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Published at 2nd of May 2020 03:50:05 PM

Chapter 99: 99
"With that resolved, Xie Zhi I'd have to trouble you to look up potential lands for the project . I'm also giving you free reign on the design . Present me the entirety of your skills . If I'm pleased with it I'll cook you whatever you want . The preliminaries could be quite tedious, Yi Lan and Wei Ren will help . Submit the details you'll come up with to me afterwards . We will then deliberate again along with the progress of company acquisition . You can also drag Zhen Yue with you . At the rate he's going, Mamoru-nii might succesfully convert him into a masochist any day now . " Yan Qing Shan tilted her head towards the twins who exhibited a dumbfounded look . Ning Xie Zhi chortled at the latter part of her statement .

"Oh? Isn't he already a masochist, by now? He keeps coming back every single day to get beaten up by Mister Mamoru . That guy is seriously ruthless . His strikes hurt so much, it's qualified as an unsolvable mystery as to why that is . " He remarked . Ning Xie Zhi found himself with throbbing forehead yet again courtesy of his seatmate, Jia Yi Lan .

"That's enough of you, Xie Zhi . You always come up with these retorts . One of these days, Hong Zhen Yue will really tie you up and use you for target practice . " The woman reprimanded sternly . Hong Zhen Yue gazed at her with fervent eyes .

"Don't look at me like that . You should learn how to come up with a comeback yourself, you muscle-brained battle pervert . " Jia Yi Lan continued, this time with Hong Zhen Yue as the target of her nags . Contrary to her sweet, harmless features and overall benevolent temperament, Yan Qing Shan has realized that Jia Yi Lan was capable of unleashing heavenly wrath amongst the Aces . They fondly call it the berserk mode . Once Jia Yi Lan reaches this stage, one must securely hide himself lest he regrets it for his entire life . Next to Mamoru's beating prowess was Jia Yi Lan's . In short, Jia Yi Lan was scary when she's mad . It was no wonder why her brother Wei Ren transformed into this nerdy sis-con who fears his sister as much as he fears the loss of food and the end of humanity .

"Why? Why were you so sure that we'd agree on this project?" Surprisingly, it was the quiet Luo Chen who voiced out a question no one has even tried to ask her since the start of their meeting .

"Heh . Why, you say? I guess I just knew . Besides, this project, even I find it interesting . Wouldn't you see it the same way then?" Yan Qing Shan answered back . Luo Chen nodded at this and once again remained ever so quiet . Yan Qing Shan smiled to herself . It seems their resident silence incarnate was gradually venturing out the outside world . Yan Qing Shan has once asked the others if they knew why Luo Chen was like that . Qi Xia told her that Luo Chen was merely firm on his self-imposed rule of speaking only when he deems it necessary . Other times aside from that, he just couldn't be bothered . Yan Qing Shan was also privy to the open secret that this trait of his, Luo Chen certainly got from his blood . It was a common trait within the Luo's .

"The academy, what will you call it Qing Shan?" Jia Wei Ren inquired out of the blue . Yan Qing Shan eyed him strangely for a while before answering .

"Olympus . Olympus Academy . " Yan Qing Shan answered with a short smile . The room was absent of any sounds for a while before it was shattered with the amused mumbles of a handsome young man .

"Olympus, huh? The dwelling of the gods . Uh huh . It truly is quite interesting . "


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The days following that meeting became even more hectic for the Aces . Aside from their continued abuse . . . erm . . . training, there was also the various task they needed to do to accomplish the tasks necessary for the completion of the first phase of their project . It was aptly named as Project Olympus .

