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Published at 25th of February 2020 10:45:06 AM

Chapter 81

Yan Qing Shan subtly left the commotion that Zi Jue created . Well, it was actually her that started it but not that it matters . For sure, Zi Jue wouldn't mind her leaving him to deal with it . Besides, Yan Qing Shan knew that he was aware of her actions .

She walked aimlessly with no care about the incredulous looks that the other guests were giving her . Yan Qing Shan even sipped the champagne with vigor . That was until she saw the dessert buffet . Her eyes turned to hearts when she that there were lemon tarts and fresh strawberries beside a chocolate fountain amongst the desserts .
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Yan Qing Shan stood near the lemon tarts and transferred a few couples of them on a small plate . A dozen of the straberries dipped in chocolate followed soon after . Actually, Yan Qing Shan has quite the sweet tooth . Though she tries to cut down on her impulse to indulge herself .

As she happily gorge herself in a corner, Yan Qing Shan did not notice a couple approaching her way . The man looked quite dapper wearing a midnight blue suit complemented by sapphire cufflinks and a platinum tie bar . On the other hand, the woman was clad in a fitting cyan gown matching the man's suit . Her short bob had golden clips on each side, her classy face bearing little make-up .

Yan Qing Shan heard the clacking of heels nearing her, but her peripheral vision only saw a woman she didn't really know . She focused back her attention back to her food . Except a lively, familiar voice rang out and called to her intimately .

"Xiao Qing Shan, you should take it easy on the sweets . Your teeth might hurt . " Yan Qing Shan's hand stopped half-way to her mouth . Her eyes went up to the source of the voice . She was met with a smiling face that was almost similar to hers . If it were not for the differences in temperament, one would think that they were twins .

Yan Qing Shan put down the tart in her hand and stared at the man neutrally . "Big brother . "

Yan Qing Yu's smile grew wider upon hearing the two words that he had yearned to hear for a long time . His father had warned her of Yan Qing Shan's change . Hence, he wasn't that surprised that she greeted him so plainly .

"Xiao Qing Shan is all grown up . You're almost my height now . " Yan Qing Yu commented as he patted her hair affectionately . Yan Qing Shan gaped at him, puzzled . Yan Qing Yu glanced at her with questions expressed in his face .

"What?" Yan Qing Shan narrowed her eyes suspiciously . In her past life, Yan Qing Yu wasn't as gentle with her like this when they met each other . He wasn't hostile but he wasn't this close as well . Even when she left for Japan, Yan Qing Yu merely ignored her . It was understandable that Yan Qing Shan would react like this now .

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"Why are you being so close? Didn't you like me?" Yan Qing Shan answered in a frank tone . Yan Qing Yu froze at her answer . If there were other emotions in Yan Qing Shan's statement such as resentment or indignation, Yan Qing Yu would have taken it better . Except, Yan Qing Shan said them as if they were well-established facts that she could do nothing about .

Yan Qing Yu recalled the scarce times he spent with Yan Qing Shan . He despaired as it all came back to him . It seems his past actions had come to bite him back in his behind . Yan Qing Shan totally misunderstood him .

'She thinks I don't like her! She thinks I hate her! What have I done? What kind of brother am I?'

Yan Qing Yu's sulking was cut off when the woman beside him suddenly slap the back of his head . He turned to her with sad eyes .

"Ying ying, I'm such a terrible brother . " He complained with a pout . Yao Changying peered at him acidly .

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"You're a terrible person, in general . You deserve being misunderstood . " She replied in disdain and turned her attention to the woman who was cutely observing their interaction .

"Hi! I'm Yao Changying . I'm this big idiot's friend . Nice to meet you . " She greeted warmly . Yan Qing Shan stared at the hand that the classy woman held out in front of her . She gently shook it and returned with a slight smile of her own .

"Hello, I'm Yan Qing Shan . That big idiot's little sister . " She replied back wittily . Yan Qing Shan have never met Yao Changying in her past life . The woman her brother introduced to her had been a different one . Yan Qing Shan never really like that woman, she looked greedy and vicious . Still, that woman became her brother's wife and ultimately ruined him in the end .

But this Yao Changying was different . For some reason, she felt at ease with her . Yan Qing Shan especially liked how she interacted with her big brother . It brought out a side to him that she had not encountered . Her brother was mostly lukewarm to her in the few times they met . On the contrary, she peferred this side of him more .

"Oi Ying ying, stop seducing my sister . Xiao Qing Shan, don't be fooled by her pretty face . This woman is danger in disguise . " Yan Qing Yu spoke animatedly while taking Yao Changying's hand clasping it securely with his . A subtle red crept up the woman's ears .

'Oh? Interesting . ' Yan Qing Shan commented internally .

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[Ojou, one of their men is on his way to you . Look out for the waiter approaching at your six o'clock . ]

Yan Qing Shan gave Aki a subtle okay sign as she glanced discreetly at the waiter's direction . He was carrying a tray full of champagne flutes as he walked near the desser buffet table . She tuned out Yao Changying and Yan Qing Yu's banter . Yan Qing Shan already figured out what the waiter's purpose here was .

'Sigh . Cliché . Yan Xiaoyi's move is too cliché, it makes me cringe . '

Just as she thought, the waiter suddenly lost his balance upon reaching her side . The shattering of glass echoed against the classical music in play . Yan Qing Shan was exasperated as she stared at the broken mess at her feet . She could feel the cold liquid uncomfortably spreading through her dress . Yan Qing Shan almost rolled her eyes in disappointment at the unapologetic face of the waiter while bowing and apologizing .

'And here I was expecting that the one of the champagne flutes was drugged . That would've been a lot more dramatic . Aiyah . . . '
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