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Chapter 17

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In the car on the way to Shibuya

She silently listens to Ken report about the latest disturbance in West Tokyo region . It is not her job to handle it but it is Kaede instead . She always updates their family matters just to make sure there are no unexpected and unneeded things from happening before she could intervene with it . Both of her brothers are more than capable of handling it, she only the extra if they need help and it is rarely necessary .

Today she is in the car on the way to go to their family casino to deliberate about one of the workers that been reported to have sexually harassed a client . This news is quite shocking for her because she is really strict when it comes to the quality of services they promise to provide and sexual harassment is not something she takes lightly . They maybe yakuza but it doesn't mean they are allowed to tainted women reputation . This been their unspoken rule Kahina implemented to the family . Kahina understands Yakuza always been associated with crime but some crime is taboo . For Hinode Group, prostitution and drug are two things they are not allowed to do . Kahina believes these two will doom anyone to the point no turning back . If everything is according to her planning, they will able to clean off their hand from crime completely in a few years . That is the main reason she set up both of the company for the family so, they don't need to depend on wrongdoing to gain power and money . She promised herself the Hinode will be stronger in future .

"Has he admitted his wrongdoing?" she asks with very chilly low tone . Obviously, she is not in a good mood about it .

"No, young mistress . He kept insisting he is innocent . " Ken carefully answered .

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"The outcome of the investigation?"

"He is innocent . She refused to pay her debt then tried to settle it with her body but he turns her down, that is when she starts accused him attempted to **** her . "

"She is bold . Get me her details" Ken immediately pass her a file . Kahina slowly read all the information and smiled dangerously .

"Just fulfil her wish and settle as soon as possible . Don't let her go to media . "

"But young mistress! It is like we admit we are at fault . There is no justice on our side . " Ken voice out his dissatisfied with Kahina's order .

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"Do you trust me?"

"Yes young mistress"

"Good . Please inform Keito, I will handle this matter and contact Lawyer Gu for me, will you?" Ken is only able to swallow his displeasure and nod weakly .

"Ken, trust me . I'll get justice for him . She will wish herself dead after I am done with her" Ken's eyes shine brightly upon listening to her . She always keeps her promise and when it happens, no one will complain about the outcome . The girl just digs her own grave .

Kahina is not someone righteous but more to black belly person and she always hit at the most painful spot . Through the woman's report, she understands that that woman is an opportunist and Kahina also believes she has a strong backer . That is why she really dares to pick a fight with them . She believes the backer is one of Hinode Family's enemies . To settle with the girl is an easy matter but she wants to fish out the main mastermind because she thinks they might also relate with the occurrence of disturbance to Hinode Family recently . These problems need to vanish as soon as possible before it became more serious and difficult to handle .

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Suddenly she heard tire screeching and a very fast black car coming to their direction . A very loud bang and the last thing she remembered is an extremely panic face of Ken try to pull her in his embrace before she lost her consciousness . She felt nothing, no pain, no vision, not even a single sound .


Megamind Corp


Touma really surprises at the shattered broken glass near him . He accidentally bumps his back of his hand with the mug on his table . Suddenly, he felt really uncomfortable and perplexing feeling like something bad is going to happen . Once again he looks at the spill and shattered glass before reaching his intercom to call for Ando .

"Young Master! What is happening? Are you hurt?" here come the overreact motherly Ando . He immediately inspects Touma before calm himself when he satisfied after he didn't find any wound on Touma . He basically raises Touma so; his love towards his young master is more like a father and son than to a master . That is why sometimes he couldn't help to overreact and overprotective towards him .

Touma just let Ando check on him without saying a word . He already gets used to Ando's reaction and it is a really nice feeling to see Ando worried face . He smiles before to ask him to clean the spill . Ando immediately calls a cleaner and make sure no piece of glass is left behind . He worried it might accidentally hurt Touma later . Then after the cleaner done with her job, Ando turns to face Touma before asking him about the thing that been bothering Touma .

It is not something shocked for Touma when Ando ask him like that because he knows Touma understand him the best without he needed to voice out what is troubling him .

"It is just nothing . It is just an uncomfortable feeling all of sudden . Like something bad is going to happen, I just couldn't figure what it is . "

"Maybe you worry too much about the upcoming project . I will urge them to do better . " Ando tried to console Touma . 'Am I really bothered by the project? Hmm . Maybe it is . '

"Miss Hinode is not coming today?" He glances at the wall clock; it is already half an hour past five but no sign of Kahina yet . Kahina never missed claiming his time every day and he anticipates it every day to enjoy whatever plan Kahina thought for both of them . Contemplating about Kahina, he couldn't shake off his discomfort feeling it felt . He grabs his phone and calls her but it goes straight to her voice mail . The feeling he felt start to grow much worst .