Yan Qing Shan, with the help of Lan Jing Er, resolved the multiple problems that her newly acquired company had . She was able to stabilize its condition for now but Yan Qing Shan knew that unless she resolve the issue against the Yan Group, it would only be a matter of time now before Heidelberg Productions Inc . once again fall into chaos . Depite everything else, Yan Group was still a hegemon within the entertainment industry . This was a fact that she could only begrudgingly accept . It's deeply rooted ties isn't merely for show . One miscalculation and Yan Qing Shan may as well give up the company right away . Despite her wish to refute, her father, Yan Tian Yu wasn't entirely idiotic especially when it comes to the welfare of the company . His devotion in this aspect was real .

Still, Yan Qing Shan didn't show any trace of urgency regarding this . This was only natural since all of her pieces were now in place . She might have initially uninterested with the company except now, Yan Qing Shan had no choice but to act against it . She would have felt slightly remorseful about if she hadn't found out that even in the company, Zhao Ming Yue has tainted it with her evil . Yan Qing Shan could almost see the frustrated face of her brother, Yan Qing Yu .

"Hmm . Qin Jiran's ability to gather information can't be underestimated . No, it is formidable if I do say so myself . Almost on par with Yui .

"It's late . How long do you plan on staying up? This past few days, you've been so busy that you have even skipped meals . Are you seriously testing my patience, Young Lady Yan . " A voice resonating an attractive timbre capable of evoking voice fetish tendencies sounded out by Yan Qing Shan's ear . She turned her head to the source and was greeted by a devastating beauty that soothed her frayed and exhausted nerves . If only the beauty was emanating an almost tangible aura of annoyance, Yan Qing Shan truly could have melted in the beauty's presence .

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"You know, it can't be helped Ah Jue . Now, don't you dare start lecturing me because compared to my working habits, you are much more extreme . " She answered with a pout as she put down the paper in her hand .

"I'm a man . I can handle the lack of sleep even better than you . This is scientifically proven; if you don't want to believe confirm it for yourself . As for the meals, I try not skip as much as I can . Liu Ying also makes sure that I eat as healthy as possible because a certain someone turned into a nagging monster because of it . You see, compared to that certain someone I am very obedient . " Zi Jue retorted as he leaned on the desk at her side .

Yan Qing Shan huffed in indignation and then cradled her head in her palm . Her amber eyes met his dark ones .

"This nagging monster has passed on the virus to you, so it would seem . " Yan Qing Shan uttered with a matter-of-factly tone .

Before she could even react, she felt a sharp, stinging pain in both of her cheeks . Yan Qing Shan glared at culprit who was busy squishing and squeezing her cheeks with relish .

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"Stop being cheeky . You need to get some rest, okay? It wouldn't hurt to take a short break, would it? How about you take the day off tomorrow? I'll clear out my schedule so we could go for a picnic . " Zi Jue said tenderly afterwards as he softly patted her battered cheeks .

"Hmm . I need to think about it . You might be tricking me or something . I need to protect my virtue . Not to mention, I have so many things I still need to deal with . It's only been a week of hectic work . That's nothing in comparison to your months of workaholic tendecies, oh great emperor . " Yan Qing Shan responded with a pondering look . Zi Jue stared at her blankly, the sheer force of it boring into her skin making her feel uncomfortable yet comfortable at the same time . It was a strange feeling .

"Sigh . Jokes aside, I sincerely believe the break will do you good . Qing Shan, I know you're trying your best . And I'm proud of it . I'm proud of the hard work you're putting in . But you also need to take care of your body . Also . . . I miss spending time with you . I miss you . So could you spare me some of your attention a bit?" Zi Jue replied with a mixture of despondence and pleading . Yan Qing Shan gaped in astonishment at his sudden declaration . She covered the smile blooming in her lips with a hand .

Yan Qing Shan composed herself with a light cough . She reached out her hand to Zi Jue's cheeks and gave him a beaming smile .

"Alright . Let's go on that picnic tomorrow . I kind of missed you too . " She whispered with a trace of embarrassment . It can't be helped . She was weak to this sudden attack of his and had no choice but to completely surrender . Not that she was averse to it . Yan Qing Shan was in fact on cloud nine at this very moment .

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