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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:05 AM

Chapter 44

[I can't sleep . Want to go out on a date?]

Zi Jue was rooted on his seat . Did he hear it right? He was obviously still at his base, he couldn't possibly be asleep and dreaming, could he? Was he hallucinating then? That wasn't possible too . He was very much sane . Therefore, it could only mean one thing . Yan Qing Shan really was asking him out .

'She's asking me out! What do I say? How do I reply?'

'Calm down, Zi Jue . Be cool, man . You're acting like a sissy . '

'Hells, my baby girl is really asking me out!'

He was so caught up in his thoughts celebrating that Zi Jue didn't realize he has been silent for minutes already . It was only when he heard Yan Qing Shan repeating his name that he snapped out of it .

"Let's go . Let's go out on a . . . d-date . I'll pick you up . Wait for me . "

He said hurriedly while cursing himself silently for actually stuttering the word date .

"Alright, I'll wait for you at the south gate . See you later!"

Zi Jue remained in a daze even long after the cheery voice of Yan Qing Shan faded . He felt as if he was in the ninth heavens . This was such a huge step . What was even more pleasing was that it wasn't him who took this step but her . His baby girl was actually making the effort to ask him out on their first date .

His heart was once again pierced with the huge arrow of cupid . He felt as if he was floating on air . Pretty much like when Yan Qing Shan beat up his leech of a secretary, staked her claim on him, and called him hers .

Erase that . This move of hers was on another level . Zi Jue slapped his cheek for good measure . After feeling the stinging pain, he smile assuredly and then went to grab his keys without so much as a glance to his subordinates . He didn't have the time to waste on leaving them with instructions . They can hold their own .

Zi Jue didn't have any recollection of his entire drive to Z University's South gate . All he could think of was that Yan Qing Shan was waiting for him there . His heart leaped to his throat when he finally saw her form .

Leaning against the brick wall was the love of his life looking like a goddess on Earth . She was wearing a pastel shirt which has a cute bear printed on it tucked in her distressed jeans and paired with white sneakers . Her wavy locks was put up in a high pony tail making her look younger . Her eyes shone in anticipation and her luscious lips curved up in a small smile which widened when she saw him . Zi Jue choked as he gazed at her . Ah, he's such a lucky bastard to have someone like her .

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"Hey there, beautiful . Shall we go?"

Yan Qing Shan chuckled and rolled her eyes playfully at him . Zi Jue, unable to help himself, pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead . It seemed like ages ago since the last time he had done this . The subtle fragrance of freesias and orange blossoms unique to her assailed his nose, warming up his whole being .

To his surprise, Yan Qing Shan returned his hug with an embrace of her own .

"I missed you . " Zi Jue whispered .

He already expected her silence but that did not stop him from saying it anyway . He truly did miss her . Never did he imagine that Yan Qing Shan will do the opposite .

"En . Me too . "

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She replied to him softly . He stiffened at this for a moment before tightening his embrace even more . He surmised that by the end of this night, his heart would burst with all the sweetness .

Zi Jue felt her light pat . He knew they had to leave already so he reluctantly let her go .

"What do you want to do?"

Zi Jue asked her as they settled down in the car . Yan Qing Shan took out a small piece of paper . It looks like his baby girl planned for this date . He felt flattered with this more than when people fawn and grovel at his feet .

"Hmm . I listed a few things here that I figured would be good for a first date . We'll start off with a movie, first . "

Yan Qing Shan replied with a smile as she looked at him . Zi Jue swallowed nervously, his gaze flitted to the enticing lips of the girl beside him .

'My wife, please don't look at me like that . Your husband is a mere mortal . Your lips are tempting me to death . '

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Zi Jue bit the side of his cheek . He must control the urge . He musn't get ahead of himself lest they might turn back to zero . He breathed in deeply and talked to her to distract himself from his lecherous thoughts .

"Alright . Movie it is . I must tell you though, I don't really know what's showing on these public cinemas . Actually, I've never entered one . "

Yan Qing Shan smirked at his confession .

"I'm not surprised . There's really no need to bother going to these public cinemas when you have your own personal home theatre at Ying Yue Garden . Not to mention, it's totally not your style . "

She said matter-of-factly to which Zi Jue nodded . But she seem to have forgotten one, crucial fact .

"I'd still go because you want me to . "

He retorted silently as he drove, unaware of the stunned expression that colored her face . Zi Jue heard her clear her throat before talking again .

"Anyway, after the movie can we go to an amusement park? I read that it's a must for couples to ride the ferris wheel and then kiss at the top . "

Yan Qing Shan muttered innocently while fiddling with the piece of paper . She didn't realize that with her words, Zi Jue's soul has flown far, far away .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!