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Published at 25th of February 2020 10:45:07 AM

Chapter 80

Zhao Ming Hua held her breath internally . A growing suspicion in her mind that Yan Qing Shan was somehow aware of their plans . She shook her head in denial of this . It wasn't possible for her to know . Yan Qing Shan was merely book-smart . She couldn't possibly come up with schemes like them . If she could, Yan Qing Shan would have countered their past schemes already . Yet she didn't . Hence, Zhao Ming Hua was pretty sure that Yan Qing Shan was stupid in that aspect .

"Why yes, dear . Of course, we will . You are after all the Eldest Young Miss of our family . " Zhao Ming Hua replied with innocence and looked at Yan Xiaoyi meaningfully .

"Sis, it's really good that you came . Right, how was your meeting with Young Master Lan? Is he as handsome as the rumors say? I'm so happy for you, sister . " Yan Xiaoyi blabbered excitedly . Yan Qing Shan furrowed her brows at the woman .

'Ai, can't she come up with anything better?' She thought in disappointment . However, Yan Xiaoyi seemed to have taken it as Yan Qing Shan being irritated .

Therefore, she continued her tirade with renewed gusto . "Sister is so lucky . Having someone like Young Master Lan as a husband is a dream come true . "

This conversation caught the attention of the people who were discreetly listening on in the family . They started to talk amongst themselves once again .

"So, it's true . The Eldest Miss Yan is engaged with Young Master Lan . "

"Those forums were speaking the truth then . Ai, what a pity for Young Master Lan . To be paired to such a woman . "

"How scandalous! Even if they were engaged, it is still improper for them to act as in the papers . It is such a disgrace . "

"Well, you can't expect anything proper from someone like Eldest Miss Yan . "

Yan Qing Shan looked at her funnily, not minding the murmurs of the people around her . "If you think he's that perfect, why don't you marry Lan Jing Er yourself? I'm not marrying him . "

Yan Xiaoyi stiffened up in embarrassment when she heard Yan Qing Shan's retort . Her arms tightening around the latter's unconciously .

"Uh . . . I-I . . But I heard . . . Then who would you like to marry, sister?" Yan Xiaoyi asked, trying to divert the topic in her favor . In truth, she didn't mind Yan Qing Shan's answers . Except that her cold, blunt sarcasm truly leaves her with no face at all .
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Yan Qing Shan gripped the hands wrapped around her arms and methodically removed it while reminding herself to pour sanitizer in it later . Afterwhich, she crossed them over her chest . Her almond eyes pierced through the crowd stopping at the silhouette of a man she knew was eavesdropping along with the others .

Her lips quirked in an alluring curve brightening her whole face, bringing in a feast for the eyes . The people around gasped in amazement .

"Who would I like to marry, huh? Hmm . Probably someone like Zi Jue . " Yan Qing Shan answered whimsically as she stared at Zi Jue's back . An uproar followed her words, but Yan Qing Shan was oblivious .

Yan Xiaoyi smirked to herself . She was secretly pleased with Yan Qing Shan's performance . Her little blunder had turned into a boon . She wanted to embarrass Yan Qing Shan yet the latter did it all on her own . Did she really think Zi Jue liked her? She was merely a toy .

"What?! Such guts! She actually wants Emperor Zi as her husband . How audacious of her . "

"Truly leaves one speechless . Where does she get the courage to say such words? This is Zi Jue we're talking about . "

"Hah! Does she really think she's worthy? She can't compare to even a strand of Zi Jue's hair . "

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Yan Qing Shan retained the smile on her face amidst the ongoing denouncement . The man in question however leisurely approached their side, a champagne flute held elegantly in his hand . His heaven-defying face held its usual easygoing smile that had earned him his monicker . Yet his eyes concealed undeniable warmth and bliss .

"Oh? Miss Yan's ideal husband is someone like me? It is quite an honor . " His mellow voice drawled slowly rivaling the husky melody of a cello . His tone surprised the lot of them aside from Yan Qing Shan . His words were devoid of sarcasm or frost . It seemed as if he truly felt honored that Yan Qing Shan preferred him over Lan Jing Er as her future husband .

Yan Xiaoyi was dumbfounded at the scene that has unfolded itself right in front of her . What was this? Why was Zi Jue going against the script? Wasn't he supposed to embarrass Yan Qing Shan and shatter her delusions? Why was he helping her?

Her heart felt heavy with hurt . She even failed to feel her nails digging through her palms almost drawing blood . Yan Xiaoyi's eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings against her eyes desperately trying not to cry at this covert flirtation . She turned her gaze to her mother, asking for help .

Zhao Ming Hua got her daughter's message and nodded indistinctly . She approached Yan Qing Shan who faced Zi Jue with a shy laugh .

"Oh my, Patriarch Zi flatters us . Our Qing Shan is still lacking . There are many more things she needs to learn in order to match your achievements . " Zhao Ming Hua stated humbly as she patted Yan Qing Shan's back .

Zi Jue merely glanced at her indifferently . "On the contrary, I think Miss Yan is fine just the way she is . "

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Zhao Ming Hua was rendered speechless at Zi Jue's counter . She chuckled awkwardly and looked at Yan Tianyu who acted as an observer helplessly . Yan Tianyu saw this and shook his head subtly .

"Patriarch Zi, thank you very much for gracing this occasion . " He respectfully greeted the imposing man . Zi Jue nodded at him blandly .

"Thank you for the invitation . "

At this moment, Yan Qing Shan heard Aki's voice in her earpiece . [Ojou, Zhao Ming Hua's men are on the move . Yan Xiaoyi gave them the signal . ]

Yan Qing Shan grinned secretly . It seems that Zi Jue's antics drove someone unbelievably mad .

"Alright . Wait for my cue . " Yan Qing Shan whispered in reply .
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