The Sorcerer's Bride - Chapter 41

Published at 2nd of May 2019 10:17:49 AM
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Chapter 41

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Kaldrek couldn't help but watch his wife as she walked away . While it wasn't the first time he had watched until she was out of sight, it felt different . Instead of leaving an odd suffocating feeling in his chest, he felt rather light hearted . He would see her in just a few hours, and get to hold her again .

He felt a bit regretful that he hadn't been able to say what he had wanted to this morning . The words, though, had refused to leave his tongue . He would try again later, every day until he could finally get it out .

Licking his lips, he headed to go speak with Jayesh . Though he already had a slight idea of something he needed to do, he needed to see if there was anything that absolutely had to get done .

When he found his best friend he asked him if there was anything pressing . Jayesh couldn't think of anything .

"Alright, then, I will go ahead and check the south boundary stone then . " He had already checked the others over the course of the past week . He had saved this one for last due to geography reasons . Of all the stones the southern one was on the safest boarder . Therefore it made sense to save it for last .

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Teleporting there was fairly easy . The men stationed there were alert even though there was no real threats .

Recognizing him, they let him pass . Finding the hollow tree the stone was supposed to be in he pulled it out . And nearly dropped it in shock .

There were cracks all along it . This was not good . . .

Having one boundary stone down meant the others would have to work harder . This would lead to them draining faster, and if it lasted to long the defense system could entirely fail .

That wasn't the worst of it though . Boundary stones didn't just break . They were nearly indestructible . In order to break one you had to really try .

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While Kaldrek could fix it, it would take time and a lot of magic . Meanwhile, there was a few things he could do for the protection of the kingdom . He could put some of his own magic directly into the boundary . While it would only work temporarily, it was necessary in this situation . He emptied most of his magic for this purpose .

Walking up to the man in charge he alerted him to what had happened . The commander was shocked and said that he would make sure that they kept careful watch .

He slipped the broken stone into his pocket and went back to the castle . It was early afternoon now . Zylvia would probably have gotten onto him about skipping lunch . The thought made him smile despite the seriousness of what he had just found out .

He directly headed to go talk to Jayesh . As much as he needed to start fixing the stone, that someone had broken it needed to be told to the king as soon as possible .

"Jayesh I have some really bad news . " Kaldrek walked into his best friend's study .

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Jayesh looked up and sent away the advisor he had been talking to . "What is it?"

In answer Kaldrek put the broken stone on the desk, "Someone snuck past the guards stationed on the south border and tampered with our defenses . "

The king stared at the stone, "Why?"

Kaldrek shook his head helplessly, "I have no idea . We aren't at war with anyone, and I don't think you've upset anyone - at least not to that decree . "

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"Without knowing the why it's a little hard to catch the culprit . " Jayesh ran a hand through his hair in frustration, "Can you fix it?"

"I should be able to . My magic is fairly compatible with its . " The stones had been created by his grandfather, after all . And though the bloodline had changed a little, the specialty in abjuration had not .

Jayesh nodded, "I'll have people look into it . Focus on fixing the stone . I doubt anyone else even has an inkling of how to go about doing that . How long will it take?"

Kaldrek considered the question . There was a variety of considerations, his manna pool, recovery-which was highly boosted by Zylvia, and how damaged it was, which was a lot . "I am not sure . Anywhere between three days to a week . " This was mostly a guess as he had never had to do such a thing before .

Jayesh nodded, "Its a good thing you decided to check . "

Kaldrek smiled wryly as he prepared to go start preparing to work on fixing the stone .

Before he made it to the door a pale faced Zylvia walked in, followed by the queen .

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