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Chapter 31

Intermission : Mechanized Hero

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Chapter 31 [Truth and Suffering]

第31話 真実と苦悩

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : MystiKnight

Part 1

The 20 metre tall pillar that suddenly appeared in the city –


All of the commanding office’s staff cheered at once as they watched on the monitors the moment it slowly crumbed after being swallowed by the golden light of the Holy Sword, Excalibur .



「This will finally validate the project, right!」

The emergency that was the appearance of a new pillar, it was almost as if they had prepared it for that moment .

「Our 『Hero』 finally materialized!」

Two years of building up the special force―― No, it began after the CE appeared, so it was almost six years if they included the time spent researching the CE .


Studying the collected wreckage of CE, discovering Phantom Material from that, developing the Phantom Converter, and although the utility of the Phantom Converter was confirmed by the rare genius named Tendouji Setsuna, losing her was a setback for their plan .


The solution for the difficult situation called ‘tremendous power’ was to raise up a god-like savior, the 『|Mechanized Hero 《Heroes Ex-Machina》』project .


That is the younger brother of the hero who met a tragic end, Tendouji Setsuna, which completed the project with an unmatched outstanding talent .

「Iya~,this two-year farce is showing some results ain’t it」

The man who said that was the homeroom teacher of 3rd year’s class C . Seeking an agreement, he turned to Ogawara Ouma beside him and flashed a face-wide smile .

「Yeah, it’s sure is」

Though Ouma threw in an appropriate answer, his smile felt awkward .

「…Hero huh」

The students of the special forces, except for the female students of the 1st year’s class A, were completely in dark about this matter, including the 1st year’s class D that he was in charge of .

「It seems we really have no choice but to do this」

While not even a month had passed since he was put in charge of the 1st year’s class D, every day that passed along with his students who were rich in individuality created a great hestiatation deep inside himself .

「…Doing something like turning more than 300 students into mere stepping stones just to create one『Hero』」

Those boys and girls were prepared as stalking horses just to polish the hero – Tendouji Ayato – and make him shine even brighter .


Collected together to form the special force, the name of those pitiful clowns was the chosen ACE troops .

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If they ever learnt about this fact, thinking about it would fill them with immense despair .

「Don’t raise this issue in the news right away」


「We can’t make a mistake in this situation, you know? I’m talking about when they uploaded that image of the entrance ceremony, when our students almost ruined our image by posting a message about it 」

The people in charge of managing information were cutting and pasting the image that they got from the headset of the students and then posting the image on the BBS network .

Part 2



「The title is 『The Hero Appearing in Gunma! With nice title like? 』, it sound nice right? 」


「You really have no good sense, aren’t you . If you post too much hint regarding the existance of Tendouji Ayato posting the image of the destruction of the Pillar with title 『I Took a Really Amazing Image www』, it’ll only provoking animosity without praise」


「That’s? Is it not enough? 」


「Since they don’t know whether it’s true or lie, that side at most will be curious and started to gathering information . And then, they’ll be given the impression that『Tendouji Ayato is a Hero』 after having difficulties findind that by themself」


Though the staff members is doing nothing but preparing bait even for the so called hard to find information .


「The masses will have a doubt and saying 『Isn’t that a CG? When they suddenly got their hand on a gem . 』 .   But, if they get their hand into the key of the treasure chest, they’ll readily trust it as the truth you know . 『What kind of thing they’re hiding in there, it must have a value』 or so, right」


That’s the truth is even if it’s not much for glass marble created with the hand of human .


「You can’t do that even if you say the truth you know,  giving a raise 『Interesting thing to make you want to believe it and trusted it』 That’s a skill for controlling people .   You should say much enough right, I mean politic are circus and bread」


「……You, how about you aiming for it, as dictator though?」


With the side coworker who match it by saying a joke, Ooma pressed his hand on his face with gloomy expression .


「For the sake of this paper mache hero, those kids are……」


The Phantom Material bring forth huge amount of energy due to human mind .

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And then manipulating that to create The Phantom Weapon .


