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Published at 8th of April 2020 02:20:05 PM

Chapter 93: 93
Seeing that Zi Jue was about to smother in an embrace, Yan Qing Shan held up her hand to stop him .

\"Before you cuddle me to death, I brought you a drink and snacks . Why not appreciate my efforts and partake in them, no?\" She muttered with an exasperated huff . As their relationship progressed, Yan Qing Shan was able to confirm one thing . Zi Jue love skinship so much that it was annoying sometimes . Well, she didn't hate it . But it won't hurt for him to learn appropriate timings for it . Like, can he not be sweet and cuddly while she was in the middle of a prank? Yan Qing Shan was close to fessing up due to the rising guilt in her gut .

\"Oh, right . I was just happy . I didn't expect that you'd be home tonight . \" Zi Jue replied with a sheepish laugh . Ugh, seriously this guy . Now her guilt was growing even more .

\"I didn't inform you beforehand since I thought it will be better to surprise you . \" Yan Qing Shan shrugged as she set down the tray at a coffee table in the study . She plopped herself down at the settee while Zi Jue followed suit .

\"Well, I am pleasantly surprised . I do hope you didn't force yourself though . I thought you were needed at the villa . \" Zi Jue turned to her with a gentle smile . Yan Qing Shan pouted before replying .

\"I wasn't really needed there that much . So, I figure I would just go… home . \" Yan Qing Shan unconsciously faltered with her reply when she saw that Zi Jue had taken the cup and sipped leisurely from it .

\"I see . \" Zi Jue answered without so much of a semblance of change in his expression despite drinking the nutritional juice . Yan Qing Shan would have thought that he was drinking his usual tea if it weren't for the fact that she personally poured the vilest tasting nutritional juice she had formulated . Her flabbergasted expression lasted long enough for Zi Jue to notice .

\"What is it? Why do you look like that?\" Zi Jue asked, puzzled at her face .

\"How does that drink taste?\" Yan Qing Shan numbly asked as she recovered her composure . In truth, she was waiting for any sort of reaction from him . The effect of the juice might have just been delayed .

Except, it seems to be the opposite .

It wasn't that the effect was delayed . Rather, it never came hence Yan Qing Shan couldn't help but question the abnormality that was Zi Jue .

\"Oh, this? It is rather pleasant . Did you make this? It's delicious . \" Zi Jue responded with a pleased and sincere smile that made Yan Qing Shan's jaw slackened in astonishment .

'Now that was unexpected . This guy's totally not following the script . There goes my first ever prank . ' Yan Qing Shan sulked in her mind .

She faced Zi Jue with a darkened look and to the latter's surprise, she pinched both his cheeks in frustration . When she finally vented her vexation, she pouted at him with blame in her eyes . Not that she should be blaming him, it was just that the feeling was foreign to Yan Qing Shan that she didn't know how she was going to deal with it .

\"What is it? What's wrong?\" The utterly innocent devil asked with worry all over his face .

Yan Qing Shan sighed in defeat and turned to him . \"I really don't know what to make of you, Ah Jue . You even have the ability to screw up pranks unknowingly . That juice isn't just a simple juice, you know? That's my specially formulated nutritional juice . It good for the body yes, but it's not actually supposed to taste good . And here you are saying that it's delicious . Is there perhaps something wrong with your taste buds, dear?\"

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Zi Jue flashed a look of understanding in his face before bursting out in delightful laughter . Yan Qing Shan rolled her eyes petulantly at him .

\"Ah, my darling, I truthfully assent that this nutritional juice of yours is delicious . I actually prefer it over milk of which you always force on me . And my taste buds are in proper condition, thank you for worrying . \" Zi Jue enveloped her in a pacifying embrace . Yan Qing Shan shook her head at his answer . How's that for a justification? Now everything's all moot .

\"Hmmph . I suppose it is merely a matter of unusual preference . Not that it's wrong or anything . I find the taste pleasant too, anyhow . It's good to have another person who thinks the same . It just came as a surprise . \" Yan Qing Shan grumbled as she buried her face in his chest .


Zi Jue smiled as he watched the retreating form of Yan Qing Shan who has gone back to her room for a shower . So far, their relationship has progressed to a stable and comfortable stage . As much as he wanted to make her his wife at this very moment, he also wanted to respect her and her ambitions . Zi Jue will make sure she achieves all of the things she wants before permanently settling down with him . Their lives weren't ordinary after all . Even if he wants to give her a normal one, Zi Jue doubts that Yan Qing Shan could abandon the people under her . The underworld was tied to them .

'Even if we're in this deep abyss together, I do hope for a more peaceful future . I guess I have my work cut out for me . ' Zi Jue thought as he pinched the bridge of his nose .

