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The Sacred Ruins - Chapter 366

Published at 5th of June 2018 07:50:19 PM

Chapter 366: Successful Descent
"An inheritance pagoda made from special energy!"

The group cried out in surprise . All of them were eager to give it a try .

"Where's senior Li? He's… dead?!" Of course, some people were concerned about Li Canghe . They saw the pool of blood within the domain and felt quite uncomfortable .

The whole area was in confusion . Some were happy, wanting nothing more than to rush into the tower and obtain the imperial court's secret books, while others were sighing at Li Canghe's lamentable fate .

Chu Feng naturally sighed repeatedly about how Li Canghe was too careless and that he shouldn't have acted so rashly . Such a tragedy wouldn't have happened if only the latter had waited for him to go back and pick them up .

The toad was dumbfounded . It glared at Chu Feng with its bulging eyes and wanted to tell him that he shouldn't overdo the acting—couldn't he speak with some conscience?


Chu Feng kicked the toad away and said, "How can you be so indifferent when Senior Li has encountered such a fate? And you even dare bulge your eyes like so? What's the meaning of this? Have I spoiled you that much?"

"F*ck!" The toad was so furious that it really wanted to bite someone . "What injustice! The man was killed by you! I only glanced askance and received a kick?!"

Many people were sighing . They felt that Li Canghe was simply too unlucky . Why did he have to act alone without any good reason? Now he had died miserably within the domains .

In their eyes, the man had died unjustly . If he had just waited a bit longer, Chu Feng would've come out to bring everyone to the energy pagoda .

Some people were cursing inside . They felt that Li Canghe wasn't an honest person . He didn't trust Chu Feng and, additionally, also wanted to be the first to obtain the inheritance . That was the reason why he had met such a fate .

The corporate higher-ups were quite delighted . They had long since been upset with Li Canghe because he had harmed many of their scions by using them as cannon fodder . His death delighted these people .

The half-burnt woman glanced at the pool of blood and then again at Chu Feng . She felt truly apprehensive after noticing how ominous Chu Feng was .

At Jiangning on Mount Zhijin, she had personally experienced it . Many people died that day while she herself was half burnt .

Now, Li Canghe who was at the same level as her had directly passed away .

She felt that she had to stay far away whenever Chu Feng was exploring . This fellow was a true star of calamity .

Very soon, people began to focus their attention on the energy pagoda . No one cared about Li Canghe anymore .

They were discussing, studying how to best obtain the inheritance .

As descender scions, they understood many things and, with the old woman present, they concluded that one would be able to obtain the inheritance by entering the tower .

"I'll take the risk!" said Feng Hong with burning eyes . He wanted to stand out at this point and see if he could obtain these scriptures from countless eons ago .

That was because the energy pagoda was already quite dim and there was no telling how many times it could transfer the inheritance . Hence, he wanted to be the first .


Feng Hong rushed over but was blocked by a screen of light . His whole body scanned from head to toe, and in the end, he was obstructed and a mechanical voice told him that he was incompatible .

"What incompatible?! I'm dissatisfied!" He scolded angrily and wanted to charge in forcefully .


Finally, he was sent flying by a certain force, half-dead and with blood flowing out of his seven orifices . His body was full of wounds and fractures .

This awakened everyone as if they were facing a great enemy .

Following which, they went up one by one in hopes of obtaining the inheritance .

Unfortunately, all of them were denied one by one . None of them passed, not even an expert with seven severed shackles like the old woman .

As time passed, there was finally someone who was compatible . This astonished everyone because it was actually Xu Mei . Her strength couldn't be considered top notch, but she had successfully entered the energy pagoda .

Chu Feng was shaken by this and felt that it was unbelievable . Could it be that there was some secret in her body? Under normal circumstances, she couldn't have grasped Yellow Ox's breathing technique .

The energy tower shook as some damaged scriptures materialized with a loud boom and began to flicker within the tower . Then they began to flow into Xu Mei's body .

"Ah…" she screamed and held her head as if she was in great pain . In the end, she was flung away with blood flowing out of his nose and mouth .

"Xu Mei, what happened?" The group rushed over and began to inspect her condition .

"My head hurts so much!" She felt that her spirit was almost torn apart . Fortunately, she was able to resist it, but her condition wasn't too great .

"Did you obtain the inheritance?!" The old woman asked .

"Why can you enter the tower?" Princess Lin asked .

"Just now, it said that, as a descendant of this imperial court, my bloodline is compatible . So, I walked in, but the inheritance within was too damaged and thus injured my spirit," said Xu Mei .

Everyone was shocked after hearing this .

"My ancestors might be refugees from earth," Xu Mei divulged some of her secrets .

Long ago during the ancient era, Xu Mei's ancestors migrated to their mother star . It could be said that they were forced to leave behind their homeland .

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"So detailed? It even requires a descendant?!"

Many people were disappointed . At the same time, they were even more dejected that the inheritance was problematic . It would be very difficult to recreate the scriptures of old .

Chu Feng didn't say anything and was pondering in secret . It was apparent that this place was once completely destroyed and all scriptures were completely cleared away . This energy pagoda appeared only much later and could be considered a backup method .

Otherwise, there was no way they could keep this silver box .

