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Published at 8th of April 2020 02:20:08 PM

Chapter 90
Yan Tian Yu stared blankly at the trail that Zhao Ming Hua had treaded as went back to their room . He saw it . He saw the vicious and hatred which flitted briefly in her eyes . He pulled at his hair in frustration .

'Children, your father is weak and incompetent . That is why until now I haven't shaken off this vile woman . I'm so sorry . '

He covered his face in remorse as the gentle smile of Zhao Ming Yue flashed in his mind . Despite being twin sisters, Zhao Ming Yue had distinct difference with her sister . She had a calm and sweet air about her . Her mere presence was soothing . Nothing like the fierce, suffocating pressure that Zhao Ming Hua possessed . Her features were softer and gentler . And she had that pretty mole under her right eye that made her rare amber eyes even more charming . Amber, the color of sunset . It was a color far contrasting from Zhao Ming Hua's sharp, earth brown ones .

'No matter how hard I had tried it seems like no one could ever replace you in my heart, Xiao Yue . Even if you look alike, she could never be you . I am merely fooling myself . An idiot, I am such an idiot . I failed you . I failed our children . I miss you, my love . ' Yan Tian Yu sobbed in his heart .

He tried to shake off his despairing thoughts . Suddenly, Yan Tian Yu remembered when he met Yan Qing Shan's eyes during the commotion at the party . Her eyes were exactly her mother's . There was that distinct gentleness despite it's chilled shade .

'She's grown up to be as beautiful as you, my love . But because of my mistakes, she's far from the lively little rabbit she was back then . '

Yan Tian Yu sighed once again and headed to the liquor cabinet in his study . He poured some bourbon whisky in his glass and downed it in a gulp . The bitterness of the liquor couldn't drown the bitterness and regret in his heart .

\"Dad, you're drinking again . \" Yan Tian Yu turned to the source of the voice . It was Yan Qing Yu standing by the door . He gestured for him to take a seat . The latter gazed at him for a while before doing what he asked .

Yan Tian Yu stared at his son . Both Yan Qing Yu and Yan Qing Shan had the eyes of their mother . It pained him yet at the same time made him happy . Yan Qing Yu kept his silence and waited for him to talk .

\"It's just whisky . I need it to feel a little less frustrated . Do you want some for yourself?\" Yan Qing Yu declined and shook his head . Yan Tian Yu shrugged and followed suit, sitting opposite him .

\"You don't look good, dad . How's your health these days?\" Yan Qing Yu commented . His father was still tall and as striking as he had been in the past . In truth, Yan Qing Yu was his spitting image except for his amber eyes . However, there was an ashen pallor in Yan Tian Yu's face and darkness around his eyes that made Yan Qing Yu worried . His father was never a sickly person . Aside from his occasional habit of drinking, he had no vices and was health conscious .

\"I have been feeling sluggish these past few days . There are times when I have headaches and vertigo . But it may be because of the influx of work . I have been taking medicine for it along with supplements . You don't have to worry about it . \" Yan Tian Yu replied casually .

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\"How could I not? You're living with two scourges, anything can happen . I'll accompany you to a doctor I'm close with . Free some of your time for it and don't let anyone know . \" Yan Qing Yu declared; his tone did not allow for any protest .

\"Alright . I'll leave it to you . \" Yan Tian Yu agreed helplessly . He paused for a long while again as he contemplated .

\"Qing Yu, the scandal at the party, despite the gravity of the situation it still brought unparalleled benefits for us . I had Zhao Ming Hua vacate her post and stay at the house with Xiaoyi . You will be taking charge of her position instead . They've been working stealthily these past years, as much as I want to purge these pests in our company, I can't find solid proof . I hope you can do something about it . With both of them staying home, at the very least your sister will have an easier time temporarily . \" Yan Tian Yu started .

