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Published at 28th of February 2020 10:45:07 AM

Chapter 83

A tall and slim figure dressed in a housekeeping uniform sneered at the prone figure of a man in a waiter's guise walking away from a suite room . A hint of mocking flashed in her eyes . It seemed that the men her Ojou's enemies could hire were merely so-so . She wasn't even hiding her presence and yet the man did not even notice her in such close proximity .

Yui took out a set of keys from her pocket and removed the sign from the door . She turned the knob expecting to see the unconscious figure of Yan Qing Shan . Aki had told her that the man knocked her out . If it weren't for Aki's reprimand, Yui would have taken out the audacious man who dared hurt her little mistress already .

Except, what greeted Yui beyond the suite door was Yan Qing Shan slumped on the floor, looking bored as hell . She held her scowling face in her palm and lazily gazed up when Yui arrived .

"Oh, you're here . Let me guess, the guy didn't even notice you . Really, even his hit was too weak . And he thinks I'll pass out from that . What a joke! If he had chosen a different angle, he would have been more efficient . Aiyah! He even had the guts to say that if he wasn't busy, he'll have fun with me? Spit! I'll have fun with him . I'll have fun bashing his brains out . " Yan Qing Shan ranted non-stop . Yui almost choked at this, her worry flying out the windows at Yan Qing Shan's words .

'Uh, Ojou-sama, you're sociopath is showing . Please get a hold of your tongue . ' Yui lamented in her mind . Her Ojou had tendencies to be like this, Yui should have expected this . It was rare phenomenon but still a surprising one each time, nonetheless .

"It's good that you're alright, Ojou-sama . Are you going to change before we go back?" Yui stated carefully . Yan Qing Shan stood from the floor and patted the back of her dress lightly . She turned to Yui and pouted .

"Nope . I'm not changing into any of that snake's clothes . I'll stay in this dress, thank you very much . Besides, Yan Xiaoyi might even create a fuss with the fact that I changed into a different gown and use it against me . Tsk . She's resourceful that way . " Yan Qing scoffed audibly and then restored her cool demeanour as she went to the door .

"Aki-nii, what's up on that end?" Yan Qing Shan asked her guardian who currently had a god's view on the entire hotel .

[They're prepping for some kind of video presentation . I'm pretty sure it won't spell anything good for you, Ojou-sama . And oh, Yan Xiaoyi is approaching Zi Jue . Thought you should know . ]

Yan Qing Shan wryly smiled upon hearing Aki's words . She slapped her forehead lightly in mock distress .

"Oh no, her pride is in for a beating and I'm not there to witness it in person . Aki-nii, quickly record it so I can watch later . " A soft chuckle reverberated from the other line, whilst Yan Qing Shan now had a smirk on her face . Yui, however, just looked on and waited for Yan Qing Shan to finish her antics .

[I'm on it . You should go back to the party . It's almost time . ]

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"Alright, we'll be on our way . "


"Master, the Madame seems to be missing from the ballroom . " Liu Ying informed Zi Jue who has just sat down on a lounge set up at the side of the room .

Zi Jue raised a brow at Liu Ying in question . "Madame?"

"I was referring to Yan Qing Shan, Master . Should I refrain from doing so?" Liu Ying answered after awkwardly clearing his throat .

"No . Madame is good . " Zi Jue said perfunctorily as a small, content smile broke out of his lips . That title was solely for his beloved, why would he refrain his people from calling her as such? They may not be married now, but they will be soon . It is better for his Shan er to get used to being called as such . Zi Jue thought this reasoning was quite good and felt that it was a good thing to have a reliable aide like Liu Ying .

Zi Jue cradled his head and watched the bustling people enjoying the festivities, as if waiting for something .

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"You don't have to worry about your Madame . I'm pretty sure she's out there laying out trouble for a few unfortunate souls . Why do you think she bothered coming to this farce in the first place? Do you really think her presence is that easily sought? Besides, she won't come into any danger, especially not in this hotel . " Zi Jue explained kindly to his loyal right-hand man whose face was now a spectacle . Who wouldn't be stunned, anyhow? Zi Jue wasn't the type to explain himself .

Liu Ying nodded in understanding at the earlier part of his Master's statement . Yan Qing Shan, he realized had an enigmatic side to her . It takes a lot effort to figure her actions out . Liu Ying wasn't the least bit surprised that she had another reason for attending this party aside from smiting flowers around his Master . Even on that account, Yan Qing Shan had remained passive . It was good that Zi Jue didn't sulk because of it .

"What do you mean, Master? What's so special about this hotel?" Liu Ying then asked in confusion . The latter part of Zi Jue's explanation seemed to have exposed a secret to him yet Liu Ying still couldn't make it out .

"What do you know about the Monarch?" Zi Jue questioned simply without even sparing Liu Ying a glance .

"As far as I am aware it is a renowned luxury hotel with branches all over the world . It's proprietor is a native of Japan and was rumored to have once been the head of a powerful Yakuza family--" Liu Ying paused midway of his tirade when a sudden realization dawned on him .

"Oh . . . I see . This place is the Madame's turf . " Zi Jue smirked but did not say anything further, merely sipping a little champagne .

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"Master, Second Miss Yan is coming our way . Tsk . Tsk . She has been discreetly keeping tabs on us and following about . I guess her patience has worn thin . " True to Liu Ying words, Yan Xiaoyi was now only a couple of steps away from where they were . However, Zi Jue made no move to even acknowledge her presence . He refuses to regard the existence of insignificant people .

"Patriarch Zi, good evening . I hope you are enjoying the party so far . " Yan Xiaoyi greeted him in the gentlest, sweetest voice she could muster . If it were anyone, they would have been flattered to the skies being greeted by such a lovely lady . Nevertheless, this was rendered futile for it was Zi Jue involved . He wasn't just anyone . In fact, he didn't even bother looking up at her . It was as if she was passing air .
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Yan Xiaoyi's heart was pounding with excitement as she approached Zi Jue . However, when he played dead after her greeting her emotions took a different turn . Embarrassment colored her cheeks, her head turned downcast .

"Second Miss Yan, hello . Thank you for your concern . Congratulations on your party . " It was Liu Ying who spoke, except his tone was devoid of any emotions contrasting the point of his reply .

Yan Xiaoyi's heart sank at this . A mere assistant dared add to her humiliation? Such an outrageous thing made Yan Xiaoyi enraged . Her knuckles turned white as she tried to keep her smile and composure .

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may we have your attention please?" Yan Xiaoyi's head snapped in the direction of the stage . Hope bloomed in her heart for she knew what was about to come next .
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