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The Rise of Otaku - Chapter 83

Published at 5th of September 2019 10:45:45 PM

Chapter 83

Chapter 83: It's time to open

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Although the Taoist insisted that he would not participate in any promotional activities, as long as it didn't require him to attend any activities in public, it was still possible to ask him to cooperate with some other tasks, such as releasing the Role-setting information book for this promotional conference, and making some cool single page posters, which would not be objected to by the fast-handed Wang . After all, it was his manga .

Just those settings information and the single page posters, that were released at the press conference alone, were sufficient enough to demonstrate the great drawing skills of the fast-hand Wang, which was only higher than that of his peers . But one interesting thing was that the publisher of the manga was still the imprisoned Taoist . However, the author's name in the manga had been changed to "the Fast-handed Wang" .

'Is this the real surname of the Taoist, or did they a secretly change to another artist?'

But no one really knew the answer, not even the penguin manga . Thinking about how Hunter's doujin series could be released so fast, someone proposed that the "Taoist" should be a team, and the main artist for this manga should be the fast-handed king, that was why they used his name . Maybe the next manga would change to another artist .

Having thought about this, it seemed quite reasonable . After all, one chapter a day was still a ridiculous speed . It was even faster than writing novels . So there was no way it was just one person doing it .

Anyway, the promotional result of Assassin was quite good . At least, in the anime and comic community, only a few people did not know that this series would be released in the near future . If its content was as wonderful as what it said in the conference, then a high-quality domestic Manga would undoubtedly be born .

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At the time when the promotional activities of Assassin were going very well, the Gaming Portal - I'm crazy Over Otaku, was also doing the promotional activities for the zombie game "alive" by the "Brothel Taoist" . Animations, Manga and games were a family, so it was very normal to see two different conferences to be held at the same place and at the same time .

Then it got very interesting .

First of all, the names were very similar, an imprisoned Taoist, and a Brothel Taoist; secondly, the abilities were very similar, both were the new stars in their industries, and with their extraordinary abilities, they were rising very rapidly; finally, the styles were very similar, they all were unwilling to show their true identities and participate in the promotional activities . The combination of these three similarities made people couldn't help but raise a question . 'Are these two Taoists from the same organization?'

Unfortunately, this question could not be formally answered by anyone . But there were various guesses by the people online . Then someone joking said, there was a Taoist drawing Manga, a Taoist making games, when would there be a Taoist making animation?

In fact, there was a Taoist making animation . It was "the Taoist that hits airplanes" (AKA: the Taoist who masturbates) . However, this Taoist apparently did not have enough ability to survive the heavenly tribulation . He had just uploaded one animation before he was reported and banned . Later on, he did not unlock the account because he didn't want to go through all the troubles . So no one knew what happened to that Taoist now .

Actually, Zhou Yu, who was worshiped by countless people was playing with sand at the moment .

The sand on the small beach was processed by The shovel of Michelangelo . Zhou Yu got this shovel through a lucky draw . It was a shovel that could give special effects to the sand of the beach, so the villagers of the ACG world could also play with the beach sand as well .

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This day when no one was around and the stress test of the wave machine was still ongoing . The people from Mimi Luhua Village all gathered on the beach near the "vast sea" for a beach party .

Unexpectedly, the stonemason monkey was also very good at the sand sculpturing . The sand art and architecture it made were really fascinating .

The chubby third dragon Prince was the half owner of this place . But currently, he was using the surfboard, which was made by the carpenter beaver, to surf in "the turbulent sea" . This was his dream, and it finally came true . It was a pity, that surfing required skills . Although the chubby third dragon Prince claimed that he was a sea dragon,  he was only a newbie who lived in a wave pool before . Therefore he still needed some time to master the surfing skill .

So it was common to see this guy fell off the surfboard many times while screaming, and then to be washed to the beach by waves, or saved by Sir Black . However, there was no need to worry about his safety, because he was indeed a real sea creature, though he was not good at swimming . Therefore he wouldn't be drowned . Besides, there were no sharks in the swimming pool .

Diandian didn't know how to swim . So it just found a quiet place, made a sandpit and then enjoyed the afternoon sunshine quietly and elegantly .

The only animals that could enter the indoor wave pool were Diandian and Sir Black . If other animals were let in, who knows how many "mines" would be laid on the beach .

Although he didn't expect many customers, even if there was just one customer, they would only want to spend money here to have some fun . What if the customer found those stinky chicken poop in the sand, it would not be very good .

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Diandian and Sir Black were fine . After all, they had their own special toilets . And their noble pedigree prevented them from urinating and defecating anywhere except in the wild while they were on duty .

A sandcastle was soon completed by the stonemason monkey . It was about one man tall and it was very magnificent . Moreover, not only the outside appearance but also the interior was also very impressive, attracting all the mini villagers to go inside to visit .

Unfortunately, it was still made of sand after all . Especially after the troublemaker - the third dragon Prince, poking and touching the places that were not supposed to be touched, the castle collapsed instantly and buried all the mini villagers inside .

Without Zhou Yu's help, the old dragon king saved everyone from the sand, as soon as the castle collapsed . He transformed into his true dragon form and shook his body to cause winds to blow all the sand away . But the side effect was that the sand all over the place, it was spinning and rising like a mini sand tornado .

After the sand was blown to the air, it then began to fall like a sand storm .

It seemed like, in the future, the villagers of Mini Luhua Village could only come here to play at night or when they were sure that nobody was there . Otherwise, Zhou Yu would have a lot of trouble .

  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Although Zhou Yu did not advertise his amusement park, when the signs were put out, those who had smelled business opportunities, naturally came to the village to check out the place . A water park was not a place that only offered the playing facilities, but also a place that provided food, drinks, and snacks . Some water parks even provided equipment for renting and selling shops as well .

Originally people thought that the owner of the water park would open those shops himself, but after doing some research, it seemed like the owner had no intention to do any of those . Therefore, some people began to recommend themselves to the owner .

Uncle Fu was the first person who talked to Zhou Yu . He wanted to invest in the Little Paradise amusement park for a long time . However, Zhou Yu, the boss of the amusement park really made people worried . After seeing Zhou Yu really didn't have the intention to provide any other services in the water park, uncle Fu sighed and said .

"Boy Yu, give me a booth when you decide to open the park . Just rent me two months during the summer vacation . If you agree, I'll go and get a shipment . You also need to order some as well . Who's the water park only offers playing facilities? Since you have built a wave pool, you need to use its advantages . "

From a business point of view, Zhou Yu was a complete failure . Zhou Fu, who had been doing business for many years, could not help but want to point it out . If there was a shortage of funds, Zhou Yu could rent the booths out in the beginning and then wait until he had enough money, then he could do it himself .

However, his painstaking effort was always ignored by Zhou Yu . Because Zhou Yu was not interested in making money at all .

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