The Rise of Otaku - Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

TROO Chapter 23 The Third Dragon Prince

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TROO Chapter 23 The Third Dragon Prince

The travel agency itself was not very big, but there was an additional airship parking lot. The area it covered was roughly as big as a washbasin. The airship was an ancient Chinese style sailboat. It was modified from the ancient Chinese boat Dafu(1). So its appearance had some "antique" flavor in it.

Of course, this could not be placed inside the toy’s room. Otherwise, kids would definitely want to play with it.
All the things that were inside the toy’s room belonged to those kids, but the things that were stored inside the toolhouse were different. Things such as game company were all stored there. This was the deal that he had made with those kids, and almost all the kids that came to his house knew about this deal. Plus the toolhouse was often locked, so it was relatively safe.

Once the game company finished the task, Zhou Yu decided to let the soldier's developer’s team take a vocation. The travel expense was 50 Moe Coins.

The airship slowly lifted up, after all the tiny soldiers got into the ship. In the Eyes of Reality, the airship didn't move an inch, but in the eyes of the ACG world, it was slowly flying into the sky and disappeared from Chu Yunsheng's sights. Zhou Yu knew they were going for a vocation, however, he didn't know where they were going.

Seeing his moe coins were reduced to less than 3 digits, Zhou Yu could not help but miss The idol flower seed. After all, it was the fastest way to earn Moe coins. The coins that he earned from fishing could not meet the construction demand at all.

The temporary miner’s hut had already collapsed, leaving a pile of unknown ores in the storage room. In the eyes of reality, those ores were just a pile of ordinary colorful pebbles. But in the eyes of the ACG world, they were “copper ore”, "iron ore'", "ordinary stone materials", etc... the most precious one was probably the gold ores.

Ores could also be sold to the old dragon king, however, unless it was absolutely necessary, Zhou Yu did not want to sell those materials. So they were kept inside the storage room.

One day, Zhou Yu was fishing outside as usual. Although there were no naughty kids annoying him now, he still couldn't catch any fish. At least, that was what other people saw. Fortunately, people were already used to it, so they would not go to Zhou Yu and ask him if he wanted to learn how to fish.

He was already used to the fishing process, not many fish was able to escape from the hook nowadays, so the stun ability of Fan Li's Maplewood Fishing Rod seemed to be useless.

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Therefore, he usually used Jiang Ziya's Chinese yew fishing rod, since the fish that were caught by it often had the title “king” attached to them. Those fish were relatively more expensive than the regular fish.

Unwittingly, he had only one bait left. After that, he would need to catch some small beasts. At the moment, he didn't have any more programming ape cards, so he had to endure the brutal beatings if he wanted to make some new games.

Speaking of catching the beasts, Zhou Yu had already been doing it for two months now, and he often spent more over two hours outside doing it every day.

Zhou Yu might not realize it, but everyone could see his changes. The most obvious one was that the additional fat in his belly had disappeared. Although his muscles were not very solid, they were no longer as soft as before.

The old village chief Zhou Xingyi was the person that knew the best. After he saw the result of Zhou Yu's strange behavior, he just thought that it might be a new odd exercising method that those people from the city invented. Although it really confused the hell out of him when he saw a person that was rolling on the ground, seemingly dodging some attacks.

However, he didn't discover any other new strange behaviors from Zhou Yu, which made him relieved. So he made a call to Zhou Hong and told him that there was no need to worry about Zhou Yu anymore. He also told him not to give Zhou Yu too much pressure and Zhou Yu was not a bad kid. He told him that Zhou Yu had very good skills and in the past two days, he made some money from the toys that were made him.

Hearing what the old village chief said, Zhou Hong was very happy at the beginning, but when he heard the latter part, he was very confused.

‘My son has a crafting skill? And he is even to make toys and sell them? Since when? This kid had been staying at home since he graduated from the university, where did he learn that?’

Zhou Hong, who couldn't believe what he had just heard, went online to search the video that the old village chief mentioned. He said that that all the toys in the video were made by Zhou Yu. If it could attract the reporter's attention, that meant his son's skill would not be bad at all.

Only after he saw the video did he realized why the old village chief would say that.

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A big aircraft carrier, and many small tanks and jet fighters, all of them were very realistic. As Zhou Yu's parents, he knew that Zhou Yu had hobbies of making toy models, so immediately, he understood that Zhou Yu wanted to turn his hobbies into a business.

Although he didn't really like it, compared to what the kid was doing before, it was already a great improvement, so Zhou Hong didn't plan to force the kid to go to work.

Anyway, returning back to the fishing.

There was an accident when Zhou Yu was fishing with the last bait he had.

When fishing, sometimes he would be able to hook on something, that displayed with question marks. Usually, those things were just some rubbishes. In some rare cases, they were treasure chests, which upon opening, would give him some rare objects.

But today, he caught a person!

To be exact, a chubby citizen of the ACG world.

“Ah... That hurts! What the hell, who is it!? How dare you putting a hook on this third dragon Prince!”

Shouting in pains while cursing constantly, so it was the fool from The Investiture of the Gods, who was slain by Nezha in the end.

‘Wait a minute... There is an old dragon king in the village, I wonder if they are related?’

Quickly brought the old dragon king over, two creatures instantly burst out crying while hugging each other. If there was some sad music playing in the background at the moment, Zhou Yu would not doubt that this was a tragic drama. So they were son and father. But what confused Zhou Yu was that why they didn't stay in their palace in the east sea but came to live in this small village?

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Anyway, the number of the citizens of the ACG world once again increased.

The third dragon Prince:
The heir of the dragon palace, having countless exotic treasures.
Currently recruiting minions, accepting the small beast cards in exchange for treasures. The higher the number of stars that the beast card had, the better the treasure could be exchanged.

This description made Zhou Yu mouth constantly drool. He couldn't wait to see what kind of treasures that this chubby dragon Prince had. However, the chubby guy raised his head and said vigilantly, “the treasures of the dragon palace cannot be shown to other people easily, give me five minions, then I'll give you a chance to shake the treasure bowl. Otherwise, don't even think about it!”

Damn! So the treasures would also be randomly generated. Different star number of the small beast card would have a different level of treasure bowl. In terms of how good or how bad of the treasures he got, it would all depend on his luck.

Say no more, it was time to test his luck again.

He indeed had some small beast cards left. After all, the ordinary beasts were much more easy to encounter than the elite ones. Just one lap around the village, he would encounter quite a few of them.

In the recent two months, Zhou Yu's physical strength was increased rapidly. The winning percentage had risen from the previous one tenth to one fifth.

The most important improvement was his ability to withstand the strike. Although he still couldn't win the fighting competitions, he was able to avoid being KO in the first round. Moreover, he no longer needed to lay on his bed for the entire day if he lost the fighting competition.

So, with this, it was not a problem for him to gather ten small beast cards in one day.
After the game company consumed 45 cards, he still left with 50 one-star small beast cards. Therefore, he was able to do the lucky draw 10 times.

Coral X 6, tears of the ocean X 2, Hayao Miyazaki's Manchurian ash hoe X1, blank seed X 1.

There was no need to think about the first two. Because Zhou Yu didn't know the use of them, so they were thrown into the storage room straightaway.

Hayao Miyazaki's Manchurian ash hoe would provide “animation” effect to soils, increasing the chance of becoming an “animation director”.

The blank seed would be able to absorb the nutrition of soils more easily. Hence, the probability of evolution increased.

Hm… not bad, especially that seed. If he could raise an animation director, that was even better.



1. Dafu boat