The Skill Maker - Chapter 77

Published at 23rd of February 2018 07:40:48 AM
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Chapter 77

<It Works #3>

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‘Then the plum, purple light I saw, that light is…’

It could be the energy that wasn’t flowing smoothly .

A lot of time had passed since the Hunters and the portals appeared .

Despite of that, there were still many things that haven’t been proven scientifically .

Hyun-Soo wasn’t able to completely figure out everything that he was seeing with his own eyes .

However .

‘I can make assumptions all I want . ’

Out of all the things that happened from the beginning up until now, how many were realistically possible?

Even the famous Mikhail said it too .

That reality was a fantasy .

He leveled up and the activation rate of Interface increased too .

That’s why it wasn’t so bad to look at it that way .

‘The more I know, the more amazing the skill is . ’

Even though the activation rate hasn’t reached the half point, if it continuously increased, then it’ll be developed more .

Blink, blink .

After looking at the faint blue light that was circling around the body, his eyes felt dry and was starting to hurt, causing him to close them .

He’s been looking at those light that was around the hunters for 20-30 minutes .

It wasn’t that long .

‘Is this my limit?’

Since the activation rate was low, it felt like the amount of time he could use the skill was short too .



The hunters used their skills to attack the monster that the hologram was displaying .

The skills that the hunters were using just happened to be fire and wind elements .

They were pouring out their skills as if to show that their skill was better than the other .

“They’re sure trying hard . ”

The hunter that was sitting next to him mumbled to himself .

When Hyun-Soo looked at them, they smiled and explained .

“You can’t see it? Since we have a new member, they’re trying to show that they’re the better hunter . They really don’t like losing . ”

You think you’re all that? I’m skill too .

That’s what this hunter was basically saying .

Thanks to that, Hyun-Soo was enjoying the show .

He wasn’t sure what kind of pairing this was, but the two hunters were using the skills that Hyun-Soo was focusing on .



The rain of fire came down like bombs .

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And the compressed air that whirled around it blew up .

That’s when the skills are synced with each other and for a moment, the explosion and the fire became stronger, but then became weak again .

‘Did they do that on purpose?’

They were hunters that worked together for a long time .

That’s why there’s no way they wouldn’t know what kind of effects their skills had .

But it didn’t seem like they were using it by targeting the additional effects .

‘Even if it’s for a moment, when the skills are mixed, they become stronger . ’

Wind and fire .

If a skill was created that involved those two elements, what would happen?

Especially for someone like David who had both of those elements, there’s no way he wouldn’t desire it .

‘Not bad . No, it’s really great actually . But under the condition that it’s actually possible . ’

The other hunters were pretty much done with their training .

Even though it was called training, they were actually showing off their skills and thanks to that, Hyun-Soo was able to really observe the A rank hunters’ skills .

They deserve that rank .

Watch them with his own eyes was better than watching a simulation .

The impact between watching them here and through the internet was definitely different .

Instinct was definitely the best .


‘I feel like it would be possible . ’

Hyun-Soo was in his personal training room and was thinking .

Skill combination .

Mixing two totally different elemental skills and creating a synergy effect .

Hyun-Soo wanted to give it a try, so he immediately closed his eyes and thought about the blue light he saw in the Center Room .

‘How did it flow again? Was it like this?’

After closing his eyes, he drew and imaginary light .

He didn’t really know a lot about the light .

But when it came to imagining the blue light and how they moved, he didn’t have a problem .

He slowly tapped into his memory .

‘It would’ve been nice if I could see them longer . ’

He was disappointed by the fact that there was a limit, causing him to lick his lips .

He couldn’t completely act out the complicated flow of the blue light .

It was a short time and there was only so much he could do just from his memories alone .

But he was able to get a general idea .

‘From there, it moved like this and then from here, like this…’

Honestly, he didn’t think it would suddenly work just from doing this .

However, he was trying it because he got the feeling that it may be possible .



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“… . . !”

Fire appeared .

Even though it was the size of a small fingernail, the fire did appear .

Using his memory, Hyun-Soo drew the path and moved the energy according to that path .

He wasn’t sure if the energy actually moved, but like when he obtained Invisible Attack, he gathered the energy and assumed that it was moving according to the path within his body .

He repeated this several of times .

‘Hm, guess it was just my imagination . It seems like it would work if I just following that path…’

But not too long after having that thought, the fire appeared again .

Fwoosh .

Hyun-Soo was shocked, which caused him to stop thinking about the energy’s movement and that’s when the fire disappeared .

‘I wasn’t imagining it, right? Let’s, let’s try again . ’

Hyun-Soo thought about what just happened and concentrated after closing his eyes .

The more he repeated it, the more he felt his fingertips getting hotter .

And then .

“… . . !”



There was a reason why he felt so strong about this being possible!

‘Should I try something else now?’

It was too early to celebrate .

His goal was to mix two different skills .

Since he succeeded in creating the fire, it wasn’t too hard to create wind .

And once again, laughter escaped from Hyun-Soo’s mouth .

“Ha, ha ha!”

