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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:49 AM

Chapter 6

"Master, Miss Yan has turned strange . "

Strange? It seems his little hermit was creating havoc again . And just right after the last one too . Yan Qing Shan's escape attempt caught Zi Jue by surprise . It was quite well thought out, if it weren't for the vigilant security he had strictly set for her, she might have really gotten away .

He was livid with the thought of her leaving him . Zi Jue remembered what he did and his heart clenched . He was shocked by himself as well . He was known to be cruel and ruthless . Smiling gently as he torture his enemies to their death . This was the reason that he was known as the smiling devil . But he was, in the end, still human . Zi Jue grew up with the principle of family coming first . His parents taught him that as much as he is merciless to those who cross him, he must cherish even more those he hold dear .

The day Zi Jue saw Yan Qing Shan again, he had already counted her as his family, his wife . And yet he broke his iron-clad principle . He lost control of himself that night and hurt her . His very hands were used to inflict pain to her . It was already too late when Zi Jue's came to . He couldn't bear to see her bruises . He couldn't bear to see her accusing eyes . So much so that he moved his business trip in advance and left that very night .

Zi Jue knew that what he did was cowardly . He should have apologized . But he was also aware that no degree of apology is going to change what he did to her . This fact was eating him, he tried to drown himself in work . It did little help though . So instead of wallowing in guilt, he thought of what he could do to make up to her .


Lui Ying's voice brought Zi Jue back from his thoughts .

"Explain . What did she do this time?"

Silence .

Lui Ying hesitated to tell his master his observation . It was only that Miss Yan's behavior was a complete deviation from her usual one .

Liu Ying cleared his throat before proceeding, reluctance obvious in his tone .

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"It's this Master . You know that Miss Yan usually stays in her library or her room here at home . But since the day she woke up after her escape attempt, she acted out of the ordinary . After she woke up, the first thing she did was go around the mansion . Then for the rest of the days she stayed in the garden . She even tended to the plants after a lengthy discussion with the gardener . Miss Yan has also started to chat occasionally with the servants and has become quite close with Nanny Rong . Master, as you know she had always been indifferent to us, so her action were unprecedented . The last thing master is, she has been frequently asking about you . "

Zi Jue's heart ached when he was reminded of Qing Shan's escape attempt . However, it all vanished as he continued to listen to Liu Ying . The last part particularly stunned him .

'Qing Shan was asking about me? Frequently?'

"Do you mean to say that she should not be asking about me?"

Liu Ying's heart was bleeding . His master has a totally different focus .

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'Master ah, why are you only concerned with that part? Isn't it true that she's being weird? Isn't it true that she never asks about you previously?'

A certain housekeeper could only swallow his grievances and pacify his devil of a master .

"No, master . I- I certainly do not mean that . " he refuted .

Zi Jue contained the happiness and excitement at the fact that his wife was finally starting to be concerned about him .

'Time out, Zi Jue . Don't get ahead of yourself . Do not forget, you have done something unforgivable to her . '

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His mood sank at that thought . Still, he couldn't help but be curious of what Qing Shan asked .

"What about me was she asking?" Zi Jue asked coolly .

"Miss Yan asked where you were, when you would be back . She also asked Nanny Rong about your preferences, Master . Like what you prefer to eat, your favorite color, and such things . "

When he hear Liu Ying's answer, Zi Jue was again stunned . Well, she really did turn strange . The Yan Qing Shan he knew would never inquire about his favorites . As much as it hurts Zi Jue to admit, Yan Qing Shan did not care much for him . He knew that in her heart he was merely her captor . Still, no matter how much he suppressed it he hopes that he could be much more than that .

"I've already finished my business here . I'm only waiting for a parcel before I fly back home . But don't tell her that . "

Zi Jue instructed Liu Ying before ending the call . He pinched the gap between his brows . After a long pause, he took out a polaroid picture from his wallet .

"Qing Shan, I'm sorry for being selfish . But I can't let you go again this time . "Please download our sponsor's game to support us!