The Sorcerer's Bride - Chapter 76

Published at 2nd of May 2019 10:17:10 AM
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Chapter 76

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It had been several hours since their men had left them alone, and after their initial conversation on their relationships and the child that Fayre was carrying, they had started chatting about mundane things, as well as reminiscing on their childhood .

They fell quiet when Jayesh entered, in part just to make him wonder what they had been talking about . He glanced between them but did not ask . Instead, he walked over to sit beside of his queen again . Fayre smiled at him and intertwined her fingers with his .

Zylvia smiled watching the two . She found it heartwarming whenever she saw these two's interactions .

As Jayesh leaned down to kiss his wife, Zylvia shook her head as she held back from laughing, "Do you want me to leave?"

"That would be appreciated," Jayesh waved a hand dismissively .

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"Jayesh!" Fayre scolded, shaking her head .

Zylvia could not hold back a large smile, as Jayesh said, "What? I am sure Kaldrek would love it if his wife went and spent some time with him . . . " His voice sounded so innocent as he said this .

"Jayesh, you are not fooling anyone, you just want some alone time with your wife," Zylvia started laughing, "Which I will not stop you from having . " She got up to leave, "I'll see you later, Fayre . And Jayesh, please remember my best friend needs to be getting plenty of rest . "

Jayesh laughed, "Okay, I'll make sure that she gets plenty of rest . "

Fayre sighed, "See you later, Zylv . Since you are going, why not bug your husband, though?" The suggestion had a teasing tone to it that made Zylvia give a wry smile .

She left the two and walked away . Finding Kaldrek was not a bad idea she decided . She found herself looking forward to being with him .

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It took her a while to find him . He was currently near the outer walls of the castle, leaning against the wall with a small smile on his face .

She crept up behind him and hugged him . He startled and turned to look at her . The smile on his face widened as he saw her, "Hey, Zylv . "

"You busy?" She snuggled into him, enjoying the feel of him next to her .

"No, not currently," He buried his face in her hair as he drew her close, bringing a huge smile to her face, "Did you need something?"

"Just wanted to be with my husband . . . . "She mumbled into his shirt .

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"Well, love, I am glad to be able to help you with what you wanted . " He chuckled, as he planted a kiss by her ear .

Her toes curled as she raised her head to catch his mouth in a soft kiss, "Yes, you are very good at that," She murmured when she broke away from her kiss .

"Well, it isn't like I find it a chore, quite the opposite . " Kaldrek was smiling down at her, "It's my privilege to be able to do anything you ask me to, let alone just being near you . "

"Flatterer . " She wrapped her arms around his neck as she leaned back into him .

"It's not flattery if its true . "

Zylvia smiled to herself but said nothing . What Kaldrek did next startled her a little, she suddenly found herself off the floor and instead in his arms as he held her close . His hands were cupping her gently, and it was making her cheeks suddenly heat up .

"Uh, Kaldrek? What are you doing?" Zylvia squirmed in his arms .

"Holding my lady, is that an issue, love?" Kaldrek grinned at her as he snuck a kiss on her forehead .

Actually, being held like this felt rather nice . Zylvia stopped squirming and leaned against him with a sigh . He wanted to hold her? She could handle it . Besides, there was a sense of security being wrapped up by him like this that she found herself rather liking and enjoying .

He murmured into her ear, teasing her lightly, "Love, do you want to go take this somewhere more private?"

Zylvia blushed as she realized that they were still in the hallways of the castle . She nodded as she leaned against him and closed her eyes, ignoring the chuckle that went through her husband's body . She did not want to see the questioning gaze of anyone they passed .

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