The Ruler of Gilead - Chapter 14

Published at 12th of June 2019 09:12:34 PM
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Chapter 14

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As soon as Early Sun (Morning) approached Hittan was already up and making preparations to leave . He had a class to instruct then he would attend his very first class .

"Hittan we're ready to leave now . "

"Good job Edan, I'm happy to see the team has already bonded with you . "

"It was all thanks to Sahar . She really stepped up and made the communication easier for me . "

"Oh, really now, I think a reward is in order . "

. . .


"Morning Hittan!" They all responded on instinct .

"I would like to thank Sahar for her help over the last few days in assisting Edan getting the team into the makings of a proper unit . Sahar, if you wouldn't mind I would like you to be the 3rd Commander . "

"But Falkner was stronger in the exams… and…"

"Falkner, I hope you don't see this as in any way a sign of disrespect . But if you recall my statement that strength without a worthy purpose is pointless it is also to say strength is not the only measure that is of note . Now, Sahar, I would like you to be 3rd in Command because the team has a better synergy with you handling the communications . "

"Okay, I accept . "

"Good . Now, the first class of the day is Skills Training then Combat exercises . After those classes, we should have Elements Ancestry with Elder Fahim . Okay, let's head out . "

… . . .

"Greetings class, my name is Hittan and I will be your instructor today . In today's class, we will discuss Rank and Skill association as it relates to the Dao level .

As most of us here in this class are at the Topaz Rank we would have realised that Ranks 1 - 4 were foundation; both of the physical body and the Dao . These Ranks are:

Talc . . . . Human Soul

Gypsum . . . Dao Seed

Calcite . . . Dao Germination

Fluorite . . . . Dao Sprout

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We are also aware that each rank increase depends on both body and mind being in a balanced state . As such, one must achieve Dao Germination to achieve Calcite and this is based on your power of Will . Your soul must be strong enough to bear the pressure to endure the physical requirements . So we reinforce our Will by reinforcing our Soul .

Once we have achieved the foundation we are rewarded Rank Skills, believed to be apart of our birthright, relating to our Core Mineral . Each Core Mineral is affiliated with a particular Element and these are:

Diamond . . . . . . . White Fire Energy

Corundum . . . . Ruby Fire and Sapphire Water

Alexandrite . . . White Light Energy

Topaz . . . . . . . . Wind

Aquamarine . . . Water

Emerald . . . . . . . . Earth

Spinel . . . . . . . . Storm

Zircon . . . . . . . . Wind

Tourmaline . . . . Lightning

Amethyst . . . . . . . . Lightning

Citrine . . . . . . . . Earth

Garnet . . . . . . Fire

Sardonyx . . . . . . Earth

Peridot . . . . . . Wind

Moonstone . . . . . . Light

Tanzanite . . . . . . Ice (Water)

Opal . . . . . . . . . Wind

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Turquoise . . . . . . Water

Pearl . . . . . . . . . . . Light

So dependent on which mineral you were born under it will then tell you which Element you will have access to . It is also said that Each mineral represents a Godbeast or Beast King and will determine the final stages of our Body Refinement Art, God Spark .

According to your Core Mineral, you won't see a manifestation of the skills until Rank 5 and a new skill is presented with each Rank up to Rank 11 after which Self-exploration and own skill development are necessary . The associated Ranks and Skills are:

Apatit . . . . . . . . Dao Plant . . . . A Defensive skill or Avoidance skill .

Feldspar . . . . . . Dao Tree . . . . A Unique Skill based on the Element type .

Quartz . . . . . . . Dao Lord . . . . An Attack Skill - Weapon summoning .

Topaz . . . . . . . . . . Dao King . . . . Special Skill (Attack or defence) Unique to the Element

Corundum . . . . . . Dao Emperor . . . Energy Force Skill - Temp Boost in the strength of an attack

Diamond . . . . . . Dao Immortal . . . . . Element Body- (Flight- At average speed- Middle Diamond Rank) Substantial increase in body strength/hardness .

Elementals . . . . . . Dao Elemental . . . . . Quick movement skill within the Element - Understanding your element .

Thus far what we've talked about can all be considered partial ancestral legacy . This is stored in your Core Mineral like DNA . However, it does not mean you are limited to the skill awakened at a particular Rank . If your soul is strong enough you can access higher skills . Some would have seen this in the sparring match between Sang and myself . What it takes is a strong Will and determination in your training but of course, you must also understand your Element and Core Mineral .

But this is not the only way to improve your strength . Let's end with a question before we move on to the practical part of the class . If you can summon a sword then why can't you summon set of throwing knives or something more versatile?" As Hittan ended the skills aspect of the class he gave a live demonstration of summoning daggers and threw them into a tree some distance away .

While walking off the platform he announced for the students to form pairs and start sparring matches using the Rank skills . Hittan would then proceed to examine the level they were at in use and quality of summoning .

