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Published at 16th of August 2019 09:10:37 PM

Chapter 68

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It was a long affectionate kiss before he ended it with a small bite to her lip . This teasing game was bad for her heart and never did she know her heart was too weak . It was different from the kiss she stole last time . Last time it was more force deep desperate kiss but this time it felt different; sweet as candy .

"Sweet . Good choice," he casually licked his lower lip with a teasing smile to the motionless woman in front of him . He was having so much fun enjoying every minute especially with Kahina's flushed face and her loss of word . Now he understands why Kahina loves to tease him so much . Let's not discuss his heart, it almost jumped out from his chest but he succeeded in keeping it cool . Kissing the love of his life felt really good like he is in the romance drama where the love song serenade in the air together with everyone's harmonizes dancing to celebrate their love .

"Sweet?" she blinked a couple of time waiting for her brain to restart itself and process the current event . She tried to say something yet the restarting processed was damn too slow .

"The pancake with blueberry you were eating . Sweet and delicious . "

"Ahh . . . yeah . . . yeah . . . Here is yours . " she pushed the plate to him, still in a daze and resume feeding herself but once again she was stunned when Touma ate the pancake directly from her fork .

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'What is on mother earth is he try to do????!!!' Kahina slammed the fork and turned to face Touma all of sudden and this time Touma was the one with the surprise face . Kahina stared at his glistening bright eyes before pounced to hug him . Hiding her face to his neck .

"Please . . . Please . . . Don't torture me like this . My heart going to burst with happiness,"

He laughed while stretched out to bring Kahina in his embrace . One hand to her waist and the other is gently stroking her soft silky hair . The sound of their hearts pounded together creating rock music inside . Chaos .

"Finish your food . We had a lot to do . " He patted her and put the fork back to her hand . Kahina glanced at him and obediently ate everything clean .

After half an hour in the restaurant, they walked back to the car holding hands like a real loving couple but before they reach the car, two men all of sudden, grabbed both of them from behind and dragged them to the dark alley .

Unprepared for the ambush, Touma first instinct was to pull Kahina to him and blocked any incoming blow from the strangers but the blow he expecting didn't come . He let out a sigh of relief . Touma observed both of them tried to remember each detail about them . Both of them wore black hoodies and masks made him hard to identify them but the difference between them was the grabbed Touma wore a cap but the other one didn't . He must be careful since Kahina is with him . He can't rush making his move without fathoming the attackers' capabilities .

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"Look, man . . . We just tourists try to have a good time . Just let us go, okay?" He tossed his wallet to them . He tested their true motive . If they were his enemies then he will take a different approach but if this is only a simple robbery, he will just handle it a . s . a . p . They still need to follow Alana .

"Whoa! Rich guy! Jackpot!! Hahaha!" The taller man opened the wallet .

"Yeah! We are lucky but this is not enough . " All of sudden, they stopped laughing and pointed guns to them .

"Ahh . . . Guns . Gentlemen, that is not something you should play with," Touma frowned and he was sure both of them just street robbers .

Kahina immediately recognised the gun they using and her eyes glints with excitement . It was Sig Sauer P938 . The gun is small yet durable . It is easy to use and very light . These gun normally used by women because of its weight and small size . When Touma saw her eyes, his guts were telling him to settle this problem before she interfered . There is no hint of fear from her instead he can feel her excitement . 'Aish! This is bad . '

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Touma shoves her behind his back and smiles to the strangers before him . He warned her not to take any action .

Actually, she doesn't have any intention to interfere . Why would she? It is much more fun to be the damsel in distress for her white knight to save rather than act like wonder woman . 'Nah! Too much work . . . '

"Just tell me what you want; I'll see what I can do . "

"What we want? Hmm . . . Hehehe!" The one without cap taunted them with naughty glanced at Kahina .

"How about you let us taste your woman tonight?"

"My woman? I don't think that is a good idea . "

"Acting tough huh!!?" The man with a cap once again pointed the gun, aiming his face . Touma didn't dodge nor did he scare . He just sneered at them with no intention to run . Agitated with Touma's reaction, he tried to pull the triggered but before he had the chance, Touma snatched the gun and disassembled it in instant . Not waiting for the man recovered from the shock, Touma threw a punch to his face and dislocate the jaw . The cap man falls back and screaming his heart out in pain .

Without taking another second, the man without cap rushed to hit Touma . Unfortunately, it was so obvious and too easy for Touma to counter . A few minutes later, both of them lay down eating dirt and whimpered with pain .

"You should take the money and walk away . "

Honestly, he was really okay to let them go earlier because he doesn't want to create a ruckus and jeopardise the mission but he changed his mind when both of them step on the line with the thought of having Kahina . That is a no-no . The anger instantly erupted within him not yet to subside, he approached both of them slowly .

They both squeezed all ounce of their energy to move away from him but it just useless . Touma raised his foot to stomp on their faces but before he succeeded on doing that, he heard someone clapping from behind him . He looked at Kahina with a frown on his face before both of them faced the source of the sound .

"Wow! Only took three minutes to handle both of them . I'm impressed!"

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