Sword, spear, axe, bow and arrow, various『Legendary Weapon』 is appearing due to it, those child who entranced by this light don’t know about this reality .


Or not, the teacher is guiding them in order to not understand this reality .


Fantasy weapon, the fantasy of each people, is an object that formed by bundles of imagination etched in their heart .


Anything for that, is something that they didn’t care except if it’s an 『Object』that is not weapon of legend or myth .


Many people is wishing for it, if an object they’re longing for and 『An existance they’re wishing for』 from the bottom of their heart to materialized and bring forth a great power .


Yes, such thing is the most convenient 『Hero』 who’ll save them who’s frightened by fear .


Moreover, if that person is the younger brother of the deceased former hero, the credibility will rise more dramatically .


A random person, is no good .


Because no one will trust as 「This kind of convenience isn’t a story」 .


But, if it’s 『Someone who’s blood related to the hero』, everyone will easily accepting this fact .


Because the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, the younger brother of the hero is also a hero, to trick them with foolish sophistry .


And then, the desire to change it toward reality because of the Phantom Material―― No, it already changed .




Ooma’s unintentionally spitting those word .


Certainly, Tendouji Setsuna was a rare genius but, those gene and environtment won’t pass through by a suddenly created coincident .

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Her parent is to the bitter end, both of them are normal, they have nothing sort of descendant of god or bloodline of hero .

Part 3



That’s why her younger brother also have no somesort of special skill, he wasn’t more than an ordinary boy .


And yet, everyone is going as far as being fixated that Tendouji Ayato is a genius and the second coming of the hero .


Normally Japanese-like thinking about respecting lineage and house all the while saying things like guts and effort .


Since that’s the bundle that giving birth to their illusory『Mechanized Hero』 of hope who will destroy the CE, it’s such ironic story .


「They, those guys definitely won’t let us」


Reflecting in the monitor in front his eyes is the figure of the class D student leading the refugee .


Though they’re lettingout grumbling and complaint, they’re keeping with Ooma harsh training, even now those 36 students doing the best they can do .


Just how much they persevering themself is something that will never known by Tendouji Ayato .


The nature of the person himself have nothing to do with this . So as to not destroying the reputation of the hero, they made an arrangement to made him win with the help of the teacher and the girl of class A .


「…… . Though the one during the school entrance is not simply for a stepping stone」



There’re three thing necessary for a hero .


First is an opponent, an evil that they must destroy .


Second are people, those who want to be saved by trampling the enemy, a justified reason for violence .


And the third is, the foil of the hero, the so called the frail and weak soldier .


Everything in this world is relative thing, for example, even if a person can break a rock with bare hand, it’s nothing but an insect if you see it from a person who can destroy a planet with his breath .


Even if someone have a deposit of 10 million yen, he just a poor person when you see it from an extremely rich who hold a property of10 billion yen .


Everything is relative, the result of strong one is weak one, because there’s a hero, nameless small fry is needed .


Hence, only to prepare such reason, the place called speacial force made to control them .


Adhering to the difference in the meal and the classroom, even going as far as preparing one man harem, everything is for this plan .


Sure, Tendouji Ayato is choosen savior, when a special human is only one person, it’ll planting deeply to the student, and even more to the person himself, an absolute thing 『Mechanized Hero』 .


It’s definitely made one feel sick and leaving a bad taste, but since the place give birth to a result, over 300 boys and girls are gathered from every part of the country .


Though the mind and body of Tendouji Ayato must be waiting till it growing till it can withstand combat, the 3rd and 2nd year who must fight to stalling for times is particularly pitiful .


「Killing is justified huh………… . 」


If there’s something he can do, is convessing everything, he want to be judged by the hand of the student .


But, only that much won’t be allowed .


The destruction of Nagano pillar, for the sake of liberating Japan from the threat of CE, because after squandering who know how many millions of heavy tax and victims called hundreds human, the project finally realized .


And above all, for the sake of not burdening things like crime of murder or the unsightly strategy of adult to the students .


「…… I really shouldn’t become something like a teacher, ha~h」


In the commanding place that boiling in delight, Ooma let out a deep and heavy sigh .