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Published at 27th of January 2020 11:55:04 AM

Chapter 76: 76

Yan Qing Shan tinkling laugh made the faces of the concerned people darken considerably . It seems that their leader was well aware of her Guardians' quirks . Well, she did grow up with them after all . They seemed to have forgotten that specific little fact . Still, they felt betrayed ah! Especially a certain bibliophile sulking gloomily at the corner, his glower at the laughing Yan Qing Shan was undeniable . Except the latter obviously could care less .

"Now, now I know you're blaming me but it's certainly not fun if I informed you all ahead of time . If I'd be honest, time will come you'd be glad that you witnessed this side of them . " Yan Qing Shan spoke bemusedly as she looked at each of them .

"On another note, you should really stop calling me Sovereign this, sovereign that . It's giving me the creeps . My name or even Ami would do, anything that a lot more insconspicuous if you please?" The Aces were dumbfounded at the sudden turn of topic . They gaped openly at the woman in the center of the room .

"Would that be appropriate? I mean, you are the Ace Sovereign . It's only proper to call you that . " Qi Xia, immersed in his role as a spokesperson, asked glumly . The title Sovereign does needed a certain time of getting used to, if truth be told .

Yan Qing Shan waved her white, slender hands in a frantic manner . "No, no, I insist . Refrain from calling me that title . Qing Shan will do Xie Zhi calls me Jie . Call me anything that suits you . " She added in haste . Yan Qing Shan felt really weird being called Sovereign .

Yes, in some ways or another the Aces were subordinates . But at the same time they were her friends . They weren't bound by the same propriety that her Aki-nii and the other guardians were . Therefore, she must prevent things from escalating that far starting with the title calling .

"Since we've agreed on that, let's move on to more vital issues . " Yan Qing Shan squashed any of their chances to negate her request by giving them no room to argue further . In truth, Yan Qing Shan was thinking too much . These people were actually glad that they need not keep up with the formalities . God knows they secretly wanted to call her differently just as how Ning Xie Zhi does .

"Can someone call Aki-nii and the others here? This matter, I would need their assistance as well . " Yan Qing Shan solemnly requested, her face has now morphed into one full of mischief .

Moments later, the silhouettes of the four guardians entered the study . With their addition, the usually spacious room became stiflingly crowded . Adding the fact that the atmosphere transformed into a strange one . Yan Qing Shan's eye twitched lightly at this . It seems her little Aces developed an uncanny trauma .

'Aiya, such weak wills . I should really shape them up soon enough . '

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Aki, Yui, Mamoru, and Akane did a respectful 90 degree bow to her along with the usual joyful "Ojou! . " Yan Qing Shan touched the tip of her nose . She wasn't a stranger to this kind of greeting . Quite the opposite actually for she grew up receiving this greeting on the daily back in Japan . Except the Aces were in the same room, at a time when she just forcefully abolished any sort of title calling . Yan Qing Shan felt extremely prickly .

"Spare the formalities, please . " Yan Qing Shan pouted in exasperation . A slight begging was obvious in her tone . Aki and the others loosened up at this . Yan Qing Shan refrained from talking and waited for them to settle with the others . She suppressed the giggle threatening to erupt from her dainty mouth when she saw the myriad of complicated emotions alternating in the faces of her classmates .

"Luo luo! You're out there in the corner again . Come out and sit with me . " The lively voice of Akane broke the stifling atmosphere . Yan Qing Shan cocked her head in Akane's direction .

'Luo luo? What on Earth?'

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Surprisingly, Chen Luo who was usually shun interaction meekly proceeded to sit near Akane . Yan Qing Shan was aghast . What had Akane done to the little bookworm? She glanced quizically at Qi Xia, who just shrugged his shoulders as if this was merely common occurrence .
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"What's the matter, Ami-chan? Why'd you call for a meeting?" Mamoru, who was still in his crossdressing mode, clad in a sequined top, midi skirt topped off with stilletos and a blonde wig lifted his chin in Yan Qing Shan's direction .

Yan Qing Shan gave them a wide, joyous smile before speaking . "I'm giving you all a mission . "

The guardians' interest was piqued . It has been a considerable time since they last did a mission with their goddess . Excitement boiled at their veins . As for the Aces, they were well aware of the circumstances around this so-called mission but they didn't know exactly what Yan Qing Shan had in mind . It was probably only Qin Jiran who had some sort of inkling, except it won't still be substantial enough .

Yan Qing Shan smiled mysteriously as she cradled her head in her hand . "Here's what we will do . "

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"Mom, is everything set? Will Yan Qing Shan really show up?" Yan paced anxiously around the luxurious hotel room that they had booked for the tonight's banquet . The Monarch was a recently established five star luxury hotel in City Z . Due to its impeccable services and high-end amenities its reputation skyrocketed immediately amongst the elites . It was said that this hotel is actually famous overseas and is continually expanding their branches in the Southeast, choosing City Z as a start .

Zhao Ming Hua shook her head with an indulgent mirth at her daughter's worries . She gazed at Yan Xiaoyi who was currently dressed up to the nines with a complacent smile . She had calculated everything and thoroughly made that nothing will go wrong with tonight's plans . Yan Xiaoyi's doubts were misplaced .

"Relax, dear . The bitch will certainly come . Mommy made sure of it . In fact, even Zi Jue will come . " Zhao Ming Hua's voice held a light teasing that made Yan Xiaoyi blush scarlet . Aside from Yan Qing Shan, it was Zi Jue's attendance that concerned Yan Xiaoyi the most .

The man was as elusive as a mythical beast . This was a chance for her to see him . . . and perhaps even talk to him . Thinking of the future events, a smile finally appeared in Yan Xiaoyi's countenance . She will make sure Zi Jue discovers Yan Qing Shan's true colors in the banquet . Tonight, Zi Jue's attention will be hers .
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