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The Sacred Ruins - Chapter 624

Published at 27th of March 2019 02:29:26 PM

Chapter 624

After the upheavals, great oceans hidden within folded spaces emerged into view, and surface area covered by the Earth's oceans expanded by more than a hundred times . They were vast and boundless with no end, and in a short while, the numbers of species prospered by a thousand times .

Then the golden-bright light cast down by the sun cracked on the surface of the azure Eastern Sea as it rose and fell following ocean sprays . There were dazzling fragmented pieces of gold all over the surface of the ocean .

Yet Chu Feng's eyes were cold . He was taciturn as he walked beneath the ocean, cautious and careful as he approached his target area . He toned down his body's abilities, becoming one with the coral and seaweed that were in his surroundings .

There was a lush green bamboo boat, sparkling and twinkling up on the sea . However, it was obscured within a domain of nothingness . Were it not for Chu Feng's Fiery Eyes, he wouldn't have seen it at all .

This divine antique boat could traverse across the entire starry skies . Back then, some of the almighty had crossed the universe upon it, travelling to the outer realms .

The material of the bamboo boat was tastefully chosen . It was flourishing with vitality and was still full of vigor to this day . Fresh leaves grew upon it, and the green bamboo was translucent and sparkling .

Yuchi Kong was rather calm and tranquil, drinking tea leisurely . He was lying low, quietly waiting for creatures to come out from the depths of these territorial waters . He would then rise suddenly and take up arms, capturing them .

His breathing was steady; he had a profound understanding of breathing techniques . He was spreading a strong sense of vitality when he expired and inspired .

"Evidence has shown that one can only live long and have the last laugh when they bear patiently . Zhou Shang is heavenly-bestowed, possesses the Innocuous Godhead, and can restrain anyone . After all is said and done, he'll rise and have no qualms as the Earth's true one . "

A faint smile emerged on his face . He held Zhou Shang in quite a high regard because he was a protector and their fates were already intertwined together . He was to rise alongside the Earth's true one according to the situation and obtain the approval of the planet's will . Then, perhaps the legendary supreme purple clouds and mysterious yellow clouds of the primal chaos would descend and merge together with him .

One could say him and the Earth's true one Zhou Shang were now bound together for good or ill, their fates connected together long ago .

Furthermore, he had already made his decision before . He would not fall back as he believed Zhou Shang could rise to power and ultimately become an overlord figure within the universe .

As for Chu Feng, a cold expression showed on his countenance when this name appeared in his mind . He was somewhat resentful and held contempt against him . In his eyes, Chu Feng was behind the times and, as a result, had died a tragic death . When alive, he was unwilling in handing over the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique, leading them to have to go through a lot of trouble to look for it over and over again .

"It's rather a pity . For a fake, your power is truly astonishing . You've managed to bring about much fame and power, and if one didn't know, they would've really believe you were the chosen one . Yet you're destined to be just an abandonment, serving the true one . Even though you didn't die in the great battle of Kunlun, sometime in the future, you'll need to die in place of the true one . This is your fate and your path is already foretold . "

Yuchi Kong's eyes were chilling . With regards to Chu Feng's death, he cared about it but he wasn't upset . Instead, he was sorrowful that they could lose the trails to the Robbery Induction breathing technique .

However, he firmly believed that there couldn't be just one copy of the Robbery Induction breathing technique on Earth . Maybe they could find access to it through Chu Feng's parents or the things and trails he had left behind .

"You fake, you're just an abandoned child! Although you're already dead, Mount Eternal is still a handful . We've already offended them, and if we let them grow, there'll be calamity in the end . "

Having said this, Yuchi Kong's eyes icy and aloof . He narrowed his eyes, watching the foggy maritime area after taking a sip of his tea .

"Chu Feng, you relinquent, you've left so much inconvenience even after your death . After all, how can I assist the true one in obtaining the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique?"

He put down his teacup and frowned . He had pursued after the foggy maritime area for many days already, yet he was still hopeless as before .

At this moment, directly underneath the surface of the sea where the bamboo boat was, Chu Feng's eyes were like blackholes engulfing rays of light . He hadn't used his Fiery Eyes as he was afraid Yuchi Kong could sense it . Instead, he was relying on his intuition to focus his attention on a particular position on the surface of the sea .

