The Sorcerer's Bride - Chapter 87

Published at 11th of May 2019 04:45:04 AM
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Chapter 87: 87

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After dinner, Jayesh very quickly stole his queen, saying goodbye to the rest of them almost absentmindedly . This made Kaldrek lean towards Zylvia and whisper in her ear, "Just another reason why I am glad that you are staying here now . "

When she looked at him with a bit of confusion in her eyes he elaborated, "I no longer have to be a third wheel all the time . It was getting old . "

She laughed, and rolled her eyes at him . A bright smile bloomed on her face, as she was shaking her head . Kaldrek felt accomplished seeing the delighted look on her face . Even if it was fairly easy, he still always enjoyed the feeling of making his wife happy .

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"As long as I am around, you'll never be a third wheel again," She was still laughing as she sweetly promised him .

He wanted to kiss her . She just looked so sweet, and adorable, with her slightly flushed face, those starry green eyes, the tilt to her lips . However, he was aware that the two teenagers were still in the room so he restrained himself to only ruffling her hair . He was aware his wife was shy about them around other people, and he was pretty sure that kissing her in public would be beyond what she was comfortable with . As such he could only sigh helplessly and promise himself to just steal kisses from her later .

Remembering what he and the king had discussed earlier he asked his wife if she would like to do some practice with him .

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She grinned at him, "Well, Fayre just got taken by her husband, so… sounds good to me . "

He found himself chuckling, as he helped her up . He bid the two teenagers goodbye, ignoring the fact that the girl looked a little down . Kaldrek was a bit uncomfortable with other people's feelings, especially if he was not close to them . The only people that he felt comfortable enough to comfort was his king and queen and his own sweet wife .

He pulled his wife close to him as he led her towards their room . Zylvia leaned slightly into his arm as they walked with a happy contented look on her face .

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Kaldrek was pleased that his lady seemed to be treasuring their moment together . He wished quietly to himself that he had been able to confess to her years ago, the idea that they could have had this years ago made him feel a trifle like they had made a grave mistake .

Walking with her like this brought to mind memories of the quiet walks they had used to take together back then . They had not been walking quite like this, but they had often fallen into silences that had felt so comfortable .

Zylvia had always made him feel comfortable . There was an air about her that was gentle, feminine, and innocent . Despite her innocence though he had always found her naturally seductive, something that had often made him wonder what would happen if she ever purposefully tried to seduce him . And now he knew, he had absolutely no resistance to her charms .

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Those walks had staged so many good opportunities to confess the way he felt for her – opportunities he had missed over and over again . He squeezed her closer as he thought of this . She was his now though, and he would make up for the long wait he had accidentally put her through in any way he could, if it took him the rest of their lives .

When they entered their room instead of getting right to their practice, he pulled her so she faced him and kissed her hungrily . She melted in his arms, her hands wounding around his neck . He moved his hands to cradle her as close as he could .

When he pulled away from her with a grin on his face, he snuggled her in his arms . "Well, love, I guess we should get to work? I mean tat was our purpose, right?"

Zylvia nodded, still a little breathless . He sat her down and began going over some simple attack spells He really did want his bride to be able to protect herself . He could not stand the idea of her getting hurt and because he knew that she could not always be around him the best he could do is make sure that she could take care of herself .

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