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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:47 AM

Chapter 8

'Me, missing Zi Jue? Sorry, Meili dear . I'm not at that stage yet . '

Yan Qing Shan kept mum on Meili's statement and gave her a small smile instead . The girl then excused herself after seeing that she had kept her silence, taking it as cue of wanting to be left alone . She already knew that Zi Jue would be arriving later than his schedule . In the past, he had also extended his trip for another three days . It was only that Yan Qing Shan was strangely being anxious at his arrival that she couldn't help but ask about it .

Qing Shan nibbled pensively at the pastry in her hand, pondering about how she'll face Zi Jue when he arrived . She wasn't sure what to feel about him . Yes, she was willing to give them a try and she fully understands his past actions, still there was a small part in her that was irrefutably filled with fear . This was the repercussions of the years of abuse she had suffered in his hands in that past life .

They say that women are creatures of complex emotions . Qing Shan always disagreed with this back then . She felt that such emotions muddled people . The her previously had a one-track emotion . It was all indifference . But now it dawned on her that emotions were not an inconvenience . In fact, they are what makes one human .

Qing Shan was startled to find out that for the first time she had felt how it is to be confused, to be fickle . In a span of more than a week of rebirth, she had tasted varying emotions at varying degrees . Frankly, it made her uncomfortable . But it also made her appreciate living more .

'I'll just roll with it, then . Maybe the things that I want to say to him will naturally flow out when we're face to face . Maybe all these confusion would clear out then . '

She decided . Qing Shan sipped from her tea relishing the heat, while her mind and hear looked forward to the coming days .


It was a beautiful afternoon . The midday sunshine had considerably toned down, paired with the soft breeze carrying the light fragrance of lavender, freesia, and orange blossoms . It made one relaxed . This was currently the exact scenery in the gazebo . What made it more perfect was the girl reclining on wicker chaise lounge, reading . Her slim form was languid, though her face was partly hidden by the book she was holding .

Zi Jue heart skipped a beat at this scene . He stood there staring, afraid of disturbing the peace . He feared that if he even take a step closer, he would end up ruining everything . There was that nagging dread that she will shirk away from him .

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He had just arrived . Knowing that she now frequents the garden instead of her library, Zi Jue went dashing to the place . Only to stop at a corner where he was hidden but was able to see her clearly .

God knows how much he wanted to run and take her into his arms . He missed her desperately . But Zi Jue had no right wanting that now .

He sighed and looked at the box in his hands . He was supposed to go home earlier . But the present he had prepared for her was delayed and he had no choice but to wait for it . Zi Jue decided that he will just leave it in front of her room tonight .

The smiling devil, the emperor of City Z who feared nothing, in the face of his beloved lacked the courage he was famous for .

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Yan Qing Shan was antsy the whole day . She knew Zi Jue will be arriving tonight and somehow the butterflies in her stomach couldn't keep their freaking calm . She felt like she was about to barf . Pretty much similar to a severe case of stage fright, except multiplied by a few thousands . After all, she was not about to make a speech instead she'd be confronting the devil himself .

She paced around her room waiting for him . Yan Qing Shan remembered in her previous life, when Zi Jue arrived, that night he knocked on her door and left a box in front of her room . She only noticed it in the morning . She never did open that box . Yan Qing Shan just threw it somewhere in her room .

But she won't be making that mistake again . She'll absolutely open the door and talk to him . The problem was she wasn't sure what time Zi Jue would go . In order to soothe her nerves, she went to the bathroom to take a hot shower first .

Qing Shan was in the middle of washing her hair when she heard three faint rasps on her door .

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'It's him!'

'Aaaaaah! What do I do? I still have shampoo on my hair! I haven't even rinsed the shower gel off! But at this rate he'll leave!'

'Oh to hell with it!'

Qing Shan quickly turned off the shower and haphazardly wrapped herself in a towel . She dashed out and opened the bathroom door . However, the floor was wet and her body still lathered with shower gel .

Qing Shan found herself slipping on the marble tiles, a loud yelp escaping from her lips followed by a resounding thud .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!