The Sacred Ruins - Chapter 365

Published at 4th of June 2018 01:40:19 PM

Chapter 365: Greed
Chu Feng was feeling complicated emotions at the moment . Just what could be hidden behind all this?

The 20 centimeters silver box wasn't very big, and its glow receded after arriving in Chu Feng's hands . It was no longer glistening brilliantly . Some said treasures could hide their own resplendence—this might indeed be such a case .

The toad scuttled over and seemed quite curious about the silver box . That was because, even as a divine beast with an extremely powerful bloodline, it was rejected by the energy pagoda, saying it didn't meet the requirements .

But Chu Feng had obtained the silver box . This made the toad both unhappy and deeply astonished . He really wanted to know what was in the box .

Suddenly, Chu Feng turned around to look the entrance .

The figure of a certain person appeared . It was Li Canghe . Originally, the old man's face was full of astonishment, but it was soon retracted and his calm was restored .

Chu Feng was indeed surprised that Li Canghe could actually come in . How did he do that?

"Brother Chu Feng is indeed an extraordinary person . You actually found a safe path inside . " Li Canghe smiled amiably .

Chu Feng had just completed an advanced evolution and thus his divine instincts were extremely keen and powerful . He sensed an expression of greed flash across the old man .

"I was lucky enough not to lose my life," said Chu Feng . He secretly observed how Li Canghe was able to enter .

"What's that?" Chu Feng noticed an ant crawling upon Li Canghe's hand and immediately realized what the problem was .

"We were all worried about Little Brother Chu, so this old man took the risk to come inside," said Li Canghe . He produced a jade box in an expert manner and placed the ant within it .

"Energy ant!" Chu Feng's heart skipped a beat as these two words appeared in his mind . Domain researchers had to touch upon the knowledge regarding certain odd curious lifeforms .

Energy ants could follow special energy . Its sense of smell was special and could track any kind of energy it had smelled before .

In the past, when domain great masters worked together to explore, break through complex topography, and dissolve the domains around the demonic sage's burial site, they had to utilize such energy ants .

There were many wondrous uses for such creatures but they were also quite easily restricted .

Chu Feng realized he was too careless and didn't think the other party would possess an energy ant . If he had known, he would've probably laid down some domains to block such creatures .

Apparently, Li Canghe had used the energy ant to trace the safe path and had thus arrived safely .

"This energy pagoda seems to be whole . There should be various secret books from the era of this imperial court . This is truly a great fortune!" Li Canghe sighed in admiration . His eyes were burning as he looked at Chu Feng and said, "Little Brother Chu, have you obtained the inheritance?"

"No . " Chu Feng shook his head .

"What is that in your hands? Can I take a look?" Li Canghe smiled warmly .

Chu Feng had tried opening it but, to his surprise, had failed . He became quite helpless after a number of attempts .

He knew this was a priceless treasure . Something an imperial court of evolved beings was preserving in someone's stead, one could only imagine how shocking its origin should be!

Chu Feng absolutely wouldn't give the silver box to Li Canghe, but currently, he felt confident and strong enough to protect this mysterious object .

After his rapid evolution, he could now see through Li Canghe's strength . The latter had, indeed, severed his seventh shackle .

He casually tossed it over without fear of the man taking it out of greed .

"It is indeed a good item . The material is quite special as if its made of a mystic metal . There are specks of silvery light containing a divine power . " Li Canghe sighed in admiration .

Very soon, his expression shook . "This looks like a certain type of mother of mystic metal . How unbelievable!"

Li Canghe was shaken . He stroked the silver box time and again before instilling it with his energy . The box immediately became as brilliant as the sun .

"This material can be made into an ultimate weapon!" His hands were trembling as if he was holding a supreme treasure . His voice was also shaky .

Only those orthodoxies with millions of years of inheritance would be able to nurture an ultimate weapon . It would be rare to find even traces of one in a host of stars .

Once such an item came out, it would defeat everything . It would decimate mountains, rivers, and myriad objects . Burning the ocean to dust would be extremely easy, and collapsing top-grade sects or eradicating a whole region wasn't too difficult either .

Once such a weapon came out, no one would be able to stop it . Even a sect with ten thousand years of glory and deep foundations would be completely wiped out .

