The Ruler of Gilead - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

That morning Hittan was at home with his entire family and he found it hard not to compare the last time he left the village with today . He had caused his family to face shame and punishment for him yet now he was the pride and joy in their hearts . He understood that his motives may have been selfish to interfere with fate, but he was certainly grateful to be able to fix that mistake . Even he started to wonder if his actions had led to a karmic debt to the world and one day he would have to repay, in full .

"Son, your mother and I will not be able to accompany you on this journey so you must practice caution . Also, establish a good relationship with the other 6 members of your team as they represent the leading candidates for leadership . They can be the base on which your idea of equality can be built but if mistreated they could be your strongest opposition . "

"I know what to do father . "

"My darling boy, I need you to promise your mother that you will not needlessly endanger yourself . Also, during this period, for most juniors, it is not uncommon to hear of marriages popping up . I will not stop you in this pursuit as long as you are happy and you treat her properly . "

"If I pick anyone, mother you can be sure you will approve of her . "

"Sweet talker! I do not expect you to be like your father and settle for one wife . Given the limitations of the Godbeast inheritors in producing offsprings both male and female clan members tend to have more than one wife or partner . "

" . . . Okay, but I'm sure I'll follow father's footsteps . "

It was at this time that his grandfather Fan joined the conversation . "Grandson, I understand you may want to follow your father's footsteps . But you must keep in mind you are different and unique even amongst others in the village . As such the village may request that you consider an arranged marriage . As your grandfather, I will not allow anyone to pressure you but as the Chief, I will say that there is a good reason for such a request . "

'Is this the Karmic debt already demanding payment?? How can I tell him no, given what he's done for me, what he sacrificed and endured for me? But Kaija is the reason I'm even here in this timeline . How long will it take me to find her? I don't know, but I'm willing to look and to wait for her if necessary . If this is to strengthen the village then I must work harder so an arranged marriage will not be necessary . '

"Grandfather I will keep it in mind, but I ask for some time before a decision is made . "

"That goes without saying, my boy! As long as you consider it the Elders will not find it unreasonable to wait . "

"HAHA, that a boy! Unlike your father who flatly refused those old geezers, you are at least tactful in your responses . Here, at least you have one grandfather that brought you something to send you off!" Eying Fan, Jalil proceeded to take out a ring and handed it to Hittan . To which Fan could only roll his eyes and lament that he was indeed one-upped!

Hittan recognised that the ring was a spatial crystalline pocket ring .

Jalil continued his bragging as he encouraged Hittan to look inside the ring by allowing his soul to form a connection . "I know you have a good storage ring given by your other grandfather . But this one is of the highest quality and I've left treasures inside that you'll find useful!" Smiling from ear to ear one could see the smug look on his face as he stared at Fan while speaking the entire time .

' . . . Medicine pills, Sapphire armour and a Corundum Blade standing 6 feet tall! Grandfather has returned my armour and weapon from the previous life! Was I meant to always have these things?'

"Thank you grandfather, thank you all . I will not disappoint your expectations . "

… . . .

High Sun (Noon in this world) had approached and Hittan made his way to the Great Hall . It seems he was the last to arrive .

"Apologies team, it appears I have kept you all waiting . "

"We weren't waiting that long and you're right on time . " Glancing, at the 3 suns high in the sky Edan welcomed Hittan to the group .

"Though this team is in part forced upon us by the village Chief and maybe some of you are currently unwilling to call all of us 'brother' . It is something I genuinely hope we can achieve over the next few years, true kinship . As for leadership, I will keep to the decision of my grandfather . This world values strength above all other and this may never change so let this "position" motivate you to improve, as I too will strive to improve! However, gaining strength without a worthy cause is pointless, lonely and one you will come to regret . " As Hittan tried to find the words that would best motivate and unify them he kept his main purpose at the forefront of his mind .

"Hittan, if you don't mind can you tell us why you are so strong and why you are trying to gain strength?" Sahar couldn't help but fidget while dragging up the courage to ask what they all wanted to know .

"I don't mind at all Sahar . Firstly, I am not "strong" but I do have some skills . These skills I will share with you all, similar to what Edan has learned if you are willing to learn from me . The latter of your two questions is simple, I want the strength to protect my loved ones from any and all threats . But I also… want to change the view that the village has towards King Beast legacies and to do that I need to show my 'strength' . "

Hittan had offered upfront the idea of teaching them knowing full well that the Elders of their families would have enquired about the possibility of them learning his movement skill .