Yan Qing Yu smirked gleefully . Truthfully, he had already expected that things have gone awful hence he was called to go home . He had already expected the ruthlessness of the two though actually seeing it with his eyes greatly infuriates him . His sister had suffered so much these past years . All because his father and brother were weak . If it weren't for Yan Qing Shan's gaze telling him not to interfere at the party, he would have made a move against Yan Xiaoyi and Zhao Ming Hua even if he suffered drawbacks for it . He had been holding out for far too long . He was ready to fight tooth and nail to shield his sister . Yet, who would have thought that the usually timid Yan Qing Shan would actually retaliate against the snakes in their home? Yan Qing Yu momentarily felt proud before crashing down and feeling disheartened when he realized that Yan Qing Shan had learned how to bare her fangs and protect herself in her own way . He felt useless as an elder brother .

\"I'll deal with the company, dad . I didn't spend my time abroad for nothing . My little sister is fighting in her own way even if I should have been protecting her instead . I need to redeem myself even just a little . \" Yan Qing Yu stated matter-of-factly . He heard an exhausted sigh from his father .

\"I have wronged you both, in the past and even now . If I didn't let myself be tempted and fooled by her we wouldn't be in this position . \" Yan Tian Yu's expression turned resentful . His self-blame was evident .

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\"True . You had your faults, father . I will never comfort you by saying pretentious words such as not blaming yourself . Because you know your mistakes . Mother's death hit you the hardest . And Zhao Ming Hua took advantage of that along with the fact that she looks like mother . You let yourself be deluded, dad . \" Yan Qing Yu stared at his father's worsening expression . He didn't need to be merciless to him because at some point Yan Tian Yu was also a victim . However, Yan Qing Yu knows that pity and empathy will not help him get back to his feet .

\"It's not too late though . You can still make up . Don't let Qing Shan lose anything more than this, father . \" Yan Qing Yu voice was firm and heavy . And his words gravely weighed down on Yan Tian Yu .


\"You called for us Ojou-sama?\" Yui greeted as the four of them entered the bedroom . It was early in the morning and despite her tiredness, Yan Qing Shan had called for her guardians . It took a lot of pacifying in order for Zi Jue to agree to her sleeping at the Ace Villa and staying there for the next couple of days . Yan Qing Shan wanted to make the most of it .

\"En . There's something I need to talk to you about . It's about the Aces . Since they are to be my companions, there's a need for them to learn things . Firstly, they need to learn how to fight . Not just self-defense . Associating with us will more or less put them in some form of danger no matter how much I avoid it . This will ensure they don't hastily lose their life . As for the other things that they need to brush up on, I will let Aki-nii come up with a specified plan for each of them . \" Yan Qing Shan explained as she brushed her hair in front of the vanity . Mamoru approached her and gestured for her to pass up the comb . Yan Qing Shan smiled in response and promptly gave him the reins . Mamoru was quite an expert with hairstyling .

\"Hmm . I can't refute that Ojou . We'll deal with it . However, as I have observed they'll need a really intensive training . I'm afraid their stamina might not be able to hold out . \" Aki replied as he started to fiddle with his tablet . Yan Qing Shan assumed that he was already coming up with various schedules and training formats .

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She grinned innocently and winked at Akane . \"If it's just that, energy and stamina, I can make my own arrangements . \"

Aki, Yui, and Mamoru shuddered in fright when they realized the meaning of their lady's words . Akane, on the other hand, donned the same evil grin .

\"Fufufu, I like what you're thinking Ami-chan . It has been so long since we had fun with those . I kind of missed it, actually . \" Akane chuckled with perverse delight .

Mamoru put down the comb after loosely braiding Yan Qing Shan's hair . He lightly rapped her head and hissed . \"Hey, don't go overboard . Have some pity on those kids . \"

Yan Qing Shan pouted and turned her head away from him, winking at Akane at the same time . Aki, Yui, and Mamoru silently lit incense for the poor Aces who was about to suffer a storm .

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