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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:04 AM

Chapter 45

"Amusement park? Sure . We'll go there . As for the k-kiss? Ehem . We'll see what happens . Where did you get these ideas, anyway?"

Zi Jue asked after he recovered himself . He tried to play it cool . But his anxiety still followed through because he once again stuttered . He was just thinking about kissing her and she threw it out on the open just like that . Zi Jue felt like he was caught red-handed for a crime .

Yan Qing Shan has been throwing her bomb after another bomb at him . He didn't know whether to be glad about it or what . Somehow, he felt as if their roles have been reversed .

"I looked it up in the internet . I even searched about kissing . It said there that a french kiss and not a smack would be more romantic . Is that true?"

She answered him innocently . Zi Jue choked on his spit and started coughing awkwardly . Should he thank those search results for giving his baby girl these ideas or curse them for putting him in a tight spot?

"Ehem . Well, I don't know, baby . I have never been in a ferris wheel . Nor kissed someone inside it . Do you want to try though?"

He resorted to solve the awkwardness with teasing her about it . But he had forgotten that Yan Qing Shan never behaved predictably . Thus, her answer is as usual contrary to his expectations .

"Hmm . Sure . Let's try it later . "

Zi Jue almost slammed in the brakes when he heard that . Thankfully he was still careful enough to control the sudden influx of heightened emotions one after the other . He masked the turmoil in his head with another awkward clearing of the throat . Hells! He was acting like a sissy teenager .

They arrived at the cinema a few minutes after . The place had relatively few people and thus it wasn't too uncomfortable for the both of them . He followed Yan Qing Shan into the ticket booth .

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"What will we watch?"

He gestured at the images flashing at the screen . Yan Qing Shan pointed at a poster of one of the latest romantic comedy movie . Zi Jue couldn't help but look at her questioningly . He didn't take her for the rom-com type . Well, he didn't actually know what her preference were . He was actually clueless about it . Zi Jue frowned at this realization .

"What? You don't like it?"

She asked him reluctantly when he went too silent for long . He shook his head and snapped out from his daze . Zi Jue decided to find out all about her likes and dislikes soon enough . He'll make sure to get every single thing of it right .

"I like it . Don't worry about me too much, baby . I'm not the only one who is supposed to have fun at this date . "

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He smiled sweetly at her and rubbed her head gently . To emphasize his point, Zi Jue proceeded to buy the tickets to the movie . They passed by the snack bar and Zi Jue promptly ordered some popcorn and drinks . He held onto the food as they settled themselves down to their seats .

The lights of the theatre went off and the movie started to play out . Zi Jue wanted to put his arm around Yan Qing Shan but he was lost as to how he was going to do it . She was concentrating on the movie and he didn't want to disturb her .

He vented his frustration at the popcorn and decided to just watch the movie seriously . However, fate really seemed to have made it a mission to mess with his fragile emotions . A steamy make-out scene suddenly flashed unto the screen

Zi Jue pulled on his hair as he felt the girl beside him stiffen .

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'Isn't it a romantic comedy? Why does it have such a scene like that?'

He gulped when Yan Qing Shan suddenly put her face near him . He felt his cheeks heating up and the tips of his ear were red for sure . Zi Jue could see the individual hairs on her fluttering lashes . His eyes wandered to her lips which was moist and pinkish like sweet sakura petals .

But before he could act out, Yan Qing Shan suddenly pulled away and focused on the movie again .

'What was that? Aaargh! Why am I acting so awkward and uncool?'

Zi Jue thought glumly . He was too preoccupied that he missed the mischievous smile that appeared in Yan Qing Shan's lips as she glanced at him briefly .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!