The Skyrider - Chapter 69

Published at 4th of August 2018 12:19:51 PM

Chapter 69

Chapter 69  Looking Down at Lu Qianyu

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In this round of test was filled with deafening cheers, because there were only thirty people left and all of themwas a worthy opponent!


"Xiao Teng has trouble this time . His opponent is Mo Fan who is the third rankedamong the outer disciples . Especially in this year, he has been cultivated with great concentrationso that his strength has improved a lot!"


"It seems that Ye Feng has to stop here also . The speed of Lu Qianyu is most fast and was recognized as the first in the outer disciples . Even if Mu Chen is not as fast as him!"


Many outer disciples were talking about this test .


The two black horses,Ye Feng and Xiao Teng,if they really wanted to fight their way out and establish their prestige, this battle will be the key!




A fierce whirlwind appeared, and Lu Qianyu constantly increased the power of the whirlwindand flew the fierce wind toward Ye Feng with the jade fan in his hand!


Surrounding by the flying sand, Ye Feng’s clothes were rattling in the wind by the powerful whirlwind .


"Qu Linyin is volunteering to be my maid . Why are you targeted on me?You should look for her . . . "


With a wry smile,Ye Feng now realized thatit was true that beauty was dangerous .


Since he had accepted Qu Linyin as a maid, there was always someone who constantly looked for his trouble .


However, he was not afraid at all . He never made troubles, but he was absolutely not afraid of troubles!


"How couldshe be your maid voluntarily! She must be forced by you!Whatever you say, I will not believe it anyway!"


Lu Qianyu was angry .  he had been going for Qu Linyin all the time, and always regarded her as the favorite of his life!


Now, his beloved girl had became Ye Feng’s maid! how could he endure it? !


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The terrible cyclone was rotating violently . It seemed thatYe Feng was gonna to be drawn intothe center of the storm .


"As you like . "


Facing the terrible and fierce cyclone,Ye Feng had no sense of tension ,but kept calm .


With His eyes lighted up, he displayed the fierce tiger fist at the first time . The white tiger  appeared with roaring, and directly jumpedon the whirlwind .


With a bang, the white tiger collided with the whirlwind . In a flash, the whirlwind stopped rotating and became static .




Ye Feng’s eyes glowed, then he gently punched out, directly breaking the whirlwind!


At this moment, there was a chilling light flashed in Lu Qianyu’s eyes . He sped up as fast as flash . No one could see him moving forward before he had already appeared in front of Ye Feng .


With a bang, Lu Qianyu fanned the jade fan which directly flew Ye Feng to the sideand broke his clothes by the sharp and fierce wind .


"So fast!"


After Ye Feng controlled his body and kept his legs on the ground,He looked carefully at Lu Qianyu .


With a bang, Lu Qianyu moved again .  Before Ye Feng could see Lu Qianyu running clearly,He had already appeared in front of Ye Feng again .


"Do you know the difference between you and me?"


Lu Qianyu said lightly . With the jade fan lighting in his hand, he once again swept Ye Feng out .


Bang!Ye Feng fell to the ground with a trace of blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth .


"His speed is as fast as teleport!"


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Ye Feng was shocked . He had never seen such a terrible speed which was simply impossible to avoid .


"Don't give up,or the test will be too boring for you and me!"


There was a mock in Lu Qianyu’s face . He had absolute confidence in his own speed and believed that Ye Feng could not break his high speed .


"So that’s all you have? Look at me to burn you into slag!"


With the chilling eyes, Ye Feng was not at a loss what to do, although Lu Qianyu had a fast speed!


His body lit up a fierce flame to guard him, preventing Lu Qianyu fromapproaching him .


"Fire Cloud!"


As soon as Ye Feng shouted, many huge fireballswere emitted one by one from the fierce flame to Lu Qianyu .


"Stupid idiots . "


Lu Qianyu sneeredwith disdain on his face .


With his speed, Ye Feng’s fireball couldn’t attack him at all .


As might have been expected, facing the attack of the fireballs , and Lu Qianyu moved with high speed, easily avoiding it .




Ye Feng smiled coldly .


"I have a very fast speed . Your attack is useless .  You should shut your dog mouth in front of me!"


Lu Qianyu laughed . Looking at Ye Feng, his face was filled with ridicule .


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But the next moment, the smile on his face stopped and replaced with incredible!


"How could it possible!"


He shouted incredibly with a sword shining in the blue light thrust through his chest .




Lu Qianyu was shocked deeply . If it was not for his high cultivation and his divine power of the body automatically resisted the sword,then it would surely passed through his chest!


"Now,tell me!Who is stupid!"


Ye Feng sneered . Just now,the attack of fireballs just provided cover for determining the location of Lu Qianyu, the real attackwas Qingling sword!


"I will kill you!"


Lu Qianyu's face was ferocious, and he released his divine power, shaking out the Qingling sword directly . With his high speed, he fiercely attacked toward Ye Feng .


Ye Feng had already prepared and set up a fire wall with a height of ten Zhang(Length: 1 Zhang=3 ⅓ meters) suddenly in front of him, blocking Lu Qianyu from attacking .


On the other side, Qingling Sword was floating in midair with crystal luster, waiting for Lu Qianyu to appear and giving him a deadly strike .




Lu Qianyu shouted with anger . Although his strength was strong, he still did not dare to rush through the fire wall and only circled around the fire wall .


"Don’t hide like a tortoise in the turtle shell! Come out and fight with me!"


Lu Qianyu appeared and shouted .


At this moment, the Qingling Sword suddenly flashed, and rushed toward Lu Qianyu like an aurora with hight speed .


With a bang, Qingling Sword passed through his arm and Lu Qianyu’s arm bleed .


"Damn it!"


Lu Qianyu was drove into crazy . He decided to break into the fire wall and killedYe Feng!




There was a large humanoid hole appeared in the fire wall . Lu Qianyu broke into the fire wall with a horrible and scary face .


However, at the moment he just crossed the fire wall, waiting for him was the fierce fists of the Ye Feng!


"Dragon Style!"


Ye Feng made a decisive move with his surging divine power . He punched on Lu Qianyu’s chestwith powerful energy on his fists !




The blood was sprayed from his mouth , Lu Qianyu flew out and slammed into the ground dozens of meters away . He was totally covered in blood .


"You are fast, but you have slow-thinking . "


With the clear and cold eyes, Ye Feng rushed up and appeared directly in front of Lu Qianyu . He kickedout,and Lu Qianyu was flew out directly!


Lying on the ground, Lu Qianyu was covered in blood, and his chest was sunken by seriously injured .


"6th ranked?Highest speed? So much . "


With the divine light shining in his eyes, Ye Feng’s body was like to be cast in gold with charming imposing!


He looked down at Lu Qianyu while his eyes were extremely indifferent .