How could Li Canghe not tremble? The material of this silver box was actually a mother of mystic metal that could be made into an ultimate weapon!

Just what could be in this box? He felt his spirit trembling with excitement . His was overly excited because he felt this item would soon belong to him .

He tried opening it but didn't succeed .

Very soon, Li Canghe calmed down and said towards Chu Feng . "I happened to see this box flying into your hand as I came in . That's quite odd . "

"Yes, I feel the same . " Chu Feng nodded .

"Are there some things you're not telling me?" Li Canghe questioned .

"Like what?" replied Chu Feng .

Li Canghe thought about it again and felt that Chu Feng might not necessarily know the origins of this box since he had just obtained it .

"Chu Feng, you're quite talented and not a bad person . With some nurturing, you might even become a great domain master, but too bad you won't have the time . " Li Canghe sighed .

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"What do you mean?" Chu Feng asked .

Li Canghe replied with an indifferent expression, "What I mean is, you've made great contributions and helped me obtain a divine instrument . I'll remember your good deeds so you can go in peace . "

"You want to get rid of me?" Chu Feng glared at him . "I helped you break domains and opened up this imperial court of evolved beings . Yet, you want to kill me?"

"Do you think you can live after such a rare treasure comes into being? Choose how you want to die . " Li Canghe smiled lightly .

"I don't want to die!" said Chu Feng .

Li Canghe shed all pretenses and was no longer wearing a friendly expression . "Fool! We can let it be if you opened some simple remains, but how can you hope to live after such a divine depository comes into being . You must be silenced!"

In truth, he wanted to keep the silver box for himself without telling those from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave .

Li Canghe stared at Chu Feng with cold eyes . In his eyes, the latter was already a dead man . He definitely wouldn't let Chu Feng leave and reveal things .

"You ungrateful wretch!" Chu Feng stared at him . Although he knew this man wasn't a good person and that he likely wouldn't share treasures with him, such an attitude still made him quite angry .

"Young man, you're overthinking it . Did you think we should be thankful to you just because you're helping us scout the road? How naive! In our eyes, you're merely a slave . If you don't obey, we won't hesitate to kill you immediately . My politeness earlier was just to facilitate your obedience!"

Li Canghe had completely shed all pretenses . His words were now full of malice .

"You old dog, you really know how to turn around and bite people . " Chu Feng sighed .

"You're courting death!" Li Canghe's face sunk . He no longer needed Chu Feng at the moment and would silence him completely in order to avoid future troubles .

He wore a cruel and cold smile as he closed in step by step . "I originally wanted to give you a clean death, but you insult me repeatedly . Do you really want to be tortured and humiliated?"

The toad had retreated to one side and was enjoying the show .

Li Canghe cast a sidelong glance at it and said, "Disgusting bug, you also have to die . Hiding won't do you any good!"

The toad was infuriated . "F*ck your mother, uncle, and his mother! This grandpa here didn't want to scold you at first, but you dare insult me you reckless old dog? You're dead meat!"

Li Canghe's eyes were cold as he stared at the toad intently . However, in the end, he decided to deal with Chu Feng first . As an expert with seven severed shackles, he possessed sufficient strength to look down on all the locals of the continent .

"A mere aborigine dares treat me with disrespect!"

He reached out his big hand and wanted to crush Chu Feng to death . There was coldness in his eyes and his methods were violent .


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A bright red flying knife flew out with great resplendence from Chu Feng's side . It barked loudly as it hacked towards the big hand .

"Woof! Woof! Woof…"

It was during this moment that Li Canghe felt intense pain from his fingers . He saw that all five of his fingers had been cut off and had fallen to the ground, flowing with fresh blood .

"Ah…" He seemed to have sensed the pain only a while later . Only then did he let out a loud cry .

"Woof! Woof! Woof…" With intense sounds of barking dogs, the red flying knife shook and hacked towards the man's arms . With a flash of rosy light, Li Canghe's forearm was cut off and fell to the ground .

"How is this possible?!" Li Canghe retreated rapidly .

He suspected whether he had really been bitten by a dog . A terrifying evil dog had approached him and bitten off his arm . How could it be otherwise?