The green bamboo boat was awfully strange . It could be concealed within space and ordinary evolvers weren't able to see it .

His knife was unsheathed and held tightly in his hand . It was dark red in color and had a old-fashioned yet simple style . With just a glance, one could tell it was an antique, and it looked like it hadn't been unsheathed in many years .

One simply couldn't see much without examining carefully . Its point wasn't sharp, and it was incredibly reserved with no raging murderous spirit .

Chu Feng carried the scabbard on his back . It was almost rotten, having experienced erosion over the endless years . Chu Feng suspected that the soldiers on the path of reincarnation had existed for at least a couple of hundred thousand years . He had reached the verdict from consulting the photon computer's records and comparing those to their garments .

In fact, he was inclined to believe they had been there for more than millions of years .

This also implied that these long dark red swords were exceptionally ancient . Even though they were formatted, the soldiers on the path of reincarnation could endure such a long test of time with one of these swords in their hands . As before they looked horrifying .

Now, Chu Feng was somewhat suspecting that the land of reincarnation wasn't naturally generated and neither were those soldiers naturally born there .

The Red Spider Lily had once also denied having been reincarnated .

Chu Feng felt a chill run down his back upon thinking this as the situation was rather grave . Such a great work has existed for over millions of years . Where were its participants now and were they still alive?

However, the land of reincarnation was still operating, and as before, those who carried the black talisman would take the path of reincarnation there . This in itself was a clear way of showing how deep the water was .

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At the present moment, he was still powerlessly probing .

Chu Feng had lay hidden for a long time . Those on the surface were unaware of this as he moved slowly . He had a long dark red sword in his hands, pointing it upward .

At the same time, he was holding the black talisman between his teeth . This had allowed him to fly on the path of reincarnation where flying was unavailable . Now outside the path, it allowed him to accelerate .

At last, Chu Feng attacked!

He was like a spectre and was completely silent . He soared upward toward the sky with the long dark red sword in his grasp . He directly charged toward the back of Yuchi Kong's head .

All of the forbearance and laying low was for this exact moment . He burst out entirely!

Chu Feng was dashing with murderous intent upon recalling faces of Yuchi Kong and the true one . They didn't give up even after his death and still wanted to hunt after his parents .

The so-called true one always wanted Chu Feng to make offerings . He himself didn't dare fight and contest for opportunities, so for what reason should he be the true one? Chu Feng utterly despised him .

Chu Feng had the intent to kill someone who would target his friends and family, deal the killing blow to native evolvers from Earth, yet didn't have the guts to offend those from the outer realms . He wanted to chop them all up as a warning to others . In his point of view, such an individual wasn't worthy to be known as the heaven's chosen one .

Horrifying blade intent gushed out all at once . In an instant, the sword transformed from dull to dazzling and looked like a bright red galaxy . It was vast and boundless, filling the whole space .

It couldn't be denied that Yuchi Kong was ridiculously strong . He belonged to a realm at least two levels greater than the visualization realm and was calm in the hour of peril . He reacted the instant the abrupt assassination occurred with radiance erupting from his entire body .

Behind him, a group of symbols emerged . These were tightly packed together and forged from energy using powerful scriptures that he knew . Divine light densely covered his body, protecting the back of him .

Yuchi Kong had partaken himself within the opportunities that Zhou Shang, the Earth's true one, had obtained, so he had practiced quite a few of the wonderful mysterious tomes left behind by forebears from the early times .


The air vibrated as if divine thunder from the nine heavens had burst out . A great violent explosion with surging energy occurred after the area was flooded with the dark red gleam from the sword .

In an instant, raging waves crashed against the shore and great billows rolled upward toward the sky, shaking up the clouds .

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Above all, the dark red gleam from the sword whirled around the area, lava-like as it wreaked havoc . It swept across the entire maritime region, killing all forms of life .


Yuchi Kong took in a gulp of cold air . He had already leapt into the air like a big roc with incredibly speed . His whole body emitted golden runes as he tried to dodge the fatal attack .

Despite this, his back was cut open and he was badly mutilated . His blood was scarlet red and glistened with radiance .

This was what the gleam of the sword had caused . It had severely injured him, and he lost a critical amount of vitality .

