tall, elegant man in a crisp suit with silky silver hair tied up into a ponytail was accompanied by three breathtaking women .

One was a voluptuous beauty with a sleek bob cut, and carried a certain primal sultry air around her . The other stood as tall as the man . She was dressed in a long, lacy, white frock making her look like a celestial maiden on Earth . The last girl was a cute and petite lolita who was every inch adorable in her bunny onesie .

The group looked odd with their different vibes but were strangely harmonious . The man took out a phone and dialed someone . He gestured for the three excited women to shush as he talked to the person on the line .

"Ojou-sama . We have arrived in City Z . What are your orders?"

The man spoke in fluent Japanese, his tone reverent . A hint of longing emerged in the four people's eyes as they listened to the voice on the phone .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!