The Ruler of Gilead - Chapter 27

Published at 12th of June 2019 09:12:22 PM
Chapter 27


"He knows it was me!!!" Screaming as Kaia woke up in a hot mess of sweat and loss of breath! "I need to speak to Kaija at once!" Subconsciously placing her hand to her chest and feeling for something, as if she's done so a million times before . Suddenly her hands grasped a spiral pendant which was glowing red!

"What's happening?! Those fragmented memories of Hittan being there at the Academy are actually real! I thought it was wishful thinking playing on my mind from missing him so much .

So if I have the pendant then he too will sooner or later turn up . But does that mean he's really gone back in time? I need my sister!"

Rushing out of bed and preparing to leave the actions of the dream hit her once more! "I asked him to be gentle then and somehow he convinced me into trying so many positions! What did he do with Kaija!?" Suddenly becoming short of breath as she allowed herself to remember once more .

"He took me from the back…

After drowning himself in Kaia's lips and tongue he grabbed her breasts and squeezed them firmly with both hands . He then began sucking on her nipples as if he had been starved of her for eternity! His intense actions sent a river flowing within her white orchid leaves as they opened up and readied for his arrival!

His ravenous actions didn't stop there as he lifted her up off the bed and spun her around exposing her cocked buttocks for his admiration . Grabbing her by her waist he bent her forward leaving her ass up and her face buried in the pillow . Her face crimson from excitement and a sense of shame as she left herself exposed, but for the man she loved! Soon she felt his hard cock digging into her pussy with intent to leave his mark seemingly on her soul!

Kaia had to accept that part of his aggressiveness was from anger because of "her" previous disappearance . But the pain was not something she couldn't manage at her strength level . It was his intensity and aggressive nature that allowed her virgin bashfulness to fly out the window and she started to return his thrust with one of her own! Soon sounds of moans and grunts would fill the entire home . Position after position, Kaia willingly gave into his demands . Even when she found herself looking at her ankles inches away from her ears as she lay on her back while Hittan would thrust repeatedly into her exposed orchids! The climax was topped off with Kaia's screams, "you can release inside! I want everything!"

" . . . Oh my God! I still can't believe I said those things! Hittan… will you forgive me for killing you when you find out? I love you so much!"

. . .

As Kaia barged into the Throne Room she noticed that Kaija was sitting on the throne in deep meditation . A look of guilt, loss and longing flashing across her face!

"Sister! I had a strange dream about Hittan… . you had a similar dream of him too!?"

Kaija simply exposed her necklace around her neck and with tears filling her eyes went forward and hugged her sister .

"He's doing his best to change our futures so all we need to do is wait for this world to correct itself according to our husband's plans . I know you're worried that he'll find our past actions unforgivable but let's have faith that he will see our side of it and forgive us . I mean, we are his wives aren't we, he can't be too mad at us . "

"He better not be a stubborn goat when the time comes or I won't let him off the hook so easily . Haha!"

"Let's have patience Kaia and just wait… do you remember that green haired girl from the Bela Fine Art's Store?"

"Yes, I think she was from the Emerald Clan, right?"

"I think so too . "


Meanwhile back in the new timeline .

"Kaija! I had the strangest dream! You've gotta help me figure out what's happening to me!" Kaia came barging into Kaija bedroom seeking comfort and only to be met with Kaija wrapped up under her sheet!

"Kaija, you also had a dream about him… was it the same as mine?"

Kaija buried her face under the sheets and screamed, "Don't say it! I felt everything my future self felt… every touch, every emotion, everything!!"

"That damned Hittan could have done a little less in my case but… I also felt everything… even now . Kaija, I think it will be hard to face him now… you know… our husband . "

"Stop saying it! . . . I feel so guilty for abandoning him like how he said we did . But as his wi… ves, we have to ensure we never abandon him again . "

"So are we gonna go to the training today?" Kaia who had sat on the bed looked at her feet while she spoke . While Kaija poked her head out of her sheets and nodded, "yes, we have to . We need to train or we'll be left behind him . "

. . .