"Well said young Challenger . "

The group immediately turned around to greet the new speaker . "Greetings, Senior Evaluating Elder!"

"Oh yes, my name . I am Elder Fahim of the Phoenix Clan, but you will address me as Headmaster, of the Sky Element Academy once we leave the village . It is time to leave, I trust you all have made the appropriate preparations . "

"Yes, Headmaster!" The group replied while saluting respectfully with their right arms across their chest .

Waving his right hand a 100ft long crystalline flying ship in the shape of a Phoenix appeared . With that, they all jumped onto the flying Phoenix's back and was now travelling to the Academy . The Phoenix ship moved with incredible speed but the wind on the ship was oddly still and allowed for conversations at such high-speed travelling .

"Students, most of you have never left the security and comfort of the village while some of you have gone to the surrounding mountain ranges to hunt and train . But what you will see in the human world will not look too different, it will seem inviting and comforting . However, do not be easy to trust anyone and remember to keep your origin a secret . "

"Yes, headmaster . "

"As for the Sky Element Academy, it is a jointly funded institute between the Village and Alicorn Empire secretly, of course . It is located on a large magnetised floating stretch of mountainous land . You are able to travel to and from the academy by portal, flying ships or own flight . Clearly, no portal leads to the village as to avoid our coordinates being known to anyone unauthorised . It will take us two days at this speed to reach the academy so I suggest self-meditation on the exam results and what areas you are lacking in . "

… . . .

After two days of nonstop travelling, the group had finally arrived at the institute . The floating mountain range was a shocking sight to behold! It had completely outclassed anything they had seen on the journey thus far .

Over the last two days, the group had seen large crystal outcrops that would sometime influence the local weather surrounding it, giant bears in expansive forests, unicorns along massive mountain ridges and even 6 tailed foxes dashing about . But those sightings seemed to pale at the miracle of this floating land . All but one seemed impressed and simply looked at the land as if he was accustomed to such sights .

"Hittan, look at that thing! It's huge! How does it stay up there?" Edan stared with large eyes as he questioned Hittan with an almost 'he knows the answer' tone in his voice . Edan had grown accustomed to relying on Hittan's seemingly limitless knowledge from their training sessions .

"The land has a magnetic mineral core called magnetite . It is a lodestone that has the ability to attract and repel other iron minerals . "

As soon as Hittan finished speaking the group, excluding Edan, looked to Fahim for confirmation . Fahim himself was shocked that Hittan would have studied something he had not yet experienced in the village or would have a need to .

"Caugh, Caugh . Yes, it is exactly like Hittan's description . " Fahim started to wonder how deep was Hittan's knowledge? As he would frequently listen to Edan's constant badgering at each new sight . But amazingly Hittan seemed to know the answer at every turn .

Finally, the Crystalline Phoenix landed in the central square of the academy where they dismounted . As the juniors stood there admiring the surrounding architecture of the academy they could not help but note the colour distinction .

"The Academy is divided into 3 main areas, the living areas and the institute's facilities are also the same . The Outer Core, Inner Core and God Spark candidates . Normally, you all would be situated in the outer region . However, you all will be placed at Hittan's residence in the teacher's commune . What do you say Hittan would you like to be a substitute teacher?"

"What?! Really?!" The entire group had their jaws dropped at the request of the Headmaster .

It was clear to Hittan that Elder Fahim wanted the group to stay together while taking advantage of the skills and knowledge he had displayed thus far .

"That would suit me just fine . "

"Good, you will still need to attend some lectures but also lead them at times . But let me show you to the teacher's commune and where you will be staying first . "

… . . .

Meanwhile, at the Portal Station, the guards were busy greeting an Elder that had just returned .

"Greetings Elder Ragna, I hope your return has brought new hopefuls . "

"Thankfully, the Empire's new generation does not disappoint! HAHA"

"We welcome the new members of the Sky Element Academy! Elder, will you be taking them to the Outer Core residential area?"

"All but these two . They will be staying with me as my direct disciples" Ragna pointed to the two angelic twin girls next to her .

Back at the teacher's commune, team New Hope was now properly settled . Each teacher would be given their own mountain top with a large residence capable of housing multiple direct disciples . Fahim had informed Hittan that he would be introduced to the rest of the teachers and his first class tomorrow during Early Sun (Morning) . He was asked to only sit in on the class to understand what level they were at and how to prepare for the next class .