One had to know that the opponent was a cripple . Chu Feng, who had lost the ability to evolve, was no better than a cripple in his eyes .

Li Canghe rapidly fell back but he couldn't outrun the knife . The blade slashed down again with a pfft and completely hacked off his right arm .


Li Canghe cried out in misery . He was in unbearable pain, but most importantly, he was absolutely shocked in his heart—was this done by a cripple?!

"You're not crippled, but an expert with strength equal to seven severed shackles!" Li Canghe was shaken . His face was pale as he staggered back . He couldn't believe this truth . He was unwilling to accept this .

"What did you think?" Chu Feng looked down at his opponent in mockery . He no longer hid anything—his powerful aura was released in its entirety .

Li Canghe was like a wounded beast . He let out a howl and was both angry and afraid . He felt too indignant because, in the end, not only did he fail to silence his target, but was instead about to be played to death .

"Go to hell!" He let out an angry roar and tossed out a mirror . It was obviously a magical weapon . Radioactive energy seeped out of it to suppress Chu Feng .


It was at this time that Chu Feng's eyes erupted with the Fiery Pupils and shot out two beams of light which blasted upon the ancient mirror, causing it to shake violently .


At the same time, the terrifying beams from Chu Feng's eyes pierced through Li Canghe's body, causing blood to flow out uncontrollably .

"I'll slaughter you!" Li Canghe was unresigned . He used all of his methods and risked his life to activate the ancient mirror . Additionally, his body began to glow as if it was burning . Energy surged as he planned to take everything down with him .

But Chu Feng's eyes were too bizarre . Several buzzing beams shot out with frightening divine energy!

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Li Canghe's ancient mirror actually lost control and flew off to one side .

Within the blink of an eye, more bloody holes were punctured through Li Canghe's body through which energy seeped towards the outside . He immediately became weak but was still trying hard to burn himself and drag Chu Feng down with him .

"Seven severed shackles mere amounts to this much . "

Chu Feng said thus as his eyes brightened and shot out more terrifying divine lights . The beams pierced through Li Canghe's face and entered his forehead .

"Ah…" Li Canghe cried miserably . He had lost all hope at this moment .

With a swoosh, Chu Feng arrived before him and grabbed him by the collar . "You're too weak!"

"You…" Li Canghe felt humiliated . As an expert with seven severed shackles, he should've been able to look down on all natives of earth . However, he was actually forcefully suppressed today .

With a crack, Chu Feng rapidly broke the man's neck and waited until his eyes dimmed down completely .

Chu Feng retrieved the silver box and then tossed Li Canghe's body into a region of unbroken domains . With a pfft, the corpse was ground into a mass of bloody mist and eliminated in body and soul .

Chu Feng shot a glance at the ancient mirror on the ground . It was an extraordinary magical weapon . However, he didn't keep it, but instead tossed it into the domains and destroyed it completely .

That was because he was worried those people from the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave might be able to trace it by special means .

Chu Feng ordered the toad, "Clean up the fingers and blood on the ground . Set it up so that Li Canghe accidentally stepped into a restricted area and died . "

He didn't want to openly fight against the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave just yet . He wanted to cooperate with them and utilize their knowledge to find more ruins . Thus, he decided not to reveal the truth about how he had killed Li Canghe .

The toad was dissatisfied . Why did it have to do such dirty work all the time? But it had no choice and could only start the cleaning process lazily .

Chu Feng studied the silver box for a long time but found that it would tremble slightly only when circulating the breathing technique he had gotten from Yellow Ox . But even then, it still wouldn't open .

"My strength is still not enough?!" At the same time that he was surprised, his heart also began to burn with desire .

It required a special breathing technique and also sufficient strength in order to open . This was his conclusion . Chu Feng was truly looking forward to it .

Chu Feng wasn't in a hurry at all . The silver box wasn't going anywhere until he reached a certain level of strength .

He suspected that the item inside was related to the mysterious breathing technique . It might be a certain art or technique . Naturally, this was just his guess . The truth was yet to be found out .

After dilly-dallying for a long time, Chu Feng and the toad went back along their original path and brought the people back to the energy pagoda . He was giving this "fortune" to them .

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