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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:50 AM

Chapter 5

Thinking about it more, Zi Jue had always been respectful of her boundaries and even gave her freedom when she behaved and refrained from fleeing ever again after her only attempt . Although he did not permit Qing Shan to live in the university dorms when she entered college, he diligently took her to school and fetch her home . He always made sure he had time for her despite being swamped with work . He also made sure that she was never lacking in anything . Qing Shan's clothes were all from the latest seasons of high-end brands, some were even coveted limited editions; her jewellery was enough to feed an entire city for years with their worth in cash . Qing Shan was pampered to the ends of the earth .

Except she was all too wrapped up in her own little world . She chose not to see how Zi Jue tried so hard to get her attention . She merely treated him like passing air . The only thing that elicited a strong reaction from her was a personal library which Zi Jue had especially commissioned for her . Qing Shan disregarded the joy she saw in his eyes when she finally gave him an acknowledgement because of it . She spent almost every waking day in that library and never went out unless called for . It became her sanctuary, a place where even Zi Jue was not allowed .

'Zi Jue cared so much for me, huh . Maybe, he truly liked me . What was wrong with my brain then? Looking back now, my detachment to almost everything in that last lifetime was scary . Still, he didn't actually told me he likes me . But then again, what difference would that make back then? Huh . I'm not going to dwell on it anymore . I'll just give him and myself a chance . Who knows, in time I'll grow to like him, even love him . If not, then I'd be gaining a rather handsome companion and an OP ally nevertheless . Win-win . '

Qing Shan nodded at her thoughts gleefully flashing a bright smile which extremely contradicts her usual distant demeanour . Giving anyone who sees it a glimpse of the real her within . One that had hidden for so many years .

"But for now, I need to do something about this face . No more wearing shabby clothes, Qing Shan . Don't be a wastrel . You should make use of those pretty clothes the devil bought you . " she reprimanded herself .

After her pondering, she went outside her room with the purpose of exploring . If it was the usual, Qing Shan, she would have gone to her library instantly . But for the her now, this was the first day of her new life . A new beginning . A chance to set everything right and prevent the disasters that are supposed to befall her in the future . Qing Shan wanted to relish everything thus she decided to tour the house she was living in .

She had never seen the entirety of Ying Yue Garden previously . She was too preoccupied with her self in the past to even do so . This was a chance for her to commit to memory the place she called home both present and past .

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After walking around for hours, Qing Shan concluded that Ying Yue Garden was worthy of its reputation and name . The place was fitting for the devil . It was the epitome of understated luxury and uncompromising beauty, pretty much like the master himself .

When she reached the garden, right then and there she had declared eternal dibs on it . It will be her very own piece of heaven . It was breathtakingly beautiful, she could cry . The garden was meticulously landscaped with various flowers of vivid colours and pleasing fragrances . Not only that, near a man-made zen fountain was a marble gazebo .

"Oh gods, I'm never leaving here . " she exclaimed softly .

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It was only when Housekeeper Liu asked her for lunch that she was pulled out from her marvel at the fairyland in front of her . Slightly pouting, she indignantly followed the man to the kitchen and promptly told him that from then on tea time will always be in the garden .


Country M

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Zi Jue has just finished a conference and was on his way back to the hotel when his phone flashed Lui Ying's name . He immediately answered the call, worried that something have happened to a certain bibliophile hermit at home .

"What happened?" he questioned . His voice cold with a slight tinge of worry .

"Master, it's Miss Yan . " Housekeep Liu answered with an unsure tone . Zi Jue remained silent as he waited for him to continue .

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