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Published at 25th of February 2020 10:45:04 AM

Chapter 82: 82

"Xiao Qing Shan, sis, are you alright? Ah, you! Look at what you did, my sister is soaked!" Yan Qing Yu shouted at the 'careless' waiter . Fortunately, the music drowned out his voice and thus they avoided creating a huge ruckus . He immediately took out a silk handkerchief and was about to help wipe off the liquor on Yan Qing Shan's gown . However, the slender hands of Yao Changying took the piece of cloth away from Yan Qing Yu and effectively barred him from fussing about .

"You good? Let me wipe off the stains . " Yao Changying softly checked up on her . Yan Qing Shan smiled gratefully at the woman . Yao Changying may seem fierce at first but she in truth possess a rare, genuine gentleness in her . Yan Qing Shan was liking her more and more .

"I'm fine, Big Sister Ying . " She replied as she took out her own cotton handkerchief and helped in wiping of the wet stain in her dress . Nonetheless, there was too much of the wine that spilled . The other half of her gown was thoroughly drenched . Yan Qing Shan felt cold and sticky .
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"Miss, I'm truly sorry . I really didn't mean to spill the wine on you . There are a few spare gown on Miss Yan Xiaoyi's room . If you want, I could lead you to the suite . We were given briefings about this incidents beforehand . I didn't expect I would offend Miss this way . I'm really sorry, Miss . " The waiter frantically apologized and tried to remedy the situation .

At least that was what it looked like to other people . Yan Qing Shan knew otherwise . This waiter was just creating a way to lure her out of the party . His act was too exaggerated for her to believe him, aside from Aki's warning of course . According to typical scenarios, Yan Qing Shan was pretty sure she was bound to get locked up in a room once she agreed to go with the waiter . Anyone who possesses the right amount of sanity would refuse and just ask Yan Qing Yu and Yao Changying couple to accompany them to change instead . Except . . . It was Yan Qing Shan's plan to play dumb .

"Big Sister Ying, I feel really sticky . I'll have the waiter to accompany me to go freshen up and borrow one of Xiaoyi's dresses at her suite . You and Big Brother Qing Yu stay here and enjoy the party . Don't let this dampen your mood . " Yan Qing Shan told Yao Changying neutrally while she held a part of her gown away from her skin .

Yao Changying looked at her worriedly . "Are you sure? I can go with you . "

Yan Qing Shan waved her off politely though there was a hint of impatience . The former understood her predicament and didn't insist anymore .

"No need . No need . I'll be back quickly . You go have fun . Big Brother Qing Yu, I'll be off for now . Let's catch up later . " Yan Qing Yu merely nodded absentmindedly in response .

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Yan Qing Shan then turned to the waiter and gestured him to lead the way . It wasn't until she was completely gone that Yan Qing Yu recovered himself . He held Yao Changying abruptly on her shoulders .

"Ying ying, Xiao Qing Shan called me Big Brother . She called me Big Brother again . Ah, this is such a wonderful night . " He spouted off excitedly, almost twirling Yao Changying around . The latter had to headbutt him slightly hard before he let her go .

"Idiot . " Yao Changying muttered to herself yet a small smile of affection graced her luscious lips .


"Are you sure my sister has a few spare gowns on her room? You better not be bluffing about it or else . " Yan Qing Shan spoke haughtily as she slowed her pace until she was side by side with the waiter . She caught the brief flash of annoyance on the man's expression followed by disdain . Yan Qing Shan was pretty sure the waiter was mocking her internally for being gullible and dumb . She had the urge to laugh . They were yet to see who was actually gullible and dumb .

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The waiter caught himself quickly . He erased any other trace of emotion on his face and put on a flattering one while he nodded enthusiatically in response to her question . "Yes Miss, don't worry . There are several spare gowns in there . The people from housekeeping informed me . They were the ones who had it drycleaned . You can take your time to shower and change . I saw the program previously, the main events wouldn't be until later . "

Yan Qing Shan harrumphed at this and walked lazily into the room . She headed inside whilst the waiter remained at the door .

"I don't see any gowns or even any of my sister's things . Are you sure we're in the right room?" Yan Qing Shan asked and was about to turn her head towards the door where she knew the waiter remained . However before she could completely do so, Yan Qing Shan suddenly felt a hard blow on her head, then the world turned black .

"I didn't expect you to be this stupid . Tsk . Tsk . Such a pretty face . If it weren't for the fact that I have other things I need to do, I would have enjoyed your body first . Too bad . Enjoy your night in here, Eldest Miss Yan . " The man in the waiter's clothing spoke lowly in her ear, contempt in his every word . His hand carressing the unconscious Yan Qing Shan's cheek . Afterwards, he left the room, locked it, and hung the 'do not disturb' sign .

The 'waiter' whistled pleasantly as he treaded his way back to the party . He took out a mobile phone and informed a certain someone of a mission accomplished . As he fiddled with his phone, he missed to see the statuesque figure of a woman in a hotel staff uniform approaching the room he just left .

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Whilst Yan Qing Shan got herself into an intended trouble, Yan Xiaoyi smirked as she received the confirmation of Yan Qing Shan's detainment . She gave the sign to her mother to proceed with what's next .

Yan Xiaoyi eyed the aloof, handsome form of Zi Jue as he conversed with some of the VIP's present .

'After this, Zi Jue will finally discard that slut . I just have to be patient . '

Yan Xiaoyi felt giddy as she progressed on the prospects after this party . She imagined Zi Jue smiling at her and taking her into his arms . Yan Xiaoyi had to bite her cheek to stop her from acting unladylike . When she saw that Zi Jue was finally by himself, Yan Xiaoyi smoothened out her gown, put on her sweetest smile, and pattered slowly towards the man of her dreams .
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