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Published at 27th of January 2020 11:55:11 AM

Chapter 68

Qin Jiran's had two favorite past times in the world; that was eating good food and lurking around the virtual world . After all the rave of last night's turn of events, Jiran was in need of some me time . And what better way to spend it aside from browsing the latest trending news around the world . He leisurely scrolled down all the topics on the forums he frequented .

"Ah . . . Typical . . . Know that already . . . " He murmured as he skimmed through the articles .

Scroll down .

"Boring . . . Eww . . . That's crazy . "

Scroll down .

"Boring . . . Super boring . . . "

Scroll down .

"Bo-" Qin Jiran was about to spout another complaint as scrolled through another set of topics . But he held himself when he caught the title of a particular topic .


'Eldest Miss Yan? Isn't that Yan Qing Shan? Isn't that our sovereign?' Qin Jiran thought to himself, his brows furrowing in confusion .

'But isn't Sovereign's boyfriend that Hades guy? What's with this?'

Qin Jiran scrolled through once again and he saw that articles of similar topic to the first one were fast catching up and were starting to trend . He went back to the first thread and clicked it . Qin Jiran was planning to check out the contents of it before notifying the others . He even presumed that it was another of those fake news and click baits .

After all, he had frequently read about this Young Master Lan . He was quite the famous debonair . A darling of women and women-at-heart alike . Qin Jiran had to admit that his good looks, impeccable reputation, and top-notch background, having a fan base of this magnitude was pretty expected . Especially since he interacts with said fans in his social media accounts .

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Qin Jiran started to read the interaction within the thread . But his furrowed brows transitioned into a frown until it reached a full blown scowl .

"What the hell? These people are too much!" His indignant voice caught the attention of the other Aces lounging around the living room with him .

"What's the matter, Jiran? What's got your knickers in a rut?" Xu Lei asked jokingly .

Qin Jiran didn't respond . Instead, he stood up and proceeded to close the shutters and turn on the portable projector that was placed in the living for entertainment purposes . Qin Jiran plugged in his mini laptop into the projector . The unsightly content of the thread flashed for everyone to see .

"What in the world?! Jiran what is this? Is that my Jie they're talking about? Damn! They're looking for a thrashing!" Ning Xie Zhi exclaimed as he stood up and went closer to the screen .

Jia Yi Lan frowned at the thread . The other Aces had questioning looks in their faces, waiting for Qin Jiran to explain . Qi Xia's eyes darted once again at the projected image in the screen . His eyes getting colder and colder as he progressed from one comment to the other .

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[What?! My Prince Lan is getting married? Nooo! My heart, it's ripped to pieces . Who is it? Who dared covet my Prince?!]

[To the one above, I feel the same way! Except I would have accepted it if it was some famous Miss or something . But guess what, they're marrying him off to a tramp!]

[This Yan Qing Shan may be the Eldest Miss of Yan Group but her reputation is by far the most dreadful and disgusting . She is totally undeserving of our Young Master Lan . ]

[I heard she was hidden away by the Yan family because she's every bit of the country bumpkin . ]

[Really? Why did I hear that the Yan family does not recognize her as their family's daughter anymore . So she sleeps with any men who's willing to give her money . ]
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[How disgusting! She's just a slut . What is the Lan family thinking wanting to marry our angel Lan to someone like her?]

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[Maybe, Yan Qing Shan was the one who insisted on this marriage . ]

[I have to agree with you . The possibility of that being the case is very high . ]

[Yan Qing Shan should just go and die!]

[Someone come and kill this bitch . Save Young Master Lan from her . ]

It was not only Qi Xia that had the same reaction as they read on . All of them were enraged . They were with Yan Qing Shan for only a few days, yes, but they unanimously respected her . Not just because she was able to trash them all, but also with the fact that she was able to become the infamous leader of a greater part of the Underworld . Damn, she even had Hades, that smiling devil, dancing in her palms .

They knew that Yan Qing Shan had accepted them as her people . She could have chosen not to divulge her other identity to them . She could have chosen not to introduce them to her guardians and her lover . But Yan Qing Shan did, and that acknowledgement was something that they, the prideful Aces took pride of . In truth, she even cared for them like a sister would, albeit a subtly . Following her was not a wrong choice . In their hearts, Yan Qing Shan has already become the undisputed Sovereign .

She was far from what the rumors made her out to be . Completely the opposite .
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