The Sacred Ruins - Chapter 315

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Chapter 315: Not Just Empty Talk
The number of marine race invaders outside of Kunlun wasn't small at all. There were hundreds of them densely packed together. Naturally, not all of them were king level entities—many were minor demons from the marine race like prawn soldiers, crab generals, sea snails, and clams.

However, there were about a dozen king level entities. There was a large variety of life forms with the ocean and the competition among them was intense. As such, there was never a lack of experts.

"Is there anyone here with arms and legs? Get out here!" a certain sea snail cried out. He possessed great racial talents and was holding a seashell in one hand, using it to magnify his voice by several times. His voice reverberated through the mountains, shaking the hills and rocks. The snow on the vegetation rustled down.

The majestic Kunlun was grand and vast. Especially after the upheavals, this place had become even more extraordinary. The numerous peaks appeared extremely vigorous and powerful.

"Which place in the boondocks did you come from? I only ordered seafood from the southern sea. I see walruses among you. Could it be that you came from the northern sea? I reject these goods. I only want southern seafood!"

A minor demon with a loud voice was tasked with shouting back a reply.

The horde of marine race experts was so infuriated that their noses almost turned crooked. Because the world was covered in ice and snow, they had formed a special group that was suited to attack in the cold.

After hearing the ridicule from Kunlun's side which regarded them as seafood, all of the invaders wore malicious expressions. Killing intent became evident in their eyes as they firmly decided to kill until corpses piled up and a river of blood flowed within Mount Kunlun.

These marine race experts had long since gotten wind that Mount Kunlun was empty and that all their experts had gone to the Himalayas. The secret was leaked even though they tried to hide it.

That was because experts who had their eyes on the Himalayas weren't limited to those from Kunlun. Back then, both the Golden Crow and the Peacock King had tried breaking into that place.

There were people from the continent working with the marine race. They had obtained extremely effective news and had understood the whole situation.

However, there were some overcautious people among the marine race who wanted to investigate first. Otherwise, they would've long since charged in like a swarm of bees and change the place into a land of death, leaving nothing alive.

"A group of low-level dregs that haven't even transformed dares babble nonsense towards us! In a while, we'll chop you all a thousand times and wash Kunlun with blood. Let's see who among you can escape!"

A sea lion spoke with a gloomy expression. He possessed a tall build after transforming into a human, almost three meters tall and held a gigantic metallic hammer in his hands.

Among the 18 king level entities, four of them were experts with six severed shackles. This was an extremely shocking lineup.

If they weren't worried that there would be odd things within Mount Kunlun, they would've long since killed their way into the mountains. It would absolutely be like pulling out rotten weeds as they sweep through and kill every living being in this place.

"I think this place is already empty without any expert. We can dispatch any random squad to slaughter all these small fish," said an eel.

She had transformed into a lithe and elegant lady, her light yellow hair hung loosely behind her. Her facial features were quite beautiful but her eyes were somewhat sinister.

This was an expert with six severed shackles and was also one of the leading characters on this expedition.

She was extremely powerful. After she released her aura, the whole snowy mountain rumbled loudly and almost caused an avalanche. This was the power of a top-grade expert. Her released energy was extremely frightening.

The group of minor demons on Mount Kunlun were all terrified. Some of them even fell limp to the ground and couldn't stop shaking.

In the end, it was a world where one had to rely on strength for everything. Their levels were simply too low and were consequently suppressed. All of them were in the awakened realm and not too far from severing their shackles.

"As expected, a group of dregs. Such beasts and birds at the lowest rank dare to provoke us. I'll throw all of them into an iron pot and cook them alive. I'll torture them to death!" said a certain sea snake, its serpentine tongue flickering out with hissing sounds. The multicolored snake was disdainful of transforming into a human body. Unafraid of the cold, it roamed within the ice and snow like a prismatic formation traversing the land.

