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Published at 3rd of April 2020 12:55:07 PM

Chapter 86
'Why is she here?! Wasn't she locked up?' Zhao Ming Hua fumed internally as she gazed at Yan Qing Shan's nonchalant form . Yan Xiaoyi's confused eyes bored a hole through her .

'It doesn't matter . The damage has alreay been dealt with . She can't refute it even if it's all false . After all a rumor known by everyone becomes truth . ' Zhao Ming Hua pacified her anxiety and returned Yan Xiaoyi's eyes with assurance .
"Qing Shan, dear, here you are . Where have you been?" Yan Qing Shan lips quirked up in mockery when she heard Zhao Ming Hua's question . The latter's smile stiffened upon seeing her expression .
"Dearest aunt, shouldn't you be asking yourself that?" Yan Qing Shan replied playfully, her lips pouting in pretend grievance .
"Aunt Ming Hua? How is aunt supposed to know where you've been? That is why she's asking in the first place . " Shen Ling contradicted Yan Qing Shan followed by a hateful glare on her person .
Yan Qing Shan sighed loudly and pitifully lowered her head .
"But the waiter who accompanied my said that the organizer has been meticulous for every possible scenario that might occur in this party and thus prepared a specific suite for special emergency . Take for example, a dress being stained by wine . I had assumed that since he said that it's the organizer's arrangement that meant it was my stepmother's . If it was like that then she should know which suite was arranged for such . Am I wrong?" Yan Qing Shan inquired innocently as she looked around the people .
"Th- that…I- I did make preparation for those circumstances but I was not entirely sure of every detail . I had the hotel help me with it . So, I didn't really know . Were you able to freshen up then, Qing Shan dear?" Zhao Ming Hua replied uneasily . Yan Qing Shan was tempted to laugh at her expression and lame attempt of changing the topic . She smirked to herself .
"Oh, unfortunately before I was able to even get rid of my wet clothes I realized that my phone was missing along with my purse . I decided to go back for it . Except, for some strange reasons that door was locked from the outside . I couldn't open it no matter what . " Yan Qing Shan paused and held her chin lightly in contemplation .
"It was a good thing a hotel employee was passing by the corridors . I was able to come back for my things . I didn't expect to arrive at this kind of scenario however . " Yan Qing Shan sighed, projecting a wronged demeanor .

"You mean someone locked you in a hotel room? So what? You just don't want to admit that you were fornicating with a waiter at your sister's party . That's expected for someone the likes of you . Besides, why would anyone lock you from the outside in the first place?" Shen Ling retorted her statement with a glare .
Yan Qing Shan turned her gaze to her, a chill emanating from within . She took slow steps to approach the foul-mouthed busybody that her stepsister and stepmother employed to use against her . Yan Qing Shan halted when they were closely face-to-face .

"Why, indeed?"
"Those people are idiots . Why is Ojou-sama even paying attention to them?" Akane commented snidely as she watched the commotion from the monitor of the surveillance cameras . Aki chuckled in response .
"They are idiots . But sometimes idiots also needed to be dealt with . They're good enough for venting anyhow, as long as it makes Ojou- sama happy . " Aki turned to the small person leisurely munching on snacks at the corner . He sighed; Akane is too carefree as of late . Aki couldn't help but wish this farce would end already so that they could start their real objective .
As he lamented internally, Aki saw Yan Qing Shan make a subtle hand gesture . He turned to his comms device connecting him to Mamoru who was also on site .
"Mamoru, it's your time to shine . "

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A snicker sounded out from the earpiece followed by an annoyed voice . [Ugh, that took too long . I was itching to end these people since I saw them . I ought to cut their tongues out and sew those mouths of theirs . ]
Aki sighed . This Mamoru has always been very protective of their Ojou-sama . The two were partners- in- crime . Though, it was usually Mamoru who thinks of all mischiefs and merely dragged their Miss with him . In some ways, Mamoru was one of the rare people who could evoke emotions from Yan Qing Shan then .
"Oi, your siscon is showing . Rein it in . "
[Tsk . Shut up, Aki . Ah, this is far from satisfying . I just wanna beat them up . I can't vent on that guy since he looks strong and Ami-chan might beat me up instead . ]
Aki furrowed his brows . What was Mamoru saying?
"That guy?" He asked in confusion .
[Ami-chan's boyfriend . Aaaargh! Even saying it infuriates me . My cute Ami-chan was taken just like that . I should have followed her here sooner . Ami-chan is so innocent that she doesn't even realize she's being taken advantage of . Men are all wolves . And now, she got together with a dangerous one . My Ami-chan!]
Aki's face darkened as Mamoru continued to blabber on . He waved his hand in exasperation as he spoke . "I'm pretty sure you got it all mixed up . This is Ami we're talking about . Besides, you seem to have forgotten that you're a guy too . Whatever, just… just do your work . "

