The Sorcerer's Bride - Chapter 47

Published at 2nd of May 2019 10:17:42 AM

Chapter 47

Zylvia shook her head exasperatedly at her husband . He had fallen asleep on top of the covers . Despite them being separated by the blankets though, he was still lying right next to her with an arm around her waist . The sun wouldn't rise for a few hours yet, so he should still sleep for a while more . She managed to pull the blankets out from under him and covered him .

Was he trying to get sick? Sometimes she really worried about how he had lived before marrying her . He didn't generally eat anywhere near enough for his size, she was pretty sure he had a tendency to overwork himself, and he would fall asleep in a way that was likely to get him sick . And there was probably more that she wasn't aware of .

She smiled faintly as she wrapped him up in a hug . At least this meant he needed her to keep him from wrecking his health . She would accept him overworking himself if she had to, especially with something important . However she would not accept easily fixed issues that she would be able to help him with .

She watched him breathe in and out . She felt rather well rested and no longer felt any need to sleep . She didn't get up though . Disturbing her husband's much needed sleep was not an option .

His arm suddenly tightened around her as his body conformed more against hers . She shivered as she felt his breath on her neck . A sigh left her lips .

She wriggled until she re-freed her hands so she could stroke his hair . Kaldrek murmured something she couldn't understand . She glanced at his face and realized he was still sleeping . She placed a kiss on the top of his head .

She kept herself almost completely still for the next few hours . She wanted her dear husband to get enough sleep . While she let him sleep, she busied her brain with what she planned to do for the day .

When she realized she could feel the sun's warmth through the window, she moved peeling a little back from Kaldrek . He was holding her quite snugly .

Looking at his face, she smiled . Her eyes fell on his lips and she gulped . Well, she had every right to, didn't she?

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She kissed him softly, trying to not disturb him too much . A soft groan escaped her husband . Had he woken up? His eyes were still closed . Zylvia moved her lips to his cheek and then up to his ear . She found herself enjoying being a little mischevious .

However, when her lips touched his ears, she suddenly found herself on her back . Kaldrek leaned over her with a teasing smile on his face, "Mornin' Zylv . "

She felt a blush creep up her face, "Oh . You're awake . Morning . " She suddenly felt incredibly shy, and wondered just how long he had been awake .

He leaned down and started to nuzzle her neck, "Mhmm . My ears are rather sensitive . "She felt his tongue briefly touch her neck and shivered .

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"Really? I didn't know . Sorry . " Zylvia felt upset that she had disturbed his sleep .

Her husband pulled up and laughed, "Not really something I go around telling everyone . " He placed a kiss on her nose making her blink in surprise . Propping his head up with one hand, he cupped her cheek with his other, "You're adorable, Zylv . "

When she peered up into his eyes, she could see his sincerity . Lifting her arms up, she wrapped them around his neck, "Am I now? Prove it . " Sometimes she really couldn't believe the words that came out of her mouth .

His kiss was gentle at first, but quickly deepened . A shiver went up her spine as his hands pulled her close and refused to stay still .

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When he pulled away, he had a blush dusting his cheeks as he bit his lip . She could see desire clearly evident in his eyes . "Zylv? Can we . . . . I want . . . " He didn't seem capable of finishing his thought . Not that he needed to, Zylvia was fairly certain where that was going .

Her heart beat rather fast as she nodded . She decided to tease him though, "I do want children, after all . "

"How many?"

"I refuse to put a limit on it . " She grinned at him . A dazed look came onto his face .

" . . . Alright," A soft chuckle left him . "I'll take that to just mean a lot . "

A smile blossomed on Zylvia's face as she realized that Kaldrek had pretty much just passively agreed to have as many kids with her as she wanted .