The minor demons on the mountain were all terrified and dared not to even breathe loudly after seeing the gigantic snake approach from the distant mountains.

"Keep on shouting. Don't get stage fright. Don't be afraid." Chu Feng arrived. He communicated with these minor demons via telepathy and had them continue acting out the empty fort strategy. [1]

That was because he was originally full of vigor and wanted to rush over and start a massacre, but in the end, he hadn't even walked out of the mountain when the silver substance disappeared. He was covered in a layer of dark radiance.

This caused Chu Feng to be quite nervous and distressed. He was in great spirits just now but his strength had faded rapidly.

"Have you lot forgotten what pain is like? Weren't you all punished on Mount Longhu until you were crying out for mommy and daddy? And you still dare to come here to act so unbridled? Take a look at what this is?!"

A minor demon raised a dazzling tail. There was no hair on it but was covered in scales and emanating an intimidating aura.

"The tail of the Sea God Tiger?!" The expressions of those down the mountain changed and a commotion ensued.

Sea God Tigers were an incomparably powerful race in the sea. Although they were few in number and only a few had the qualifications to be addressed by that title, all of their members were extremely ferocious.

They naturally knew the incident on Mount Longhu and how the Sea God Tiger had lost his tail. It had caused quite a stir back then.

Although they noticed that the minor demon was actually trembling, they thought that he was intimidated by the aura of the tail. What they didn't know was that the minor demon's heart was pounding from fear of the host of kings down the mountain.

The group's expressions were shifting wildly, they felt that this minor demon from Kunlun was extremely impudent. How was he so bold when there were apparently no experts holding the fort?

They were worried if people like the old llama returned and were waiting for them to charge in with an open sack?

"A group of small fries; merely the lowest of dregs. What do we have to fear? Let's make a move right now. Let's charge in and slaughter them clean. Don't leave any of them alive!" the eel said coldly.

She was graceful and beautiful but her sinister eyes somewhat warped her features. She waved her hand and said, "Flatten Kunlun!"

"Yes, milady!"

Some marine race experts replied. Following which, a group ran out and rushed towards the mountain.

On Mount Kunlun, the expressions of the group of minor demons changed. They were truly using an empty fort stratagem and had no strength to fight at all. Their only hope was Chu Feng. He had told them to lift him up and that he would fight a final battle. However, he had almost collapsed just now and was being supported!

At this time, Chu Feng's face was green and black—how could he be so unlucky? The black light still hadn't faded and was especially evident on his forehead; it was completely black. This was a literal darkened yintang meridian.

"Leopard King, use my bow to kill the brat in the lead!" said Chu Feng.

"Will do!"

The Snow Leopard King pulled open Chu Feng's Thunderous. An arrow made from a king level beast fang began to glow and flew out in the form of an astonishing rainbow.


A sea beast running at the foremost was blasted apart without even the chance to scream. He was killed both in body and spirit by a single arrow.

"Good bow and arrow!" The Snow Leopard King sighed in admiration. One had to know that it was a king level entity with two severed shackles who was shot to death.

The marine race group was petrified. The leader of their small group had been shot and killed, causing a momentary confusion. The others let out odd cries as some fell to the ground and others immediately turned to run.

"Just a disorganized mob. They look powerful but is actually nothing much!" Chu Feng encouraged.

However, those on Mount Kunlun were clear that they were no match for the other party no matter how cowardly they were. The difference in strength was too great.

"Imbeciles! What are you running for? Shooting an arrow like this means that they're lacking in confidence. If they're really confident, they would open the mountain doors and let us all rush in!" said the multicolored sea snake. It looked like a train sprawled across the area as it opened its bloody maw and swallowed the fleeing deserters.

This shocked everyone. They no longer dared to run in disarray.

"Kill! Break open Kunlun and occupy the place. We will enter the home of myriad gods and become deified together. Kill off all the dregs of the continent!"

"I want to see who dares!"

