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The Sorcerer's Bride - Chapter 46

Published at 2nd of May 2019 10:17:43 AM

Chapter 46

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Asrar currently hated everything about his life . He fell onto his bed with a groan, pushing his sandy blond hair from his face . He had hurt her . Twice . Thinking of the stricken look in Hazel's eyes he felt terrible .

He wasn't sure which had hurt her more . Finding out that he had been lying to her . Or his rejection of her .

He wished he wasn't a sorcerer . That he could cut that part of him out . But it was impossible, ever since he had first used it he could feel it inside of him . And such magic always found a way out . He couldn't just ignore it, as the nature of his magic could be very dangerous . There was no way he would ever let someone else get hurt just because he was afraid .

Asrar stared at the ceiling . He'd always known she would find out eventually, but he hadn't expected that he would actually be the one to tell her . Thinking of how hurt his princess must be right now, was making him feel uncomfortable .

He had always been protective towards her, but now he was unable to do anything to make her feel better . She wouldn't want his help anyway now . . . the thought was depressing because he had been taking care of her as long as he could remember .

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He wondered idly what his punishment would be . Whether it would be death or exile . He didn't know which one he would prefer . Well, it didn't matter for the next year anyway . As long as they were in Carendlus, he was in a way protected .

In an odd way it was kinda a relief to finally get it off his chest . He was tired of lying, of not being able to fully be himself . He wished though that she had gotten mad, instead of going completely pale in the face . He would have rathered her get mad than hurt .

But, this was the way life was . He couldn't change his blood, just as he couldn't change the way people saw it . If Hazel hated him now, then so be it . He would rather die but he was fairly likely to anyway .

He was broken out of his depressing thoughts by a loud scream . Hazel! Instantly he was on his feet and out the door, having grabbed his sword on his way . If she had been attacked, he would rip whoever dared in pieces . No one hurt his princess . No one .

He threw open her bedroom door, "Hazel! Arst thou alright?"

A streak of brown went past him, grabbing his arm . Hazel plastered herself against his back and he could feel her trembling . He peered into the room and saw nothing .

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"Asrar . . . " Her voice trembled and was rather faint, "Kill it . . . "

Hearing her, he understood . Spider . "Where, my princess?"

Still pressed up against his back, she pointed past him .

"Alright, I dost see it . " He pried her off of him so he could move closer to it . He quickly stepped on the arachinad . "It is dead . " He quickly scanned the room for any more of the small threats . He didn't see any .

"Thanks, As . " His princess hugged him again . Now that he knew she was out of danger he found himself painfully aware of the way she was pressing herself against him . It was highly inappropriate . He was unsure of how to handle this .

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"Hey, I just thought of something . " Hazel's eyes were glowing . He inclined his head towards her . "I was wondering, is there a way for magic to keep spiders out?"

Asrar was surprised by the question . Hazel had always found the thought of magic disgusting . "I dost not know, my princess . Possibly?"

"Could you?"

For some reason, the fact that Hazel was asking him to use magic was a little bit soothing, albeit odd . "I twould not know how . "

She looked disappointed, "Then what good is it?"

Asrar felt his mouth twitch . Was Hazel's fear of spiders overriding her distrust of magic? "I couldst find out?"

His princess nodded . Then she glanced away, "Asrar . . . I won't tell Father . Don't get me wrong, I'm still upset with you . "

"Thank you . . . " Asrar looked down at the petite young girl . "My apologies on lying . "

She shook her head, "It's understandable, you were in a pretty tough situation . I am still not completely comfortable with it, of course . But that isn't why I am upset . " She looked up straight into his eyes .

Asrar suddenly had a bad premonition . Once Hazel made up her mind about something, she was fairly stubborn . And he was starting to have suspicions that his princess liked him as more than a friend . She had kissed him after all, and while Asrar was no expert on the subject he was pretty sure that was supposed to be a major sign .

He was suddenly very much aware of the fact that they were all alone, and he started feeling nervous . "Well, um . . . I shouldst probably be going . . . I mean you do need to sleep . . . sweet dreams, my princess . " As he spoke he pulled away from her hug, and beat a hasty retreat .

He went back to his bedroom, and fell onto the bed . His emotions were in a jumble . On one hand, he hoped she would move on . She deserved someone much better than him . On the other . . . a small part of him felt extremely happy .