Unexpectedly, Hittan found himself standing in front of Kaija and Kaia watching their sparring match .

'I had not intended to check up on them directly . But following the strange feeling pulling me I ended up here . ' Thankfully, the urge to follow the feeling was not overbearing and he could choose to do otherwise .

After realising that they were being watched for so long the girls stopped their practice and turned to him .

"Haven't you watched enough? Is our form poor? Or do you like what you see? Hehehe . "

"It seems you know me too well Kaia . I could watch you two for eternity, but I feel something strange when I'm near to either of you . Do you feel it as well?"

" . . . Yes, we do . Sigh, Master says it could really be fate pulling at us . "

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"You say it as if it's a bad thing?"

"It isn't? We don't know you and to have something constantly pulling us to you is a bit troubling!"

"I don't mind it and I would love to get to know you both better . What troubles you, makes you smile, makes you laugh and how can I win your hearts . " Hittan looked at both girls seriously while speaking his mind .

"Smooth Talker . Don't you find it inappropriate as a teacher to hit on his students?"

"Hehehe, Kaija, that was surprising! Joking with him on your own initiative . "

"Stop it, Kaia!"

"If you don't like me being a teacher then I can stop immediately . Edan, take over the class!"

"Wai . . . "

"No, wai…"

The girls were too late in trying to stop Hittan's actions .

"I'm on it! Okay, all of you form groups of 3! Falkner and I will be your opponents until the end of class . "

"Satisfied?" Hittan looked at the girls as if nothing had changed .

"Dereliction of duties and only your second day on the job . Aren't you worried about their progress? Kaia said while smiling . Kaija on the other hand only looked deeply at Hittan without saying anything .

"I've personally trained Edan and I can say with the help of Falkner none of them will be able to beat them in these sparring matches .

. . .

"That was quite a workout! Right, Falkner?"

"Especially that Sang character working with Jager . "

"Good job to both of you! Rest up and meet me at the next auditorium . I'll be walking with Kaija and Kaia . " Hittan smiled while speaking to Edan and Falkner .

At the same time, the girls were recovering from their sparring match with Hittan . Even in a two vs one situation, the girls were only able to keep up a meagre defence . At the same time, Hittan himself made sure to use only 70% of his power . Which he found very interesting given that beating Sang or Edan was not even 50% . It was clear their teamwork had made up for their shortcomings in other areas like power .

If he had to guess he would put their power at a firm lower level Diamond warrior . With Kaija being a bit stronger .

"Okay ladies, whenever you're ready we leave for the next class . "

Kaia had offered a sparring match between the three of them but Hittan added the stipulation of a prize . If they beat him he would honour one request regardless of what it was but if he won they would allow him to accompany them to classes .

"Geesh! let's go . You didn't even let us get an advantage, once! I thought we were going to be your wives and this is how you treat us?? I have a good mind not to speak with you!"

"Wait! No no, next time we have a sparring match, I promise to make you win even if it's 1vs1 . I promise okay?"

"You had better not slack off in our sparring matches and Kaia please stop making unnecessary statements and requests . "

Kaija at this point could not bother to stop Kaia from teasing Hittan and by so doing started to comply in silence with her statements . Both Kaija and Kaia found that they had fewer barriers up when Hittan was involved . Which was due heavily to the strange pull they felt towards him and a growing feeling of familiarity when he was around .

Hittan looked at Kaija and smiled like he was rescued from a bad situation as he raised his hand to rub his head . While Kaia pouted and folded her arms and in this fashion, the trio went to the next class .

As the trio found a seat Hittan found himself in a bit of a daze and missed Kaija question .

"Hittan, aren't you teaching this class today? Hittan?" Kaija looked at Hittan curiously as he seemed in a daze . He snapped out of it at the second mention of his name and finally responded .

"Sorry, I believe Headmaster Fahim is teaching today's Mineral and Element Ancestry . "

"Why were you so distracted a moment ago . "

"Maybe I was caught up in the beauty of my surrounding . "

"Don't lie to me again . "

" . . . I'm sorry honey . I won't lie to either of you again, I promise . I was if you can believe, remembering the events of a past life where you both were already mine . But in that life, you both suddenly disappeared and apparently, your family was the main cause . I wasn't strong enough then and I'm not strong enough even now . However, this time is different . "

"How is it different this time? You clearly know our father and most likely our fates . " It was a first since his reunion with them where he saw Kaia's mood drop so much .

"We won't have to worry this time around, believe me . "

"Why, why should we believe you?" Looking directly into Hittans eyes Kaija had a sense of longing .

"Because this time I met you both at the same time, when we are younger and when my own circumstances are different . I need a little bit of time, but trust me, both of you won't be forced away from my side again . "

" . . . Okay, but you don't have that much time . " As Kaija said this Kaia went silent .

" . . . I understand . "

It was at this time that Headmaster Fahim went on stage .

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