Chu Feng braced himself and stood out. He appeared on the snowy peak and looked down at the gathered marine race demons.

"Chu Feng!"

"What?! He's the Chu Feng who defeated the Sea God Tiger and Killed the Octopus King? I heard he alone killed a part of the marine race forces at Mount Longhu. He's a killing god!"

"Not just a killing god. He's a demon king who has killed so many of our marine race experts. Only a few days ago, the Bronze Tiger and a marine human all died in his hands.

As expected, a huge commotion arose. Except for the four experts with six severed shackles, the others all revealed expressions of apprehension.

"No need to be afraid. He's already crippled!" The eel moved to calm down everyone's emotions.

"That's right. With his character, he would've long since gone to the Himalayas if he was fine. How would he be recuperating silently like this? Kill him!" the multicolored snake cried loudly. Its eyes were burning as it gave the command for the horde to charge forth and kill.


It was at this time that a fishbone spear flew out and rushed towards Chu Feng, breaking through the sound barrier. The weapon seemed to be aiming to take his head—the scene was terrifying.


Chu Feng dodged. His movements weren't comparable to before and he almost fell to the ground. There was snow all over his body.

"Let's go!" The Snow Leopard King supported him and escaped towards the interior.

That was because Chu Feng had already buried the four Dragon Locking Pillars on his way and laid down the ghostly labyrinth. He wanted all of those people to buzz in.

The minor demons of Kunlun all followed him in escape and were headed towards the interior of the mountain.

The ghostly labyrinth began to show its effects, but unfortunately, it was only able to trap a portion of the enemy. As for people like the sea snake, the eel, and the sea lion, they didn't charge at the front and were only following from the back. Hence they avoided being affected.

They hadn't charged in immediately because they were afraid there would be certain odd things like domains in Mount Kunlun.

Chu Feng's group escaped towards a different domain area—Hell's Gate.

This area could produce lightning and even kill king level entities.

After being affected by the ghostly labyrinth, the people at the back were all apprehensive and didn't dare chase too fast. Furthermore, they were cautiously following the tracks of Chu Feng's group.

"Shoot!" The Snow Leopard King was greatly distressed.

"No matter. The time is just about right. Put me down," said Chu Feng. This had bought sufficient time for Chu Feng and his body was now starting to turn for the better.

"Haha, why aren't you running anymore? Have you lost all hope?!" The Sea Lion King laughed loudly. His three-meter tall body was like an iron tower.

The eel was originally a beautiful lady but now she appeared extremely sinister as she said, "Chu Feng, even you can't escape such a fate. You've actually turned into a useless person. What do you say we cut off your limbs, turn you into a human pole and go around the streets?"

The spiteful woman wanted to use all kinds of malicious ways to humiliate Chu Feng. If he really fell into her hands, he was bound to live a life worse than death.

"Have I ever provoked you before?" Chu Feng was puzzled.

"Let me remind you. You've killed a marine race expert before in Shuntian," said the eel.

"Oh, I once killed an eel, the self-proclaimed white dragon. Back then, he was colluding with the people from the Pre-Qin Research Institute. Is he your relative?" Chu Feng smiled, happy to stall for more time.

"Roar…" Heather, the eel, let out a loud roar which shook the mountains.

More importantly, its body was too large and could look down on everyone, especially Chu Feng. "How laughable, you've actually become a small fish who can't even stand the wind. Today, I'll torment you slowly today, hack off your four limbs and cook them!"

At this time, the marine race troops had rushed in. All of them were excited as they stared at Chu Feng. This legendary killer god, Demon King Chu, had actually become a cripple and was trapped by them. If they could tear some flesh off of his body, it would become something to boast about upon their return to the sea.

"Enough. Stop retreating and leave everything to me!" Chu Feng instructed the group of minor demons.

Because those minor demons were all shocked out of their wits. They looked pale and all of them seemed to be in despair.

