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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:08 AM

Chapter 41

An Unknown Courtyard in Japan

"Danna-sama*, Keita-san is here to see you . "

The fierce and stern man who was currently in the midst of making tea stopped when he heard the voice .

"Hmm . Let him it . "

He directed curtly and returned to what he was doing . Not a moment too soon, another man dressed in suit and had a ferocious gaze entered .

"Oyabun*, I have something to report . "

The stern man gestured for him to continue while he stirred the tea in hin cup . The scent of matcha wafted slowly in the air .

"The Four Mythical Guardians has left the country . Our men in Huaxia said that they were seen arriving in the airport of City Z . I suspect that they are there to reunite with Izanami . "

The ferocious eyed Keita cautiously related the news to his master . His back was drenched in cold sweat as he waited for his reaction .

If his suspicion was true, then their family needed to relocate a force in Huaxia to deal with her . Izanami of the Asahi family has been a thorn in the side of Yamaguchi Takeo . She was the reason why he had failed taking over the entire Japanese Underworld . She has been quiet the past few years, why had she suddenly become active again?

"Tell Hotarubi and her men to fly to Huaxia in three days . And contact that woman as well . Have her assist our people and establish our branch there . "

Keita bowed respectfully and promptly excused himself to do the stern man's bidding .

"It seems Izanami has finally awakened . How troublesome . "

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The man's hoarse voice floated coldly along with light breeze .


Reaper Pavillion, Huaxia Division

"Chief, the entire Huaxia Underworld is in an uproar . "

The man called Chief who was in a silver suit and wearing a skull mask looked up at the person rushing towards him .

"What do you mean? Did something big happen?"

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Huaxia's Underworld was relatively stable . As the Division Chief of the Underworld Reaper Council, it was his job to oversee the currents of power in his area . Despite being the dark counterpart of the civil world, the underworld still maintains a semblance of a government . After all, a regulating body was needed to keep balance among these dangerous powers .

"Chief, it's the Guardians . The Four Mythical Guardians are here in Huaxia . Not only that, it was also rumoured that they arrived here with Izanami . "

This information made the Chief stood abruptly . Who didn't know about the Four Guardians? And most of all, who in the entirety of the Underworld didn't know about Izanami?

Izanami was the Goddess . In their world, she dictates who lives and who dies . And the Four Guardians were her retainers . Their group was a notorious bunch . Even the decades old Yamaguchi family didn't stand a chance against her .

She was the reason that the Asahi family shot up in fame and power . No one dared to cross this big auntie . And now this subordinate of his was telling him that they were here in Huaxia .

For him, this was both lucky and unlucky . Izanami and her retainers' arrival will cause ripples in the Underworld . He cradled his forehead . Why does something like this need to happen in his time?

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"Boss, that not all . "

The chief ears perked up . What more headache is this useless man going to bring him?

"The Yamaguchi family has established a faction in Huaxia . I think we should be expecting pandemonium in the near future . "

Upon hearing this, the chief's mask almost fell out of his face . He was about to pull his hair out .

First Izanami, and now the Yamaguchi family . What are these bunch of Japanese doing here on his turf? Are they here solely to ruffle his feathers and give him migraine?

He turned to his subordinate . His manner became imposing as fitting of the Head Reaper . Two huge and opposing forces were on their land . If he didn't do anything about, chaos will ensue . It might turn the whole Huaxia Underworld upside down .

Wait . If there was someone who will know what to do, it would be that person . After all, he wasn't known as the God of the Underworld for nothing .

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