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Chapter 143

"That all depends on whether or not you actually bring us to your boss; who knows, maybe, on your tombstone, it'll say that you were killed by a bunch of cosplayers . Now, wouldn't that be humiliating for a gang member," Georgia threatened as her grip on him tightened .

"Hai, please don't choke me to death by accident, I don't want that also going on my tombstone," The man complained as he struggled to breathe . When Georgia let go he rubbed his neck, feeling the strangle marks . "I never would have thought a woman could become so rough, suppose that's what happens when you're into kinky stuff . "

Reeling back her leg Georgia went for a clean shot in pure frustration, her foot slammed against the man's crouch, his eyes constricted as he struggled to breathe from the pain . The other guys walking behind her all grabbed hold of their crouch, their eyes squinted as though they could feel the pain .

"Now, just take us to your boss and I won't go for another shot, after all, I don't think people like you need to be repopulating very soon," Georgia threatened as she grabbed hold of the man's hair and yanked him up . "Not to mention my beast is getting rather hungry . "

Looking down the man could see dark, red eyes staring at him, or rather, staring through him . He felt as though his soul left his body momentarily; when it came back the eyes were gone but the image was engrained .

"I never knew Georgia could be so rough, maybe that's why she's still single," Simon whispered to the other guys in the group . Lachlan suddenly felt a gaze of hostility, turning towards the front he saw Georgia staring right at them .

Lachlan suddenly remembered that her weapons increased her perception, which meant her sense of hearing was enhanced . Lachlan swiftly separated from the boys, standing by Phoebe before turning away from Georgia, hoping she didn't notice .

Georgia turned away and shoved the man forward . "Come on, keep walking, my patient is already running rather low when it comes to dealing with you . "

Being shoved forward the man had his hands in the air . "Alright, alright, just stop shoving and threatening me . After all, with all those threats my boss would hear you coming from a mile away, seriously, do you know how loud you are?"

"That doesn't really matter, whether or not he's prepared or decides to leave because he can hear my threats is up to him . One of those choices certainly makes our day slightly more entertaining," Georgia said with bloodlust .

The man's eyes shrunk more, he felt himself overwhelm with stiff muscles . But being shoved again by Georgia he snapped out of it and continued walking . He felt as though his feet were dragging across the ground after everything that happened in the last 10 minutes . Now he has to face a difficult choice, either be killed by his boss or be killed by the cosplayers . He'd rather die by his boss, at least that way he's bringing the cosplayers down with him .

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The group followed behind the man for 10 minutes, weaving in and out of alleyways, through garbage until they finally reached the place they needed to be . The door was being guarded by two strong, black man . They were both wearing bouncer suits and had earpieces .

Noticing the man's returned they shouted out to him . "Hey Jose, who are your new friends, some random cosplayers you got from one of those orgies? But more important, why did you bring them here?"

The two's voice turned serious as his eyes darkened, his muscles tensed as he clenched his fist . "Because of your carelessness, your new friends won't be seeing the next day anytime soon . "

Shooting off the two bouncers reached Georgia in seconds, their fists were whistling through the air, heading straight for her face . They didn't care, nor did they hesitate at the fact that she was a girl . Rather, they had nasty expressions, ones of psychopaths .

Georgia didn't like that .

Swiftly holding up her hands she gripped tightly on the bouncer's throats and pulled them closer to her face . She showed them the same smile they showed her, "This is a great time to blow off some steam . "

The boys gathered up again, they whispered while looking at Georgia, shutting up if she turns around . Joe was the first to speak, "What do you think got her so angry? There's hardly anything to fuss over . "

"Could it just be that time of the month?" Simon asked quietly .

"Nah, I remember her having that time of the month a week ago, this is something else . Could it be relationship related?" Joe whispered, keeping one hand by his mouth to block the sound from travelling to Georgia .

"What are you on about? Is that really the reason she's so angry, I mean come on, after training for two years alongside us I would think she's gotten used to being single," Simon brushed it off silently but thought about it a bit more . "Unless it's because she's been single for so long that she's now letting loose . "

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"Yeah, not to mention we haven't exactly been much help either . I mean, aside from Joe all of us are in relationships, two of us are in heavily committed relationships," Flynn joined the group and whispered quietly .

"Yeah, I suppose being surrounded by all that love while being single would get tiring," Simon said as he nodded his head . He then turned to Joe, "So, how are you feeling about it? Aren't you sad or frustrated at being single?"

"I suppose I haven't really taken much notice of it . I spend most of my time helping my sister and parents, I don't really take in much else that's happening around me," Joe answered before thinking about it . "Do you think my sister is currently going through a similar situation? Just hasn't released her anger yet . "

"You don't have to worry about that little bro," Zoe said as she appeared behind Joe, grabbing onto his shoulders . "As for Georgia, how about you give it a go . You know, go ahead and tap that, I know you want to . "

"Oh shush, why don't you go ahead and get yourself a boyfriend, who knows maybe this Deadly Dragons gang leader might be interested,' Joe joked along with his sister in a serious tone . "After all, our parents certainly wouldn't mind grandchildren . "

"Oh shut up," Zoe said as she smacked Joe's back . "I'd rather not get into the bed of a gang leader, especially one that doesn't mind killing people . Who knows what he might do to me as I sleep . "

"Like he could do anything, he'd probably only end up injuring himself in from his attempts at injuring you . You know, like in cartoons, he attempts to hit you with a hammer and instead smacks his toe or hand," Joe said .