This was because the Sword of Reincarnation was rather strange . It devoured the enemy's blood after its gleam slashed them open, forcefully stripping them of their vitality .

Unfortunately, it was only the gleam of the sword which touched the enemy's body, not the sword itself as Yuchi Kong's response was just too quick .


Yuchi Kong snarled . His expression was sinister as his chest rose and fell violently . Since the upheavals and his birth, though he had repeatedly surreptitiously attacked before, he had never lost out . He had helped the true one remove any obstacles with ease, so hadn't anticipated that he would almost get struck down today!

There was a rumble sound as all of a sudden and without the slightest hesitation, he angrily swatted at Chu Feng . In a flash, his hand turned black and purple . This was the impressive and well-known Nether Palm . It had originated from a certain Yin master and had been passed on from the distant past .

For a moment, there was a swell of black mist as the breath of the netherworld emerged . It was as if there was a huge nether world behind him, howling and bawling as they charged forwards .


Chu Feng coughed up a large mouthful of blood . Having experienced such a fight at a close distance, he could sense how great the opponent's level was . It was possible that he exceeded Chu Feng's own level by more than two realms . Vigorous energy pounded at him, and he felt like he was being struck by lightning . His chest felt smothered and he was bleeding from his mouth and nose .

He was wearing layers upon layers of armor on his body, and these were all quality goods various divine sons had left behind . Yet in so much as an instant, at least ten layers of armor crumbled and shattered into pieces, blowing up one after the other .

This old fellow was ridiculously strong!

Chu Feng felt as though he had just been smashed with the God of War's hammer . His whole body was in pain, and his bones creaked and groaned, some of which already broken .

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However, he didn't fall back . He faced the opponent's Nether Palm and struck forward, advancing with the long dark red sword . He was bold and fearless .

In the midst of these course of events, the ten layers of armor Chu Feng's spirit had donned also exploded in a flash as energy invaded his body and tore them apart .

However, at this moment, Chu Feng's Sword of Reincarnation pierced Yuchi Kong's palm .

At first, Yuchi Kong scorned . He wanted to directly snap the sword with a swat, but he was, after all, an extraordinary being . When the simple sword approached, he abruptly closed his palm at the last moment . However, he was startled as his hair stood up, frizzled . Immediately, he turned backward and took shelter .

But he was still a bit late . The tip of the dark red sword touched his finger and gave him a very small cut .

"Mn?!" In a split second, Yuchi Kong's scalp became numb as his heart trembled . He could feel himself losing a great chunk of spirit power at once . This nip was quite frightening .

He sensed that part of his soul had been erased . Moreover, a strange energy was spreading from that finger toward his hand, engulfing his spirit .

"Damn it!" he shouted in fury . A horrifying written account came to his mind before his face became deathly white . He quickly drew back .

"Chi!" He was decisive toward others and ruthless toward himself, too . He used his other hand to chop off his hand, breaking his wrist without even creasing his brows .

However, the next moment, he became pale and aghast once again as a trace of the strange energy had invaded his arm, and he wasn't able to stop it in time .

"Is this… the Sword of Reincarnation? How could this be? They should've been destroyed many years ago, yet they've appeared once more . There's going to be riots in this world now and the entire universe will be thrown into a turmoil of war!"

Yuchi Kong shrieked oddly . This was because when he and the Earth's true one were looking for ancient tomes, they had unexpectedly discovered a record which had mentioned the sword of reincarnation . There was to be a disaster if it was to appear .

There were even clues in the record which mentioned that this part of the universe was, in fact, a ruin . There was once a great upheaval where soldiers armed with Swords of Reincarnation had appeared, and the whole world had fought against each other endlessly .

In fact, the writings had recorded speculations that this part of the universe had already been wiped out . It speculated that the present lifeforms were just ghosts, and the entire starry skies was part of the netherworld .

In that short moment of panic, Yuchi Kong had taken action in advance by chopping his whole arm off . Afterward, he was incomparably hard against himself and even removed his shoulder .

Chu Feng advanced once again . He waved the Sword and charged forward!

"Ka-cha!" At this moment, the bronze mask on his face split open . Although it wasn't the area focused on, it had taken ferocious energy not long ago and was now disintegrating .

Chu Feng paid no heed to this and pressed on courageously with the Sword of Reincarnation in his hand!Please download our sponsor's game to support us!