The Ruler of Gilead - Chapter 33

Published at 12th of June 2019 09:12:16 PM

Chapter 33

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Looking over to team New Hope, Hittan gave a smile to greet their shocked faces! Clearly, Hittan had shielded them from his Supernova release . But the claim to be unbeatable below Godbeast was a very big shock to recover from!

"I'll be right with you, Grandfather . Let me address my team for a bit . "

"Okay . "

"Guys, stop with the weird expressions . "

"Wow!" Valencia was now thoroughly impressed with Hittan and had to say it in her own way .

"Hittan, you are so secretive!"

"Ona, I did tell you what rank I was at . "

"Brother, you sure are sneaky!"

"Haha, okay . I'll make sure you all know what my true strength is in the next group sparring match!"

"Wait, Boss! We didn't mean it like that, it was a compliment! If you're going to be our King you need to expect praises!"

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"Haha, I get it, I get it . Team, I want to thank you for your treatment of Kaia and Kaija in making them feel welcomed . Also, I would like to ask another favour of you all . "

"Just say it, man . " Edan playfully slapped him on the shoulder while urging him to continue .

"I would like you all to refer to me as your brother and not any other title . Some things may change in the village, I hope not between us . We have a long way to go together and I don't need barriers like a title affecting that . "

"We would be honoured, brother . " Sahar smiled at her first use of this kind of address towards Hittan .

"Haha!" The rest of the team laughed at her awkwardness .

In the back office of the now damaged Great Hall gathered most of the 4th, 3rd and 2nd Generation Elders .

"Welcome Hittan, please have a seat . "

"Thank, Elder Aaron . "

Hittan also noted his parents in the room along with most of the Elders currently in the village . The others, if not out on missions or patrol, were currently dealing with the aftermath of his attack on the Great Hall .

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Both his grandparents were also there and he could see on their faces that they were a bit helpless in whatever was about to come . It was then that Hittan's mother came forward .

"Son, the village Elders have come to a conclusion that though you have expressed a desire to wed both Princesses of the Alicorn Empire . It will not be enough to unite the country and planet . They are of the opinion that a marriage to the clan with the largest population along with the union to the religious symbol of Gilead, would place you and the village in a better light . This they believe to be especially true as it relates to deterring any unnecessary conflicts when the time comes to unify the country .

You should be aware that the religious symbol of the country is the Alicorn Empire . Primarily for their healing light power . As for the largest population . . .

"Sorry to interrupt mother . But this is about Lagina of the Emerald Clan correct?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"It wasn't that hard to figure out . Elder Fahim personally introduced her, Empress Samara also hinted at her importance and I would agree that the thinking of the Council of Elders makes sense to want more support . "

"So what will you decide?"

" . . . Mother, Father, Grandpa Fan and Jalil, will you support whatever decision I make?"

"Yes . " They said in unison and immediately the room became tense!

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Certainly, Hittan thought of the option of ruling by force and dominance as he has done before! He has very little patience when external forces are trying to guide his actions . The many dead can attest to this! Will he have to build a kingdom on blood again? Possibly starting from those who oppose his decision in this very room .

Closing his eyes to think about the options and the increasing number of questions that started to plague him . His origins, what is Lady Samara not telling him, what will he learn from Gilead and are his current actions being guided by someone?

Opening his eyes he began to address the room .

"Elders, my team, what are the plans for them?"

"Once they have completed their inheritance they will be sent back to the Academy until they are comfortable enough to take on the role of 6th generation Elders . "

"Elder Fahim has told me of a planned Coronation . If the intention is to push me to the position of King, I want them to be groomed as my future ministers . As for myself, I have my parents and grandparents for guidance . "

"That is a fair decision and they certainly seem more motivated than previous generations . "

"Also, there will no longer be a Council for each individual Clan . But one council for all Clans, my council, and it will also include the Beast Pavilion along with the other Clans .

As for the marriage between Lagina of the Emerald Clan and myself . Again, I am in agreement with the thinking behind it and so I will abide by this request . However, does this mean that the village plans on coming out of hiding as these marriages will cause some commotion?"

"Haha, as long as you have agreed, it will all be fine! The marriages will serve as a protective shield not just against local strife, but against the Celestials! As it means a united planet is now their enemy and not a few . "

"That suits me just fine . I'm on a bit of a time crunch, I need to head to the Alicorn Empire as I'm sure Elder Fahim as shared with you all . So let's forego the assembly tomorrow and start the inheritance ceremonies today . "

'God, I hope Kaia and Kaija don't think I'm some two-timing bastard because of this!'


"What's wrong Lagina?"

"I'm not sure mother . I've been having strange dreams about the boy that saved me when I was 4 years old . "

"You mean your first crush? Hehe"

"Stop it, mother!"

"Oh, you don't want to remember? Crying for days after he left you with the guards at the gate?"

"I remember mommy, geesh! But what I find strange is this bracelet! It was in my dreams when I received it and now I have it!