"Lift me up, I'm still quite weak," Chu Feng said to a minor demon nearby.

The little demon was about to cry. How was Chu Feng going to fight in such a condition? He seemed as if he had a kidney deficiency and couldn't even stand straight. [2]


The marine race people were all laughing loudly. Everyone from top-grade kings to ordinary minor demons, all of them wore expressions of ridicule. They were incomparably delighted to be able to see the legendary Demon King Chu's miserable state.

"Dreg, small fish, get over here!" The sea snake sneered. Its snake tongue, almost a dozen meters long, flickered between its open mouth. It was a frightening sight.

Silver light was flowing on Chu Feng's skin. He was no longer worried and let out a faint smile. "Who are you addressing as small fish? You're the obvious seafood here—roasted eel, garlic paste scallops, scallion sea cucumber and braised lobster—I'm even starting to drool now!"

The Snow Leopard King saw Chu Feng's state and noticed something. He was now quite relieved.

"Get over here!" the eel rebuked.

"You come over here and deliver up your head!" the other marine race members shouted loudly.

"A seafood feast! Since you're in such a rush for me to come over and kill you, then very well, I'll fulfill your wishes!" Chu Feng moved out. The silver glow on his body erupted!


The whole of the snowy land was blasted apart as Chu Feng rushed over. His speed had almost reached six times that of sound—it was simply too terrifying. It was even more powerful than his usual state.


The sea lion was the first to let out a cry. He received the first blow and was smashed to pieces by Chu Feng's fist.

At the same time, Chu Feng's body moved sideways and his legs swept out like scissors. With a pfft, the eel cried in shock as her body was cut into two. She was now rolling on the ground.


The next moment, Chu Feng landed on the ground as he snapped her neck with a palm strike.

"Oh god, run!" someone shouted loudly.

Many people had noticed that the Demon King Chu had returned. He wasn't a cripple—everything was a hoax.

"You evil man. This is too shameless!" the sea snake cried out in anger as it scuttled away with a swoosh.

The other marine race members were all shocked and terrified. Two of their six experts had been killed in the blink of an eye. How could this not make them terrified? Everyone began to flee for their lives.

Everyone sensed that Chu Feng's body was perfectly fine and that he was pretending all along.

But how could they escape? The moment Chu Feng's flying knife shot out, it simply swept through everything. All the sea creatures turned into their true forms as a scarlet beam of light swept forward—they had all been killed!


Chu Feng rose into the air and caught up with a sea snake whereupon a battle ensued. In the end, that train-like gigantic body was torn apart from its gigantic head. The carcass fell into the snow grounds with a boom.

"You want to run?!"

Chu Feng saw a scallop, the last of the experts with six severed shackles. He wanted to mix in with the crowd and escape.


He had long since been marked by Chu Feng. An attack arrived at six times the speed of sound and pierced through him, killing him immediately.

Pfft, pfft, pfft…

As the flying knife flew up, the whole area was left with hundreds of corpses. It was an absolute massacre which shook all the minor demons of Mount Kunlun.

Chu Feng was worried that his level would drop at any moment, so he didn't hold back at all. He used all his might and wanted nothing more than to kill every marine race invader.

Therefore, the whole scene became a bloodbath which shocked all the minor demons of Kunlun. Demon King Chu had revealed his might and performed a final battle—it wasn't just empty talk.

Finally, he had killed every last one of the marine race. None of them escaped!

"Will the marine race… go crazy?" The Snow Leopard King's expression was odd. He wondered if the experts in the sea would stomp their feet and go crazy after hearing of the battle results.

Even the minor demons firmly believed Chu Feng hadn't been crippled and was just pretending.

Once news of this incident spreads to the outside world, everyone would likely curse him. Anyone facing him would probably run away if he said he would engage in a final battle. If it was the marine race, they would probably start cursing wildly.

[2] Chinese medicine term — Weakness of the kidney also involves impotence.

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