The fire was the size of a fingernail and the wind was weaker than the breath that came out from his mouth .

If he were to only look at the results, he felt that it was poorly done .

However, if people knew about Hyun-Soo and knew a little bit about a hunter, then they wouldn’t be able to contain their astonishment .

People that knew Hyun-Soo would be shocked by the fact that Hyun-Soo discovered a new attribute and if they knew a bit about the hunter, they would be shocked by the fact that after he awakened as a hunter, he was able to use a totally different elemental skill without the use of a scroll .

To be honest, many would’ve already been shocked by the fact that he was able to do this not too long after he awakened as a hunter .

‘How do I combine these two?’

Hyun-Soo called out wind and fire in both of his hands and was deep into his thoughts .

‘It would be nice if I could just simply combine them . ’

But if it was that easy, then the other hunters wouldn’t work so hard to obtain a scroll .

No matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn’t think of any ideas .

He was somehow able to succeed in creating the fire and wind by following the flow of the blue energy, but combining those two was an unfamiliar area for him .

‘Do I need to look at the characteristics of the two? No, there’s no guarantee that I would get anything out of that . ’

Whatever .

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After looking at the fire and the wind that was on the palm of his hands, he joined his hands together .

‘I’m sure something will happen . ’

Just maintaining it so that it doesn’t die out was hard already, but since he was trying to figure out a new method, it felt like his head was going to blow up, which made him want to give up .

Will doing this combine these two?

Despite of having that thought, it was worth a try .

He didn’t have any other ideas .

‘If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work . ’

His thoughts were different compared to when he first started .

It might be an immature thought, but he first started this to challenge himself .

A challenge to his how far he can push his limits with the skill that he had .

Since it was a challenge that didn’t have a winner or a loser, succeeding halfway was good enough for him .

‘I do want to see the movement of the blue dot more . ’

What would it be like if he could obtain the skill of another person?

A skill that allows him to obtain the skill of another no matter how powerful it was .

Hyun-Soo thought about the blue dot that was floating around the hunters’ bodies .

It was obvious what he was thinking about .

‘The ability to copy the skill of another!’

There were definitely limits and there was no way for him to know how far he could go .

For Hyun-Soo, who wants to become stronger, the idea of being able to copy the skill of another made him feel excited .

Is there a hunter alive who would deny this kind of power?

Hyun-Soo assumed that there wasn’t a hunter that would refuse .

‘It’s possible to evolve a skill…’

That meant that it didn’t stop at copying and he would be able to evolve the skill one step further .

He could go past being a copycat and evolve the skill even further .

He wanted to remake it into a stronger and more destructive skill .

After Hyun-Soo found out that he was able to use their power after seeing the hunters’ blue energy, he felt a part of him getting excited .

That’s why unifying the skills was pushed back .

And he couldn’t help the fact that he was leaning more towards the idea that had a higher success rate .

Even though he couldn’t remember all the complicated movements and because it was shortened, it caused the power of the skill to weaken as well, but .

‘Even just with that…’

Most hunters that hear this will seriously question their hearing .

He was able to get a taste of another hunter’s skill, even if it was for a short time .

But, the more his skill improves, the longer the time will be and he’ll be able to cover more areas .

While thinking about that, Hyun-Soo heard a familiar sound .


[The skill, Tiny Fire Storm [F] has been created . ]

[You have successfully unified two skills with different elements . ]

[The reward for unifying the first skill will be an increase of the stats by five points . ]

“… . . ?”

It was a familiar sound .

But, he shouldn’t be hearing this sound right now .

With a confused look on his face, he called out Interface .

He did hear it with his own ears, but he was confused whether it was real or not .

And after checking on Interface .

‘…It really happened . ’


[Tiny Fire Storm][F]

A storm is created when fire and wind meets .

But the downside is that it’s really small .


He was able to check through Interface .

That meant that he wasn’t hearing things or it was his imagination… . .

‘How in the world was this created?’

He honestly didn’t know .

All he did was place his hands together and rub it against them .

And then a skill was created .

Hyun-Soo was confused because the skill was created so easily .

It seemed like he got lucky with this skill, so he was confused, but with this, his assumption was on the right track .

It was copying the skill of another and evolving it further!

As of right now, since there was a limit to his skill, the two skills that he unified were simplified versions, so the rank and the explanation were simple as well .

If he’s able to really find out the flow of the energy and remember the flow…


‘Would…anyone believe me even if I told them?’

He voted that no one would believe him .

But the event that no one would believe actually happened to Hyun-Soo .

From the portals to the hunters, there were a lot more things that couldn’t be proven scientifically .

So in an unscientific world, what difference would it make if a scoop of unreasonable matter was added?

There wasn’t an exact mechanism or a theoretical method .

The important thing was that it worked .

Potential .

And the result that he’ll obtain through that potential . That was fulfilled on the palm of Hyun-Soo’s hand .

“Tiny Fire Storm!”

Hyun-Soo decided to test out the final product of his effort .


As soon as he yelled out the skill name, a skill that was the size of two fingers, appeared cutely and confidently promoted themselves .

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