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Published at 27th of January 2020 11:55:09 AM

Chapter 71

"Don't put pressure on Jiran . We can't actually do anything as of yet . Let's inform Yan Qing Shan first and see what she has to say . " The science genius, Jia Wei Ren stopped the other Aces halfway through their rain of abuse to the poor hacking expert . Qin Jiran gazed at him teary-eyed and grateful while he glared hatefully at the chuckling Qi Xia .

Qin Jiran, after being saved from coercive abuse of his companions, took off his computer from the projector and proceeded to slump at his seat . His rhythmic typing had glum tone to it giving away his current mood . Also, his lips pouted all the way through the door in obvious grievance .

"Aren't they a rowdy bunch?" The sultry alto of Yui spoke through the silence that pervaded between her and the other person . They were observing the Aces from a corner near the balustrade of the living room's entrance .

"Being rowdy is also good . I envy them to be honest . They are not confined to rigid and strict etiquette like we are . No matter how hard we try, we can't be Ami's friends . Even if we deny it and she forbids it, there will always be the boundaries of master and subordinate . Having them by her side will help her a lot . Ami needs people like them . " Aki's voice had a tinge of relief to it .

He was glad that Ami found a place among these Aces . He had always been worried about her tendencies to close off on people and avoid social interactions . Not that there was anything wrong with it . It was only that such trait would not help her prosper . Ami cannot thrive on her own . No one could .

"True . She seems to be brighter and livelier . Ami, something in her changed . " Yui looked on the Aces and paused for a little while . Aki retained his silence and waited for Yui to continue .

"She seemed mechanical back then . It was like she was just there for the heck of it . Like a machine unaware of its purpose so it's trying to self-destruct . But now . . . now it's like she's truly alive . It's like she's found her purpose . "

Aki did not respond to what Yui declared . He didn't need to do so for there was already a tacit agreement between them . Yui knows that he agrees with her observation . It seemed that Asahi Reo's worries were unfounded .

The two guardians looked on at Yan Qing Shan's companions, the comfort of silence wrapping around the two of them .

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"Qi Xia, you make the call . " Jia Yi Lan said after the small altercation they had with Qin Jiran . She wanted Yan Qing Shan to be informed of the developments as soon as possible . Even if she was aware of the circumstances, it was still good measure to inform her .

Seeing the demanding expression on Jia Yi Lan's face, Qi Xia the fox decided to preserve his life and promptly took out his phone . It took a few rings before Yan Qing Shan answered .
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"I was just about to call you . " Yan Qing Shan cool voice cut off the greeting that Qi Xia was just about to say .

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"Oh . You were? Why? What's the matter?" Qi Xia asked neutrally . Yan Qing Shan scoffed playfully .

"Oh please . Don't pretend that you aren't aware of it yet . I'm pretty sure it has already exploded over the web . Jiran has probably let you people see it . If he hasn't, then he's staining the glory of his code name . " She chided him . Qi Xia was speechless for a moment . His presumptions were correct . Yan Qing Shan was a step ahead of everything . She had already predicted the sequence of events that has unfolded this day .

"Sigh . He has already informed us . What is up, Sovereign?" Qi Xia was resigned so he chose to give in and not prolong his embarrassment .

Yan Qing Shan let out a derisive laugh before replying .

"Oh, it's nothing much . You are just witnessing the handiwork of my loving stepmother . "

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Qi Xia went quiet . He recalled Yan Qing Shan's status at her home . She was the outcast daughter, overridden by the second madam who came in just after her mother died . The worst thing about it was that, it was her own aunt who took advantage of her folly .

Zhao Ming Hua, however, was well-loved by the socialite circle . She had a reputation of being kind, humble, and generous to a fault . She was dubbed as the perfect madam . Except, it seems that that was not entirely the case .

"What are you planning to do then?" Qi Xia asked afterwards, instead of answering Yan Qing Shan requested Qi Xia to put Qin Jiran on the phone .

"Hello . " Qin Jiran sullen voice rang out on the other end of the line . Yan Qing Shan raised her brow at this but decided not to pry for now . After all, she had more urgent matters that need attending to . And it will all depend on Qin Jiran and the Aces' expertise .
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