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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:06 AM

Chapter 43

Yan Qing Shan was in a very good mood . After all, the Aces practically fell into her lap . And just a while ago she has gotten a call from the people she has been waiting for . Her brothers and sisters have arrived here in Huaxia .

The Four Mythical Guardians, the retainers of Izanami; that was what they were known in the Underworld . They were the top disciples of Asahi Reo and his adopted sons and daughters . Technically, they were her uncles and aunts but they weren't that far apart in age so she was used to calling them brothers and sisters . Although, it irritates her that they'd rather call her as Ojou than addressing her by her name . She got used to it as time passed by . Though, she still doesn't spare scolding them when they treat her too much like a master .

Asahi Aki, the eldest amongst them was known as the Seiryu, guardian of the East . Her Aki-aniue* was the epitome of a gentleman . His noble elegance made him a fitting big brother . He was very protective of her back then in Japan . Even more than her real brother, Yan Qing Yu . When Yan Qing Shan thought about it, he must have been the one who took it the hardest when she went back to Huaxia .

If Asahi Aki was the big brother, then ultimately Yui-chan was the big sister of their group . She would call her Yui-aneue but the latter prefer being called Yui-chan . She told Yan Qing Shan that it makes her younger than she really is . She merely laughed at that twisted logic . Yui was the guardian of the West, Byakko and she very much stood up to the reputation of her insignia . Yui was ferocious in battle, in hacking, and . . . well, in practically anything . Yui was a computer genius too . She was the one who taught Yan Qing Shan how to hack .

The guardian of the North, Genbu was Asahi Mamoru . He was Yan Qing Shan's partner-in-crime . Her Mamoru-aniue was quirky, sassy, and a hardcore crossdresser despite his very manly name . Yan Qing Shan has lost count of the times her Mamoru-anuie was picked up by guys . She even beat up a few of them in the passing . What made their heads ache was his charm doesn't spare even the girls . But that was what she admired about him . He was her mentor in disguises, seduction, and drinking . One time, he was punished by her Jii-chan because they went home dead drunk . Mamoru took her bar-hopping that night and got her wasted .

The baby of their group was Akane-chan, the guardian of the South, Suzaku . She may look like every inch a baby but her fiery temper would raze everyone in a hundred meter radius . And despite her petite and tender look, she was actually around the same age as Mamoru . Even older than Yui . But as they say, the clothes make the man . One would never imagine her actual age, because her favorite clothes were furry animal onesies . Yan Qing Shan feels that she would really get along well with Ning Xie Zhi .

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Yan Qing Shan smiled to herself as she reminisced about them . She planned to introduce the four to her Aces . After all, the guardians would be those children's trainors in the future . It was imperative that they get along with each other . For now, she'll slowly take things as it goes .

She tossed and turned at her bed . Her excitement at the future prospects was on an all time high . Yan Qing Shan was wide awake despite the day's tiring events . Then, she suddenly thought of a brilliant idea .

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Yan Qing Shan dialled Zi Jue's number . Since she couldn't sleep yet and it was still a bit early, she might as well drag the devil out to play with her .

"Jue, are you busy?"

She asked directly . There were a few things that Yan Qing Shan wanted to try . She has read on web articles that it was possible to watch a movie at night . And that amusement parks were a lot more enjoyable when the sun had set . She didn't particularly understand the difference so she wanted to experience it herself . There was no better time to do that than now .

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But she didn't want to go alone . Therefore, the only solution for it was to ask Zi Jue out . Kind of like . . . a date, she thinks is what it's called . Yan Qing Shan was clueless about these things and merely guessed .

"Not really . Why? Is something the matter?"

Zi Jue's attractively mellow voice sounded out the phone . For no apparent reason, this made Yan Qing Shan smile widely without her realizing . Without warning, she dropped a fatal question that was capable of rendering the devil incapacitated .

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