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Published at 3rd of April 2020 12:55:08 PM

Chapter 84

A large projector screen was set up in the middle of the stage while a rostrum was situated in a far corner where a woman holding a microphone stood smilingly . She was exactly the one who had spoken a while ago, the master of ceremony for Yan Xiaoyi's banquet . Zhao Ming Hua signalled for her to continue .

"Our celebration today is in honor of a wonderful lady who has never ceased to bring honor and glory to her parents, and to her family . She is a lady who not only possesses the virtues and temperament befitting of status but also both a breathtaking beauty and a capable mind as well . I will no longer enumerate the achievements she has on her plate . Instead, I will let this tribute video to speak for it . " The woman gestured to the screen after her short prelude .

A lively intro played out from the speaker of the room and the words "Congratulations, Miss Yan Xiaoyi! A Lady of Grace and Beauty!" The words faded into a series of Yan Xiaoyi's pictures, some were candid and some were formal ones . They were random . There were photographs from her graduation, some from her accepting awards, and some from her taping and modelling stints . The guests were all in admiration aside from a certain group who were keeping to themselves the entire time .

Ning Xie Zhi sneered in disgust at the video that was currently playing out . "Seriously, she only achieved trivial awards and all . Did they really have to make a fuss and be overly proud about it? Hah! If she's so great, then that would make us sages of the century . And Qing Shan jie would be a goddess . "

Qi Xia nodded his head in agreement . Hong Zhen Yue chose to be as vocal as Ning Xie Zhi .

"How come she and Yan Qing Shan are so different? This Yan Xiaoyi creep me out . I can't even muster the tender feelings normal of a man when seeing a frail-looking woman . "

"That's because she's not a frail woman . She's a witch . A white lotus . I'll look down on you if you take pity on her . " Jia Yi Lan interjected .

"Shush! You people are so noisy . Can't you just watch the show? It's pretty much the climax now . " Qin Jiran reprimanded his companions . The others didn't argue and paid attention to the episode unfolding in their eyes .

Just as they had settled down, the pictures were suddenly cut off and replaced with a black screen, as if someone had tampered with it . A collective surprised gasp echoed from among the people in the ballroom . This was because the screen was now showing another face . It was the face of the other Yan daughter, the eldest Yan Qing Shan .

Flashing on the screen were snippets from the forums which were raving about the scandal involving her and Lan Jing Er . Pictures from their meeting along with the various malicious comments and speculation were shown consecutively . This was followed by old rumors assuming that she was a kept woman by numerous men backed by stolen shots of her alighting from luxury cars . There were even pictures of her in limited edition clothes and expensive jewelries of which prices were even kindly labelled which caused uproar among the guests .

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The woman in question however was currently picking her nails in a hidden corner of the room blandly spectating at the commotion that the video had put her in . Yan Qing Shan wasn't the least bit bothered about her reputation completely being in tatters because of the video . She even had the urged to laugh, after all the numerous men that the video spoke of were actually just one . And that specific person was currently lounging lazily like a pampered king .

Yan Qing Shan met Zi Jue's eyes, her lips quirked in a grin . She saw Zi Jue mouthing something which made her grin even wider .

"Having fun?"

She nodded lightly and winked at him before turning her attention back to the spectacle . By now, the video flashed a scene where Yan Qing Shan, in her red gown walked with a man in a waiter's uniform . The two were shoulder to shoulder and looked quite intimate . They stopped at a suite room where the waiter hung a 'do not disturb signage' as he closed the door from the inside . Anyone smart enough would understand the underlying meaning of what had transpired .

The Eldest Miss Yan was having a tryist with a waiter during her sister's party!

Such a shameless act!

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Such a disgrace!

The contrast between the two sisters were magnified even more, especially since the first video showed Yan Xiaoyi's achievement while Yan Qing Shan's part was distasteful .

"Heh, that's quite a quick edit . It seems like Yan Xiaoyi and Zhao Ming Hua's people aren't completely useless . " Yan Qing Shan commented with an approving tone and turned to Yui at her side . The latter merely shrugged in response .

Yan Xiaoyi, on the other hand, suppressed the delight in her heart . Her eyes looked expectantly at Zi Jue who still had no reactions whatsoever . She felt a little disappointed at that but she refused to believe that Zi Jue wasn't the least bit angry .
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'He is known to be stoic and cold . Maybe, he just doesn't want to create a fuss . ' Yan Xiaoyi whispered in her heart .

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She put on a worried and outraged expression and walked with hurried steps nearer to the screen .

"Stop! Stop that video! Those are lies . They are merely rumors . My sister wouldn't do such a thing . That clip must be faked!" Yan Xiaoyi shouted indignantly, her eyes darting nervously around her parents and the guests .

"Miss Yan, we know how kind you are . But you cannot refute this kind of thing . If it was faked, then your sister must be in this ballroom . " A woman in a green ballgown held her hand with pity, assuming that she was a loving sister trying to salvage what was left of her eldest sister's dignity .

"Yes! My sister is here . I just saw her a while ago . " Yan Xiaoyi nodded with vigor . However, a sudden voice interrupted their conversation and plunged the entire crowd into even more disarray . It made Yan Xiaoyi happier, though .

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Miss Yan . But you're sister isn't here . I saw her walking out of the ballroom a while ago with a waiter . "
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