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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:07 AM

Chapter 42

In an open field with a small house in the middle, a sleek silver audi A8 stopped . Two men dressed in silver suits and wearing skull masks alighted from the car . It was the Head Reaper with his subordinate .

The both of them entered the small house and rang a small bell-like mechanism . Suddenly, a staircase revealed itself and a man in a black overcoat walked out and met them .

"Head Reaper, what a surprise . Please follow me . Hades is in the middle of a meeting with his subjects . He'll be done in a few minutes . "

The man in the black overcoat said as he gesture for the two to walk down the stairs with him . As the reached the end, the stairs suddenly closed filling the gap that had once opened up .

They treaded a wide pathway which was brightly lit . No one would even think that they were underground .

The man led them into what looks like a receiving room and were served refreshments as they waited .

A few minutes later, an imposing man dressed in a crisp, dark suit entered the room . A mask patterned with crimson devil snare covered his eyes and half of his aquiline nose . But even with half of his face covered, just from the sharp, manly jawline and his reddish heart-shaped lips one can tell that this man was devastatingly handsome .

Even the gentle smile in his lips were enticing . However, even if that particular arc was gentle it didn't lessen the sinister aura around him . In fact, it made him even more formidable . It was a wonder how many died with that smile as the last thing they ever saw .

Hades, the God of Huaxia's Underworld . The name and title was quite fitting . Though, he was more of a devil compared to a God .

"What brought you to my humble base, Head Reaper?"

He asked in his deep, mellow voice . But it didn't soothe the Head Reaper's nerves . He may be the overseer of Huaxia's underworld but this man was someone even him was afraid of .

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His origins was unknown . And his rise to power was nothing short of legendary . If there was one person that the dark world of Huaxia feared, it was him . And this very same person, was someone who had the capabilities to face off against the foreigners currently disturbing the peace of their underworld .

"I have acquired news that Izanami and her retainers are in the country . Not only that, even the Yamaguchi family has established a branch here . "

The chief composed himself and told the man the current source of his worries . The gentle smile of the man didn't even falter a bit .

"Oh? The two hegemons of Japan has come to our turf . These days sure will be interesting . Why do you seem to worry so, Head Reaper?"

Hades spoke smoothly . Though cold, his voice contained a slight interest . The Chief should have expected this . After Hades' rise, there was no one who opposed him anymore . Unless, those people were idiots or just plainly seeking death .

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The arrival of two opposing powers is bound to give some form of entertainment to this sadistic devil .

The head chief sighed resignedly before he looked up at the man again .

"I merely do not want our turf to be chaotic . "

Hades darkly chuckled . The words that came out of his mouth were chilling .

"Chaos is good, Head Reaper . Be more afraid if there is a long time of peace . That might just be the calm before a storm . "

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He said cryptically . Head Reaper stared at the man, trying to fathom his thoughts . But he failed, as always . Those brooding eyes were too deep to gauge, even for him .

"I just thought you should know . I'll be taking my leave then . "

Hades stared at the retreating back of the Head Reaper . He wasn't stupid not too figure out what he wanted him to do . But even if Zi Jue was interested, he cannot afford to involve himself in the petty fights of these two forces .

He was in the middle of courting his baby girl . It was obvious which one is more important . Just as he was thinking of that beautiful lady of his, the special ringtone set for her rang out loudly into the room .

He promptly accepted the call . A genuine and warm smile appeared in his face, dispelling the frightening aura around him . The sweet, melodious voice which imprinted itself to his mind sounded in his ears .

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