There were too many conspiracies surrounding them at the moment . There were too many people out to get Yan Qing Shan . And though she had started to retaliate, it will take her a while and a whole lot of effort to clear up the quagmire that had been set up for years . Zi Jue could take his hands off from the situation rather than involve himself in a mess that even he was not able to piece the comple picture of . Except, it was his beloved involved . He would never fail Yan Qing Shan; it was a vow he made to himself that day . Therefore, despite the inevitable peril, he will stay by her side .

Zi Jue stood from the pile of work on his table . He couldn't focus on work with her here . He'd rather spend the time with Yan Qing Shan . His companies won't be paralyzed with him slacking off a little . A few minor losses incurred is totally acceptable compared to missing out on her company .

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\"Guess I'll be able to sleep well tonight . \" He murmured with a smile as he treaded the hallway leading to her room .

Zi Jue did not find Yan Qing Shan when he entered . He could still here the shower running so he figured that she must still be in the bath . With nothing to do, Zi Jue took one of the books she had on her bedside table and browsed it as he laid down . The book he had on hand was quite interesting . The cover was blank and the title was a lone word . Fate . At the bottom of the title page was a signature instead of the printed name of the author which read, A . Saunniere . Zi Jue surmised that this author was Yan Qing Shan's favorite since she had a whole bunch of her work . He couldn't really find fault with that since the author seemed to be of an excellent calibre . Despite merely browsing, the book had thoroughly hooked him with its story .

'Hmm . I'll ask Shan er if I could borrow this later . ' Zi Jue ruminated . He was engrossed in reading that he jolted when he felt the vibration of a phone . He found it to be Yan Qing Shan's when he looked over at the source .

Lan Jing Er .

'Why is this guy calling at this time?' He furrowed his brows as his hand automatically tapped on the answer call button . It was only when Lan Jing Er's voice sounder out that Zi Jue realized his mistake . However, since it was already too late for him to regret his actions he chose to go through with till the end .

\"Qing Shan is at the shower . What do you want?\" Zi Jue said coldly, so much so that it gave the man on the other side of the line the chills .

\"Ah, is this Patriarch Zi? Yan Qing Shan asked me to call back a while ago . It's regarding the business offer she has with our family . We were supposed to have a meeting if not by tomorrow or the next day to polish off the formalities . I wanted to ask when and where it will be . \" Seeing that it was Zi Jue, Lan Jing Er's voice held a reverent and serious tone as he spoke . The former raised a brow at the respectful tone of the latter . Thinking that Yan Qing Shan might berate him if he screws up her business negotiation, Zi Jue reminded himself to be more civil despite the man being once a prospective rival of his . Yes, it didn't matter what his orientation was . Zi Jue still detested the mere fact that he was a marriage prospect .

\"I'll relay your message . She's free tomorrow, the venue will be at Ying Yue Garden, our house . I'll tell her you agreed . She'll text you the time . \" After his reply, Zi Jue promptly ended the conversation . He turned to the direction of the bathroom door and there was Yan Qing Shan clad in sleepwear with a towel on her head, her arms held akimbo .

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\"I didn't know we were at the stage of answering each other's phone call . \" Yan Qing Shan voiced out, her tone teasing . Zi Jue shrugged and approached her .

\"Well, if you find it a nuisance or unfair you can have my phone and answer my calls for me . \" He replied while he led her to the vanity mirror and had her seated .

\"Hmmph . I decline . I don't want to work as your secretary . Who called by the way?\" Yan Qing Shan followed his actions with her eyes . He took the hair dryer in and had plugged it in .

\"Yes, being my wife is better . It was Lan Jing Er . He said he'll be meeting you tomorrow here at home and to just text him of the time you're convenient . \" Zi Jue answered through the soft whir of the hair dryer . His hand gently combing through Yan Qing Shan's hair .

\"Heh, is that so? Is that really what he said or is that what YOU have said?\" Yan Qing Shan eyed hims suspiciously . Zi Jue felt a shiver run up his spine . He let out an uneasy laugh which Yan Qing Shan returned with a knowing sigh .

\"Oh well, it's convenient anyway so I don't really have problems with it . Tsk . You do need to be less overbearing though, Ah Jue . If you need to do some power tripping, why not do so through training your subordinates? Qi Xia and the others were slightly out of shape, truth be told? What kind of training do you even do at Hades?\" Yan Qing Shan stated as she faced Zi Jue after he had dried her hair .

\"Oh? So, they weren't up to your standards then? Hmm . I'll double the intensity of their training then . All of them . \" Zi Jue pondered as he pinched his chin . Yan Qing Shan nodded enthusiastically in agreement sealing the tickets of every single member of Hades to training hell in the coming weeks .

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