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Published at 27th of January 2020 11:55:07 AM

Chapter 73

The airport buzzed with its usual noise as it hummed with the life of people coming and going . A man walked at a leisurely pace as he exited the arrival area . His tall stature and handsome features bore a sharpness that drew people in but also kept them at a distance .

Yan Qing Yu breathed in deeply the cold air of the night . City Z bustled with activity despite the late hour . It thrived with life and liveliness that made Yan Qing Yu slightly nostalgic . It has been a long time since he came back here . The City was still the same, but he was not . He has changed . He was no longer that weak brother unable to protect his blood sister . He was no longer that helpless son unable to oppose his father's drastic decisions .

Yan Qing Yu finally had the capability to correct everything that went wrong in the past .

A hopeful smile graced his attractive lips, his thoughts drifting to a distant memory of little girl .

'Little sis, brother is here . Brother won't let you be hurt and lonely anymore . Brother won't let you suffer anymore . '

There was a flash of ferociousness in Yan Qing Yu's eyes as he recalled the harmonious time when their family was just like any other families . Normal . Happy . Yan Qing Shan may not remember it but Yan Qing Yu did . Yan Tian Yu was a dedicated husband and father whose world revolved around his wife and children . Zhao Ming Yue with her ever-gentle smile was the epitome of a mother . Their lives became even more blissful with the addition of Yan Qing Shan . But that bliss was destined to an inevitable end .

It started just as any other nights in their family . Except Yan Tian Yu was running late and Yan Qing Yu's mother, Zhao Ming Yue received a call for assistance from him . As expected of any other wife who was worried sick about her husband, Zhao Ming Yue left in a hurry .

"Qing Yu, dear, mom is going to get your dad alright? We'll be back quickly, so we can have dinner together . You take care of your sister for the mean time . Be a sweet brother . I love you . "

Yan Qing Yu could still hear her words spoken in her sweet, pleasant voice ringing clearly in his ears, replaying itself as if it was a broken record . If he had even just an inkling that they would be Zhao Ming Yue's last words; if he had known that she would never return to them ever again, Yan Qing Yu would have done everything he can to stop her from leaving .

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Everything went downhill after that . Yan Qing Yu found himself powerless after that . His beloved sister was taken away by some old man . His aunt suddenly became his stepmother . Yan Qing Yu hated his father, blamed him for the loss of the family he loved . It wasn't until Yan Qing Yu ran away that Yan Tian Yu was forced to explain to him the circumstances .

He finally began to understand his father's action . Though, in some recesses of his mind, Yan Qing Yu thinks that his father could have done it differently . But he couldn't really blame him . They were both caught up in the situation and felt powerless to change the tides completely .

After that, Yan Qing Yu agreed to his father's proposal to leave the country . His sister wasn't there anyway . There was nothing he could do to assist his father; he will eventually become a burden in the long run if Zhao Ming Hua and the people behind his mother's death turn their clutches on him .
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Yan Tian Yu arranged him to be taken care of by a dear friend of his in Washington, D . C . On the other hand, Yan Qing Yu didn't remain idle and comfort himself in the temporary safety he was in . He made his own arrangements to get back at their enemies . Nonetheless, just as he was in midst of a crucial point in his plans, Yan Qing Shan suddenly went back to the country .

Yan Qing Yu desperately wanted to get her away from them but he couldn't leave Washington or all his efforts would be in vain . He could only beat himself up as he listened to all the schemes she had to face . At first, it was still tolerable . Yan Tian Yu could still moderate everything and protect her from the most danger . However, it came to a point where even his father couldn't do anything anymore .

Then Zi Jue came in . His father's desperation led him to entrust Yan Qing Shan to the devil . Yan Qing Yu blamed himself even more . But Yan Tian Yu was right . Yan Qing Shan was safer with Zi Jue than with them .

That was until recently . Yan Tian Yu was slowly losing control of the conditions . Yan Qing Yu had to go home . He rushed his affairs despite the risks . Good thing that all of it was resolved in the best case scenario . He could finally go home .

Yan Qing Yu stood languidly and shook his head to rid himself of any more thought . He leaned slightly at the simple black luggage beside him as he waited for his ride . A few minutes more, a midnight blue sedan parked in his front . Long, shapely legs clad in skin tight pants greeted him followed by an alluring face framed by a classic short bob .

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A sly grin appeared in Yan Qing Yu's seductive lips . He whistled playfully at the woman who welcomed him with a scowl .

"Lecher! Stop wasting my time and get on already . " Yao Changying uttered in an annoyed tone at him . Yan Qing Yu merely grinned wider and audaciously attempted to give the woman a bear hug . To which the latter coldly dodged .

"Ying ying, you're still so cold . Didn't you miss me?" He retorted smilingly . The woman merely went back inside the car and left him to fend for himself with his luggage . Yan Qing Yu chuckled to himself .

"Ah, I guess I really am home . "
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