"Alright, we're getting a bit off-topic here," Georgia appeared by the group suddenly as the darkness unveiled her, Jose was in her hands being carried like a garbage bag . "How about you use all this time to think of a way to deal with this boss should the situation spiral out of hand; I don't exactly want to massacre an entire gang because of one stupid boss . "

"But didn't you say you wanted to let off some steam?" Simon asked .

Georgia nodded . "Yeah, I'm going to let off some steam by beating them up; however, if this gets a bit rougher than expected I certainly won't hold back . And remember, with our strength, we could accidentally kill any one of them with a punch . "

"Fair enough, but let's just go in and improvise," Simon said as he made his way to the door . Holding up his hand he used his control over the wind to blast the door down, the impact shattered the wood .

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"Who's there!" A shout from the down the hall came .

"Well, chop chop, let's go," Simon said as he began to run through the hall at breathtaking speeds . The rest of the group followed closely behind, Georgia held onto the man tightly as she dragged him around with them .

The group was swiftly led to an open area, there were lackeys everywhere, all heavily armed . Near the edge of the room were a few containers and trucks, there were lackeys transporting some type of substance into them .

"Hey! You're not supposed to be here!" One of the armed guards noticed them and readied his firearm . He shot without hesitation, targetting Georgia's head . She easily dodged it by simply moving out of the way, letting them just ever so slightly graze past Jose's cheek .

"Hey! Watch it!" Jose shouted as he saw drops of blood fall to the ground .

"Oh, hey Jose . Who're the people you brought with you? And why is she carrying you like a purse?" The armed guard asked as he let down his gun .

"They're new buyers, want to strike a deal with the boss," Jose made up and explanation on the spot but it worked like a charm, that was until one of the guards that were patrolling outside came running in shouting .

"The two guarding the door are dead! Someone killed them!" He shouted loudly at the top of his lungs, making sure everyone in the room could hear him . Lachlan swiftly twisted his body and smashed the guy in the guts, rendering him unconscious .

The guard readied his gun again . "You know Jose, I really did enjoy that company I spent with you . "

All the guards surrounded them, holding onto their weapons tightly . The group readied their elements, Lachlan's hands were emitting waves of ice and heat while the air was fluttering around him .

He reached back and gripped firmly onto the broadsword . One of the guards laughed, "Haha, what are you going to do with that? It's just some stupid cospl-"

The guard's head was sent flying, Lachlan appeared by his place, the broadsword out and continuing to swing . It tore through the flesh and bones of the surround nearby guards, beheading them instantly and forcing their heads to fly through the air .

"What the fuck!" One of the guards shouted as he began to spray his bullets at random towards Lachlan . He couldn't care less whether or not someone was behind Lachlan, he only cared about killing him .

The other guards began to follow suit, rapidly spraying towards the group that just stood there and took it without flinching in the slightest . The bullet's reflected off the group's skin, not leaving a single scratch .

"What the hell are you people?!" One of the guards shouted as fear consumed his mind, his hands were shaking and he wasn't able to reload his gun properly . Georgia appeared right next to him, blades were extending out from her forearm . She sliced fiercely and silently, ending the guard's life instantly .

She continued, weaving through the bundles of guards like the black plague, bodies were thumping on the group as blood spewed from their necks . Lachlan continued to swing his broadsword, it whistled violently through the air as he passed through one neck to the next .

Jose looked towards the scene in horror, he thought the group would be violently torn apart by the bullets along with him . Yet when he looked back up all the guards were being ruthlessly slaughtered, heads flying in the air as dead bodies thumping onto the ground .

Valentina had her eyes closed the entire time from fear . When she tried to open them someone covered them with their hands . It was Phoebe, she whispered quietly into her ear, "You don't want to see anything around us right now, trust me on that one . "

By the time it stopped there were no more guards . Georgia looked towards the group, "See, now if we had an actual plan we wouldn't have needed to kill them all, just some . "

Walking towards Jose who was on the verge of pissing himself Georgia said in a threatening tone . "Now, tell me, where is this boss you're all so afraid of? Seriously, there's no way in hell they could be more terrifying than us so just tell me . "

"He should be right up there, behind the golden doors," Jose said fearfully with haste, scared that his head might be the next one to come off .

Looking up the group noticed a stairway leading up to two golden doors decorated with dragons, blue jewels sparkled in the dragon's eyes . Lachlan had quickly analysed them to see if there was anything special about them, they just turned out to sapphire .

"He, seems he pretty arrogant, thinking of himself as a dragon," Simon laughed at the idea of someone so weak even coming across a dragon . They merely came across a lesser dragon but even that proced to be difficult, let alone a real one .