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Published at 10th of April 2020 03:15:05 PM

Chapter 95: 95

Yan Qing Yu found himself with a visible forehead bump after his last statement . Despite the light throbbing he felt due to the impact from the ceramic, he merely laughed at the furious form of Yao Changying . The latter stomped out of the kitchen and headed for her bedroom slamming the door in the process .

\"Still as feisty as ever . \" Yan Qing Yu comment to himself as he picked up the bowl Yao Changying threw at him . He then went back to his meal and ate silently .

'Sorry Ying Ying, for being so selfish . '


\"Madame, Young Master Lan has arrived . \" Yan Qing Shan looked up from the documents she was perusing when she heard Liu Ying's voice . She wanted to comment on his way of calling her but she had already been doing that since morning . The stubborn housekeeper insisted on it with the reasoning that there was no difference in calling her Madame as early as now since she would bear that title sooner or later . Yan Qing Shan had no choice but to yield . They really were Master and subordinate .

\"Lead him to the garden, please . We'll take our discussion there . Could you tell Granny Rong to prepare some refreshments and have Meili serve it? Thank you . \" She directed . Liu Ying assented and proceeded to do what she asked . Yan Qing Shan stood from her desk, with papers on hand went her way to her favorite spot in the house .

\"Eldest Miss Yan, good day . Pardon the intrusion . \" Yan Qing Shan snorted at the unbearably formal greeting that Lan Jing Er made upon seeing her . She gestured for him to take his seat while she did the same . They were at the gazebo where she usually had her tea . It was quite an informal setting for a formal business procedure but Yan Qing Shan could honestly care less about such tedious convention .

\"Why are you so formal now, Brother Jing Er? I seem to recall that you had started to call me Qing Shan already? I seem to have been demoted to being Eldest Miss Yan, again . Should I revert back to calling you Young Master Lan?\" She teased . Lan Jing Er visibly stiffened up before sighing defeatedly, his form melting…slumping in his seat .

\"Ugh, you should stop playing me Qing Shan . Do you know how tense I am right now?\" Lan Jing Er complained with his face laid sideways the table . Yan Qing Shan grinned at how easily Lan Jing Er threw all his reserve to the winds . Not that she minded . It actually works for her better this way . She felt as if they were back during the times where they were blasé about everything and had a good time talking about their interests .

\"Why are you even tense in the first place? Did Ah Jue threaten you again? Seriously, that guy . \" Yan Qing Shan narrowed her eyes and tsked at the possibility . Though, if Lan Jing Er agreed she wouldn't really be surprised .

\"Nah . It's not that . He didn't treathen me . You could say he merely took reins and decided things on his own . It's not really surprising though . He is influential enough to do that . \" Lan Jing Er straightened up and cradled his head in his hand as he stared at Yan Qing Shan .

\"Well, I don't really have a problem with his arrangement . He knows I'll be more comfortable at home than anywhere else . He also trusts you enough to go to this extent . At the very least, he thinks you're not a threat to me . \" Yan Qing Shan explicated; her hands folded in her lap she spoke .

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Lan Jing Er chuckled at this . \"You are really loved, aren't you Qing Shan?\"

\"I guess I am . \" Yan Qing Shan raised her brow at this and grinned back at the man . Lan Jing Er raised his hand as sign of defeat afterwhich he took out a couple of folders from his briefcase . During this time, Meili came in with the refreshments she asked to be prepared . The maid promptly prepared the tea and served them before exiting politely . When she had left, Lan Jing Er took a sip of the freshly brewed tea and then started to elaborate on his purpose .

\"Banters aside, Qing Shan, here's the contract for that deal . I'd have to trouble you to review it . \" Lan Jing Er said in serious, business-like tone . The carefree attitude he just had a while ago was nowhere to be found .

Yan Qing Shan took the folder and began looking it over . She nodded along as she read . The gist of the contract went as follows; the Lan family will rely on the Asahi for protection during trades and other commercial transactions coordinated to and had obtained her, Yan Qing Shan's approval . In compensation, the Lan family will distribute and consent purchase of armaments exclusively to the Asahi family only . Despite merely dealing with governments, it was still a dangerous trade hence the Lan's direly needed the protection and connections of a family like Yan Qing Shan's . In truth, just being affiliated with a powerhouse of the underworld serves as deterrent to those shady organizations trying to take advantage of the Lan's trade .