Princess Lin was denied and so was Lin Naoi…

The higher ups of the corporations and their young descendants all went up to try but no one succeeded in the end .

Everyone tried another round, but it was hopeless in the end .

Everyone stared at Xu Mei because they wanted to know about the uses of the damaged scriptures .

Xu Mei laughed wryly and said, "The scriptures are interrupted and skipping about . They can't be used . "

With that, she recited all of them openly and had everyone else probe her spirit to see if she was lying .

Everyone was helpless . But it was truly regretful because they had clearly discovered an inheritance pagoda but gained nothing in the end .

Even though they weren't satisfied, they still had to retreat in the end . It was useless to stay .

"Sigh, we all knew that earth was badly destroyed and various orthodoxies were destroyed . Many things were taken away," someone lamented .

"That can't be all . Things were quite bizarre that year . Although this vital star was ruined, no one took away the sacred trees . It seems as if something else happened . Many outer realm beings believe that there are many buried cave residences on earth . Once unearthed, there might be complete inheritances inside . "

Later on, they left this area and began to explore the other parts of the imperial court . However, they found an even more terrifying scene .

There was a frightening crack in the deepest parts . It was like a black hole—a gigantic tear in the void that had destroyed everything with a certain type of special energy .

The old woman drew a breath of cold air and said, "This is likely caused by an attack from one of those experts who can illuminate the heavens . Its energy remains even after the passage of many eras, preventing the void from healing . "

Chu Feng had seen a hundred stars on Mount Tai and each of them had a life form upon it . Now he understood just how powerful these heaven-illuminating experts were .

Such existences would be offered sacrifices and worship from various realms . Their strength was imaginable .

"Let's go . There's nothing more to find here . What a disappointment . "

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Finally, they had no choice but to go back and leave the imperial court behind .

"There's no telling just how many secrets there are under the whole of Mount Qinling . Today, we only uncovered a mere corner . We might be able to dig out even more astonishing things next time," said someone .

They weren't quite satisfied but they could only retreat for now . They had to scout those ancient ruins and could only enter after finding the entrance .

After the experience this time, everyone noticed Chu Feng's importance . He could even lead everyone into the inheritance zone of an imperial court . His methods were indeed extraordinary .

"Hey, I remember someone said I would get a delightful surprise if I can break the domains near the energy pagoda and lead everyone into the area . Where are my benefits?"

Chu Feng said with a laugh on the way back .

Princess Lin said with a face full of smiles, "I'll treat you to dinner later . "

"That's the so-called delightful surprise? My schedule is fully booked . I can't spare time for that," said Chu Feng .

The others were speechless . This man was simply too direct . He just declined Princess Lin's invitation like that .

Qi Lin laughed, "You are simply too pragmatic . I wanted to invite you to a meal first and then give you some benefits . But now… you've hurt me . I take back the invitation and the benefits!"

"Don't do that! Treat me to dinner . I'll squeeze out some time even if I'm fully booked," Chu Feng hurriedly said with a smile .

"No treat!" Princess Lin rolled her eyes .

"Yes treat!" Chu Feng was like a beggar . He just wouldn't let go .

"What a rascal!"

Before long, Lin Naoi came over to Chu Feng and whispered, "Don't ever go to the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave . "

"Why?!" Chu Feng was astonished because Princess Lin had indeed invited him to go to the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave and asked him to go as soon as possible .

"The outer realm divine children and saintesses are about to come down," Lin Naoi informed Chu Feng that the newcomers might get into a conflict with the old descenders from 22 years ago .

"It's best you don't get targeted during this period . " Lin Naoi looked at him calmly .

In the outer realm . There was something happening at this moment, something with great implications .

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Earlier on, four outer realm lifeforms had landed on the man-made satellite and tried to communicate with those on earth . Now they were beginning to move .

A certain blonde young man with white wings, a graceful and lithe beauty, a jet black bird, and a brightly colored ferocious tiger . . .

Currently, the black bird was the first to make its move . It leapt up from a nearby space station and moved towards the earth .

It was attempting to forcefully pass through the gate and descend to earth .

Its gigantic body was like a small hill . It spread its wings which almost covered up the skies—its black feathers, as cold as metal, were extremely terrifying .

It was accompanied by a vigorous energy aura as it dived towards the earth . It was enshrouded in frightening black radiance akin to a black sun traversing the skies .


As it approached the earth, an ineffable energy appeared and weaved through the sky to block its descent .

The bird screamed as it suffered tremendous pain .

That was because its feathers were already beginning to immolate . Its whole body had burst into flames and was causing it intense suffering .

This wasn't its own radiance but the mysterious energy from earth burning it!

"Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle!"

The feathers on its body were completely charred and quite a few of them had turned to ash . Even its physical body was starting to grow black . It had been badly wounded .

With a sharp and terrifying cry, the vault of the sky began to tremble . This alarmed many organizations and some satellites were able to clearly capture this scene .

Finally, it let out a long cry and fell from the sky . Its whole body was full of injuries and all of its feathers had been burnt away .

It actually succeeded!

At that same moment, the other three watching from the satellite also dived down .

What's even more terrifying was that there was an even greater commotion in deep space . Several meteors began to rush towards earth .

There was a human figure on each of them . They rapidly approached earth and were on the verge of charging into the atmosphere!

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