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Published at 10th of April 2019 12:00:04 PM

Chapter 48: 48

Zi Jue's world stopped at that moment . Yan Qing Shan's lips were on his and it took him to paradise . The softness of it was enough to drive him mad with need . He was intoxicated like he had never been before . The proverbial fireworks and sparks went off nonstop in his head .

He has only dreamt of this moment . Every moment of being with her was a dream come true for him . In fact, he previously thought that it would be merely far-fetched desires . But at this point in time, years of his hope and longing have all come to fruition with this simple, innocent kiss . The shackles he imprisoned himself in came undone .

Before Yan Qing Shan could pull away, he cradled her nape and captured her delightful lips, kissing her like it was the last thing he'll ever do . Well, if it was the end of the world it really would be what he'll do before he goes off and die . He tasted her sweet, sweet mouth like an abstained drunkard sipping wine for the first time after a long while . She truly was his heaven on earth . He would gladly savor these times with her and rain her with love and kisses even if in the end he would be condemned to hell .

It was only when they were both running out of breath that Zi Jue let go of her . She looked absolutely divine after being kissed senseless . Her eyes glimmered in a daze . Her cheeks red as ripe apples . And her slightly swollen lips were parted as she panted heavily . He was tempted to give her another kiss because her expression was just that inviting .

When she seemed to have gotten herself stable, Yan Qing Shan looked at him intently .

"The articles were right . Ferris wheel kisses are definitely mindblowing . "

Her voice was serious tinged with a bit of jubilance . She looked like a bright, young kid who confirmed a huge secret . Zi Jue felt pride as he gazed at the satisfaction in her face . He chuckled lowly at her words . However, his laughter was caught in his throat at the next words that came out of her seductive mouth .

"Zi Jue, you're a really good kisser . Where did you learn? "

Zi Jue was pleased that his hardwork has paid off well and earned him a compliment from Yan Qing Shan . But her question was something he would rather not answer . If the populace found out that the great smiling devil Zi Jue resorted to watching videos in order to learn how to kiss, his reputation would go straight to the gutters . But then again, he doesn't really care that much . It was all for the benefit of his Shan Er . Still, he did his best to very tactfully reply to her .

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"Erm . Instinct, baby . Why? Want me to teach you?"

He said playfully while taking her into his embrace . Zi Jue couldn't remember the last time he was this at peace . It was refreshing . He hoped they would always be like this from now on .

"En . Sure thing . Teach me so I'll know how to respond to you . "

Yan Qing Shan answered eagerly . Zi Jue felt an ominous foreboding . He prayed for patience longer than the river Nile . He didn't want to eat her just yet . He'd rather enjoy his precious time with the process . However, his prayer was bound to be rejected .

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"Hmm, I believe it was like this . . . "

He heard her murmur softly . And then without further ado, his baby suddenly leaned unto him and awarded him with another kiss . Her moves mimicking his from their previous one . She was lika a star student zealously applying her observations into pratice, uncaring of the possible consequences .

Zi Jue bore the brunt of all of this gladly, albeit reluctantly . Because there it was, the dam of the passion he was curbing so difficultly for her sake, breaking down like a useless bit of putty .

He took over the unwarranted kiss . His desire growing tumultuously by the minute urging him to kiss her harder . A moan escaped from her lips . It only fueled his drive more . Pretty much like a signed, sealed, and delivered encouragement . It was only after another long while that Zi Jue bit her lower lip before hesistantly letting her go .

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He stopped for it was only then did he became aware of it, but their position has escalated into a precarious situation . This naughty girl! Doesn't she realize how dangerous her actions were?

As he focused on controlling himself, a smile formed in Yan Qing Shan's lips . He raised an eyebrow at her in question .

"Don't hold back anymore, Jue . "

He looked at her stunned . A sudden flood of warmth gushed directly into his heart . This was her answer . Her stand . Zi Jue was speechless for a moment before pulling her closer to him .

At that moment, he vowed to himself that he would never allow himself to fail her, that he will never allow anything to come between them . He would always be there, next to her, next to his life .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!