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Published at 27th of February 2020 04:01:41 PM

Chapter 80

Edward dashed forward, closer to the roaring brutal ape. He started using his Nine Heavy Waves again and thrust his arm out emitting a loud "BOOM!". The brutal ape's body was colossal making it impossible to avoid the attack in time. Thus, it had no choice but take the attack head on and resist as much damage as possible.

"Let me test my skills on you." Said Edward while calmly walking towards the brutal ape. Suddenly his left fist thrust forward, violent waves began to combine and rush up his arm and out of his fist. "BOOM!"

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A violent cracking sound like the snapping of twigs quickly followed.

Jing Yun and the others were all astonished at the scene. brutal ape? At that moment, Edward was even more brutal and beast like than the brutal ape. Unceasingly punching using his technique Nine Heavy Waves, showing no signs of stopping. The vibrations in the air were sweeping over several hundred miles. Layer upon layer of insanely oppressive waves were sweeping over the area which demonstrated to everyone exactly how powerful he was.

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"He's really making full use of the Nine Heavy Waves technique! He's using it in such a skillful way! The power is on a completely different level! He has brought his technique to the point of perfection, which many are not capable of reaching in this lifetime." Qing Yi definitely didn't think Edward could be called a piece of trash.

"The air is still full of Edward's power, the waves are not stopping. I've heard that understanding how to use and control Nine Heavy Waves to higher levels is extremely difficult. Edward's natural talent is amazing" Said Jing Yun looking lost in thought.

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"Monstrous" said Han Man scratching his face and looking gloomy.

"Bzzzzz" the shaking feeling stopped and the area became calm again. Edward turned around and looked at the three others: "you guys come pick up the precious items, I am too exhausted."

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