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"Why, indeed?" Yan Qing Shan took a step back from Shen Ling and put on a naïve, pensive look . Her hand traced the wet patch on her gown repeatedly as if drawing her answer from there .
"Well it could be because someone wanted to ruin me completely; mind, body, reputation, and spirit . That way I won't be a nuisance in their plans along with the bonus of being able to shame me for their own voyeuristic gratification and satisfy their petty sense of envy . It's quite simple, really . " As Yan Qing Shan said her piece, her eyes never left Yan Xiaoyi and Zhao Ming Hua's . If one were sharp enough, they would be able to notice the uneasiness radiating from the two, their stiff forms and shifty eyes giving them away .
Shen Ling stomped her foot in outrage while Yan Xiaoyi covered her mouth to tear away the anxiety building in her heart .
"How dare you insinuate something like that Yan Qing Shan?! Don't you even feel a slightest bit of remorse at what you're doing? You're ruining Xiaoyi's party with your attention-seeking fiasco . Is it still not enough? You're the shame of the Yan family . Aunty, Uncle, and Xiaoyi are unfortunate to be related to you!" Shen Ling vehemently and righteously shouted as she went to embrace Yan Xiaoyi in an attempt to pacify her .
Yan Qing Yu's face hardened at the words of the woman . But before he could even protest, his sister's cold smile brought him to a stop .
'What a pitiful sidekick . Being curbed to your death and not even realizing it . ' Yan Qing Shan scorned in her mind as she gave the signal to Aki and Mamoru .
Ironically, Yan Qing Shan's plan was similar to Zhao Ming Hua and Yan Xiaoyi . It was also a presentation consisting of a single video . One might say that in comparison it was quite a weak defense . But considering the principle of quality over quantity, Yan Qing Shan was far from losing out .
It may only be a single record of a conversation between mother and daughter nonetheless the power of media and the internet is a scary one . Plenty of people have been ruined by rumors circulating in this cyberworld . In a way, it was a brutal space . Despite the fact that the issues may be forgotten as time passes, the fact that it can be retracted anytime is still unnerving . Even if one is a hacker, deleting everything could only do so much .
Yan Qing Shan has also experienced this observable fact in her past life . Thus, she had no doubts as to the effect of her countermeasure nor had she no qualms in using them to these poisonous people .

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The widescreen in front of the ballroom once again whirred to life . Two distinctly feminine voices and faces odiously familiar to everyone on site echoed within the area .
The screen projected a luxurious room with a Yan Xiaoyi and Zhao Ming Hua in house clothes . Both had a disdainful, smug smile in their countenance; a far cry from the usual amiable and gentle ones that the people in the ballroom know of .
[My daughter looks happy, huh . Something good happened?]
[Of course I'm happy, mom . That slut Yan Qing Shan is the talk of everyone in the web . No one even bothered defending her from all the slander . Your idea was brilliant, mommy . Young Master Lan's reputation precedes him . I won't be surprised if Yan Qing Shan gets mobbed by his admirers . ]
[She's too full of herself . Humiliating you like that and taking away your Ace position, she's getting her just desserts . But this much still isn't enough . ]
The silence turned to a clamour resembling a wave getting larger and larger as the video progressed . The scene then changed into another setting where a man and Zhao Ming Hua could be seen talking, with the latter bearing a malevolent expression as she spoke .
[Well, your job won't be that difficult . That Yan Qing Shan bitch is stupid . She'll fall for whatever tricks you employ . Just make sure that before the presentation is played, she'll be locked up and unable to go back to the party . ]
[Then after that? After I have dealt with the presentation, what should I do with her then?]
[Oh, that's entirely up to you . You can ravage her for all I care . In fact, even that is also good . She'll never be able to match up with my Xiaoyi ever again . She wasn't contented with snatching my daughter's man; she even stole her Ace position . This will teach her a lesson . ]
[But she's also your neice, isn't she? So ruthless of you . But I like it . Just don't forget the payment . ]
Another silence enveloped the place . The people were too aghast to even utter a syllable . Then a snicker shattered the fragile silence .
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