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Published at 1st of May 2020 03:45:15 PM

Chapter 97
\"Well, your progress is commendable, I must say . The training is proving its merits . \" Yan Qing Shan commented as she looked over at the people slouching about in the makeshift conference in the Ace Villa . She has just finished sparring with all four of them without taking a single defeat . Despite that being the case, she has once again seen the efficacy of Aki's training regimens . Such rapid development wasn't usually something achievable within such a short timeframe . Their stamina, endurance, and strength has increased . These influxes were even more obvious when it comes to the twins, Xu Lei, and Qin Jiran . They have also begun to become used to such training and are now able to handle other matters outside of their training .

Yan Qing Shan figured it was time for them to start discussing the project required for their graduation . Though it might seem that it's still early for such, the criteria to be met were difficult considering the given deadline . And Yan Qing Shan did not want to do a lousy job at it . Her studies were neglected back in the past, be it because of the circumstance or by her choice . So, this time Yan Qing Shan wanted to pour her utmost effort into finishing it as satisfactorily as possible with consideration of being time efficient . She didn't want to boast of her exceptional abilities or anything by doing so . Yan Qing Shan was merely doing what she wanted in her own leisure . It was a whim and a matter of satisfying her regret as opposed to it being a show of superiority . Not to mention, her classmates this time were people brimming with potential . It would be such a loss if they weren't made to shine .

\"That aside, I wanted to discuss to all of you about our supposed project . \" Yan Qing Shan started; her voice had a lingering sense of thoughtfulness . With that, the Aces turned to her in question .

\"Project? You mean that requirement for our graduation? Wouldn't it be too early for that? After all, the past generations merely did it at the last year of their studies . \" Qi Xia asked, his gaze held a slight surprised .

\"Well, there wasn't any specific rule that states when we start our graduation projects . We're not obligated to start early . It's just that I figured it would be better to start it off now than later . I'm not up for a mediocre outcome . And putting it off feels like it would lead to that direction . I didn't really have any plans being Sovereign, but since I took the mantle, I will take it seriously . Our project for this generation is by no means a small endeavor . We need all the time we could get . \" Yan Qing Shan clarified with a sigh . She folded her hands in her lap and looked at them gravely .

\"What do you plan on doing sister? We don't really have any opposition about it . The earlier we graduate; the better truth be told . School's too constricting sometimes . \" Ning Xie Zhi threw in, his demeanor careless as ever . When he was being this way, Yan Qing Shan couldn't help but admire his high-class bishounen aura . The gap moe that his foul mouth usually brings about seems illusory . A serious Ning Xie Zhi was a woman's deadly adversary .

\"Constricting? Wow, Xie Zhi I didn't know that eating and slacking off all day, sleeping god knows where was constricting for you . \" Qin Jiran remarked playfully with a snicker .

\"Someone whose girlfriend is merely 2D doesn't have the right to comment on my habits . The reason you can't get yourself a living, breathing woman is because you spending your every waking hours with that bag of bolts you call a computer, you dickwad . \" Ning Xie Zhi retorted back with a scoff .

'And there goes his mouth . Way to ruin the image, my brother . ' Yan Qing Shan commented in her mind .

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\"Hey, that's low dude . Don't go insulting my waifus . Keep your mouth shut, that way your pretty boy looks won't be ruined . \" Qin Jiran riposted . The others merely looked on in amusement at the scene . '

'Seriously, were these people bored to death or have they been twisted for good because of the training she made them do?' Yan Qing Shan cradled her head with her hand and waved at the young men .

\"That's enough . We've drifted way off topic here . Let's get back to the matter at hand, shall we?\" She said with exasperation . Somehow, she had become their referee once again . This was a usual scenario, Yan Qing Shan wasn't surprised that she had grown used to it now .

\"I have prepared a proposal here . I'll trouble you to take a copy and review it . Tell me what you think after my explanation . \" Yan Qing Shan took a pile of paper out and distributed a copy each to the Aces . She gave them time to read before she went on with her explanation .

\"The Ace project that we will be undertaking for this generation wouldn't be the usual separate ones that most of the Aces in the past went for . It's not going to be a company that each member will put up on their own . Though that kind of thing is a feat of its own, it's too bland and definitely lacks the excitement and interest factor . What I have in mind is a joint project . \" Yan Qing Shan spoke, her tone mild yet firm . Her gaze flitted to each of the members' faces as she paused .

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\"Simply speaking, we'll be putting up an academy . The niche of it however, that is the thing that we need to come up with together . \" She continued . The Aces looked at each other as they digested the meaning of her words .

\"An academy huh? A research-based sounds good, in my opinion . \" Jia Wei Ren said off-handedly, his fingers tapping onto the table in rhythmic pattern .

\"True . I quite like that idea as well . It would be good to have a sanctuary effective for experiments . \" Jia Yi Lan assented with a mellow smile .

\"Oh, come on you two! There you go again with your mad scientists' tendencies . \" Xu Lei teased with a chuckle .

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\"How about a combat school?\" Hong Zhen Yue rejoined with an excited grin . His eyes shining at the prospect of imparting his interests to his juniors .

Ning Xie and Qi Xia laughed mockingly at his statement to which Hong Zhen Yue returned with a glare .

\"Oi, what's wrong with my suggestion huh? Got a problem with it?\"

Qi Xia held up his two hands in surrender when he saw the latter's expression .

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