\"I see no problem with the contract . We can sign right away and proceed with the arrangement . I'll pass a copy to my grandfather as well . Our operations here at Z City hasn't been formally established so I'll still trouble him for now . \" Yan Qing Shan remarked as she closed the folder .

\"I see . That doesn't really affect much of our agreement so it's still alright . Right, my father requested to pay his respects to you and your grandfather one of these days . \" Lan Jing Er nodded in response and took another sip of his tea .

\"Oh? I'll let you know if there's a feasible time . By the way, what of my stepmother and your father's discussion?\" Yan Qing Shan asked nonchalantly . Patriarch Lan, after Lan Jing Er related their deal, divulge the true reason that he agreed to a marriage arrangement for the both of them . It turned out just as Yan Qing Shan expected . Zhao Ming Hua was aiming for the very same arrangement that she had with Lan Jing Er . However, compared to Izanami, someone like her whose affiliation to the underworld was dubious Patriarch Lan would obviously choose the former . It was only a pity that she wasn't able to find out exactly who Zhao Ming Hua was affiliated with . The woman never yielded the information despite the threat of losing the deal .

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'Well, too bad for her . ' Yan Qing Shan shrugged that thought and turned questioningly at Lan Jing Er .

\"Zhao Ming Hua threw a fit obviously . She said that my father would regret declining the offer . In her words, dad has underestimated the power behind her . Though even at the last minute she didn't tell who or what group it was . Just that they were powerful and influential . \" Lan Jing Er waved his hand as he reiterated what his father told him about his last conversation with Yan Qing Shan's stepmother .

\"Huh . That sounds annoying . Well, I hope your father didn't lose his temper . \" Yan Qing Shan smirked .

\"Hah! You bet it was . Dad was irritated but he was firm with his words . In the end, he hung up on her first . No worries though, he didn't say that he had already clinched a sweet deal from you . Thanks to yours truly, of course . I really have to thank you Qing Shan, dad is a lot more lenient with me these days . \" Lan Jing Er smiled gratefully at her .

\"I'm glad to be of help . I didn't end up empty-handed anyway . I am benefiting from helping you . Anything that thwarts off my step-mother's schemes is a good enough reward . \" Yan Qing Shan replied with a smirk . She took a sip from her tea and relished the aroma it gave off as she waited for Lan Jing Er's response .

\"I'm honestly curious about your circumstances but I certainly don't want to pry . \" He said with subtle shake of the head . Yan Qing Shan tittered a little at his words .

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\"It's a long story . That aside, did you bring that other thing I asked for?\" Yan Qing Shan excitedly inquired .

Lan Jing Er chuckled at her action but nodded nonetheless . He took out a fastened folder and nudged it her way . Yan Qing Shan took it and began flipping the pages .

\"Oh, these are nice . You went all out huh? Here I thought you were averse to the idea . The results say otherwise, however . \" She commented as she gaped at the brilliant clothing designs that was begging to be put to life . Yan Qing Shan knew that Lan Jing Er was a genius designer . He had gifted her a lot of clothing he designed himself in the past . It was only a pity that she was the sole person who was aware of that . Hence, in one way or another, she coerced him into putting up a boutique with her . It was going to be a personal business venture of theirs .

\"You flatter me too much . I was just inspired . Anyhow, I'll keep you to your word . My identity as your designer must not be revealed . \" Lan Jing Er stated with a stern voice . Yan Qing Shan scoffed at his insistence .

\"I don't really understand why you want to keep such genius hidden but if you say so, I'll keep it to myself . I'll ask one of my people to start with the procedures for the boutique . She'll keep in touch with you one of these days . Can I keep some of these sketches and have them made in advance, by the way?\" Yan Qing Shan took off the fastener and pulled a few specific styles that called out to her .

\"Heh, you're already calling dibs on the really good ones huh? So cunning of you, boss . \" Lan Jing Er said playfully but consented nevertheless .

\"That's a perk only bosses could enjoy . It's foolish for me to renounce it . \" Yan Qing Shan declared nonchalantly, earning an incredulous stare from the designer .

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